How to choose orthotics

Feet of a person conducting a lot of time on your feet, are under heavy load. Orthotic insoles: how to choose to relieve stress and avoid flat feet or get rid of existing disease? Often, even buy high-quality footwear does not solve the problem. Choose insoles you want to the disease and the recommendations of the orthopedist. with There are some rules, adhering which it is possible to understand how to find the suitable arch support.

Choosing orthopedic insoles

The Insoles are shock absorbers that protect against the negative impact on foot long walk. Insoles in the medical world is also called arch supports. There are individual options that are made to order. In this case, everything is done under strict supervision of doctors and technical characteristics which it gives. Assigned to it in rare and difficult cases. The stores of medical equipment with ready-made insoles. They are applied with flat feet, heel spur, spinal curvature. Such insoles can be used, and the effect will not be worse than fabricated insoles on individual characteristics.

how do insoles?

The Insoles that are sold in stores medical equipment, have approximately the same structure and are used to correct various types of platypodia. The arch support in them is installed in the inner arch of the sole, to lift the area of the reef. In the heel is made a groove. The corrective portion of the insole starts from the middle and continues to the heel area. Some manufacturers produce polustanke without the front part (the strap) because it is not involved in the corrective process.

An Important element of insole of the so – called "wedges". They change the angle of the foot in the right direction. For example, if a person has a PLANO-valgus type of flatfoot, its heel must return from the deflected state. This thickened wedge is directed into the inner part, and the heel is aligned.

the Structure of orthopedic insoles

The Longitudinal flat feet is removed by using 2 wedges on the insole. One set under the heel, the other before the front part of the foot. It is important to choose the right height of the wedges and their size. So choose the insoles, which are suitable in each case, will be experienced orthopedist.

The insoles are Made from different types of materials. Most often it is polymer products and genuine leather. They are convenient because quickly take the shape of the sole. Some elements of the insoles are made from artificial materials, such as bumpers or optional parts.

How to choose the insole person with more weight? It is better to buy options of plastic with steel inserts. They are well kept, the foot and not allow it to bend in the future. They will be able to control the height and arch of the sole.

kids insoles are made exclusively from natural materials. All modifications of insoles aimed at eliminating existing problems with the feet or their prevention. It is very important once the child starts to walk, identify possible problems and begin to fix them. Children's insoles can relieve the child from the disease forever, at the initial stage. They line the spaces of the arches, heel "forced" to stand in the correct position, align the fingers, if necessary. The basic requirements for corrective plates for young patients – their lightness, strength. Encourage the child while wearing the arch support did not feel it, and it did not prevent him move. To pick up insoles for the child's needs under each foot size and, respectively, of the Shoe.

Types of deformity

manufacture Standards

Factory model of standard insoles. They contain:

  1. Podvodnoi part.
  2. Metatarsalgia roller.

All elements are produced with predetermined characteristics size size. Change anything in these insoles alone is not possible, therefore, to choose the arch supports, especially for flat feet, you should be very careful.

Selection of insoles if you have problems with overweight

What diseases cause people to wear insoles?

Apply orthopedic correctors need people who have several chronic illnesses:

  1. Flat feet of all kinds and types.
  2. diabetes.
  3. weight diagnosed with obesity.
  4. Heel spur.
  5. foot Injuries.
  6. back pain.
  7. the Curvature of the spine.
  8. Pain in my feet and knees.
  9. Arthritis, osteoarthritis.
  10. Rheumatism.

It is Advisable to use insoles for athletes and people, intensive physical activity, as the load on the foot is considerably larger than all other people.

Example insoles for sport shoes

Especially important wearinginsoles with transverse flat and combined type of this disease. In this case, the insoles are not only good at his task, aligning the foot, but also greatly facilitate the life of the patient, who gradually ceases to feel discomfort when walking. When transverse flatfoot is a very important cushioning function. The correction is due to the correct formulation of the foot during walking.

To choose the right insoles when transverse flatfoot, it is important to follow the recommendations of experienced podiatrist. Making such a move yourself, you can resign ourselves to the aggravation of the condition. The doctor carefully vymeryat the existing deformation of the foot and advise which option is suitable insole in your case. You can use insoles and as a prevention.

In children most often experience problems of clubfoot, feet deformity (varus and valgus). All is disposable in a very short time. To 7 years the child will already be at a normal stop, when to treat and fix it. Because the foot is formed up to 5 years, to work with her when curvature doctors even easier than with feet adult patients. Dress the kids, which twisted the foot, shoes with special inserts necessary since, as they stand on his feet and slowly begin to walk independently.

