Types of orthotic insoles and the correct choice

Everyone spends a lot of time in traffic. Most often, the load of tired feet. This will help to manage orthopedic insoles.

orthotics foot

Why do I need insoles for feet

orthotics are designed to improve blood circulation of feet, relieve pain and discomfort, reduce the load when moving. They need to use women who wear high heels. For these shoes are provided polustanke, longitudinal and cross products. They are made of thin material to not take up much space in the Shoe. What are the insoles in these shoes? Heels more than 7 cm the load is on the toes, but the heel support is lost. From this eventually arises a feeling of heaviness, corns and calluses.

Insoles to treat heel spurs

Heel spur is a disease of the plantar fascia, which is characterized by an inflammatory process. The consequence is bone growth at the site of attachment of the tendon to the calcaneus.

Podpaliny insole with heel spur

Factors that trigger the disease, is: the longitudinal flat feet, excess weight, diabetes, high loads, etc.

The primary symptom of heel spurs is pain during movement. On detection of the disease specialist prescribes medication, massage, compresses to warm and set of therapeutic exercises.

Orthotics is very important when treating heel spurs. Their main task – support of the foot during the walk. They are made of leather, felt or imitation leather.

There are special podatocite, which are a variety of products. They are not made from synthetic materials. Podatocite allocate such, as:

  1. Cushioning: used by people with a heel spur or osteoarthritis, the product has a rounded, sometimes cuneate. This product reduces the load on the heel and foot in General.
  2. Gel with bumpers: made of medical grade silicone. The product gives the desired foot location in the Shoe, creating comfort while walking.

Structure insoles to treat heel spur

Silicone insoles

What are insoles, you know doctors. They recommend the use of silicone products as a prophylactic measures of flatfoot. These products are used by people with dry and cracked feet, psoriasis and heel spur. With them, the foot does not slide in the Shoe and does not spring, because the material is elastic. The leg muscles are in a relaxed state, there is no fatigue, the walk brings comfort.

Orthotics for adults made from silicone have an antibacterial surface and therefore greatly reduced the likelihood of fungal diseases. Such products are absorbent, therefore, suitable for those who enjoys sports and often walks in sneakers or sneakers. With them will not have unpleasant smell from feet. Individual orthopedic insoles made of silicone is very durable and practical in use. They have porous structure, they are easy to use for open toe shoes.

Products made of silicone have the following contraindications:

  • you cannot wear if there are wounds on the feet;
  • to use more than 16 hours a day.

Silicone insoles

Though on the packaging of most products the manufacturer specifies an unlimited shelf life, it is important to remember that it is desirable to apply no more than 3 months.

Should pay attention to the care of the product, then it will last longer. First of all, the product must be washed with room temperature water, using soap. After the procedure is to wet a soft cloth. It is necessary to dry in a natural way, the sun's rays should not fall on the insoles, as it is very harmful.

Gel insoles and frame

The stores sell various types of orthopedic insoles, among which popular are gel insoles and frame. Gel insoles – alternative products made of silicone. If you wear shoes with such insoles regularly, they pass swelling in the legs, the person ceases to feel the pain in the legs and back. The advantages of gel insoles are:

  • hygienic
  • easy care
  • elasticity
  • can take any form of foot
  • transparency, so they can be worn in any Shoe.

Gel insoles

The Main secret to these insoles is that they are special places, which is a gel. It is evenly distributed throughout the product, resulting in strain on the legs is reduced.

Gel products are recommended to use no more than half a year, then buy new. Should treat them carefully, so as notto catch, otherwise the gel will flow out.

How to wear these products? Before use it is advisable to thoroughly clean the shoes to completely dry. In the shoes there should be no insoles, gel orthopedic cannot be worn with regular. In the first couple of weeks feet used to a new product, so you should not walk in them for more than 2 hours a day. They should be washed manually in warm water, but not too hot, using soap.

Frame insoles are a product hard basis by which the foot has a reliable support. They do not lose their shape for a long time, so indispensable in everyday use. These products are designed for people with high arch. There is a special longitudinal arch support in the shoes with such insoles that support the foot. In many models provided for the pillow with cushioning, which absorbs shocks. They walk for a long time or standing on your feet for hours.

Frame insoles


There are 2 types of insoles, arch supports, designed for people with flat foot: longitudinal and transverse. Their main difference is the layout of the vaults. Insoles for people with transverse flatfoot is made with metatarsal bandage in the area where the arch of the foot. To counteract compacted longitudinal arch, product features 2 wedge under the heel and front part of the foot. These products improve the blood circulation in the legs and reduce the load on the joints.

These products can be made for people with flat feet combined. They are called the longitudinal-transverse. It is important to note that in severe disease need to choose insoles with the most serious design.

Individual insole

Some podiatrists do not recommend wearing the insoles of mass production. They are best used in the elderly and in the presence of diabetes. For children not ready to purchase an insole. The best option are individual orthopedic insole, custom made.


Their advantages are:

  • support of the foot in the correct position;
  • improve blood circulation
  • removing the load on the spine and joints through cushioning material;
  • correcting bad posture
  • reduction of fatigue and discomfort;
  • improvement of the musculoskeletal system.

The order was fulfilled correctly, the first person should stand on the platform, which is connected to the computer with a special program. The received information is displayed on the screen, the specialist will decide on which locations will receive the greatest pressure. It makes insoles, given the direction and bending of the foot so that the product is a perfect fit for the patient. The doctor measures the height and weight of a person, learns about his lifestyle and the condition of the body generally, interested in the type of shoes that he wears most often. The specialist measure both feet because they differ by parameters.

How to wear orthopedic insoles-instep supports, tell the doctor. You can wear them in any enclosed shoes. It is strictly forbidden to use other people's products to not get infected by fungus. For cold time of the year can be manufactured with insulation.

Leather orthotic insole

Thanks to modern technology, the manufacture of insoles by special order within 15 minutes.

Leather insole

leather Goods designed for people with transverse flatfoot. Thanks to the plastic frame, the load is distributed evenly on the foot, becomes less fatigue and leg pain. These insoles allow feet to breathe and absorb moisture due to the natural leather with perforation