Insoles, correcting the leg length

If there is a clear pathology, to avoid complications, use a longitudinal-transverse versions of the inserts, which are equipped with arch support and a special cushion created by the method of Seitz. This modification keeps well place the arch of the foot, reduces strain and, consequently, eliminates fatigue, prevents the curvature of the joint is absorbing sole.

To Reduce the load necessary in the treatment of spurs. With the help of special insoles you can get rid of pain and recurrence of the disease. In this disease prefer insoles-corsets.

You Can use insoles if diseases stop there, as there are:

  1. Pain in the feet due to fatigue after a long walk.
  2. Uncomfortable shoes or high heel.
  3. If the people most of the time is spent on your feet.

during the life of a person's foot undergoes a number of changes. They are not always positive qualities. It is therefore necessary to carefully monitor the status of your health, not to overload the legs and try to plan holidays, if you have a long walk. To determine if the insole can, if wearing it the pain slowly goes away.

Insoles with tourmaline

What are the models?

Insoles can be divided into several types:

  1. Insole with a frame made of plastic or metal.
  2. Insole without the frame.
  3. Prevention.
  4. Pain relievers.

Framed products used for slow walking. They are not suitable for running. Perfectly can be used by people who have to stay long. These insoles are thin and ideal for any Shoe.

The models that are referred to as painkillers, are soft, have a plastic frame. They are comfortable, but a little thicker than usual. Frameless products are perfect for sports training. These models make single layer and double layer. The second option is convenient for use by people diagnosed with arthritis or diabetes. Well they take pressure off the soles.

In Addition to the above range of inserts, designed with an orthopedic purpose, there are the following types:

  • products for high heel shoes (polystelic);
  • cross;
  • lengthwise
  • combined;
  • insole that facilitate the condition when the heel spur
  • models for kids, for teenagers;
  • insoles for shoes of the closed type.

As soon As the insoles wear out and must be replaced, otherwise you will cause your health harm. All what was achieved by wearing corrective inserts, will go down the drain. There are insoles that can be adjusted during wear. This is required if changing foot need a different position for the normalization of the state.

Insoles - insoles

The Insole and need to pick up based on the type of footwear worn by the person. Wide option of corrective product to the Shoe model is not suitable. Use this instead, can cause harm.

Preventive type of insoles. They are soft, wear-resistant, some of them without the frame. You can use them when playing sports. Even if the person bought not quite comfortable shoes that will remedy the situation soon. Modern models are made from a new material – ultrason. It is convenient to use the fact that can perfectly be placed in the Shoe. You can heat the insole is made of a material with a hair dryer and spread evenly on the bottom of shoes. Then my shoes and walk around a little. It adapts the material.

Preventive types of insoles made of silicone that covered with a natural woven material. So they do not slide in the shoes and acquire the ability to absorb excess moisture. The silicone allows you to make the insole is thin but durable.


Some manufacturers offer insoles with special properties. They are suitable for people who are undergoing rehabilitation after fracture of the heel areaof the foot. Can be used patients with cerebral palsy. These corrective models are equipped with higher sides quite hard. They are very durable. Some versions of the insoles of this type have a special plastic insert that the thumb was fixed. It is important for patients with inflammatory processes in the joints of the big toes or arthritis. Winter versions of insoles made of genuine leather with fur, such as sheep.

Some tips on caring for insoles and they are buying

In each pair of shoes you need to buy new insoles to not move them from one boot or Shoe, and others. It is important to think before buying, for what purpose are purchased insoles: sports, running, walking, for the correction of deformities of the foot or as prophylaxis. In accordance with this and choose the right option.

Purchased insoles in special medical equipment stores or pharmacies. Often they have to be ordered. Selects insoles only experienced. If a person buys them even for preventive purposes, you should consult with your doctor. Pick up insoles have the exact Shoe size. It is desirable that they follow the contours of the shoes.

Take Care insoles just. Wash their gels on a non-abrasive manner. Insoles cannot be dried near fireplaces, radiators and batteries. So corrective inserts will change their settings and will lose quality characteristics. During wear it is necessary to watch that the edges of the insole does not bend, and lay in the Shoe exactly. Correcting plate should be worn continuously. This applies to both children and adults.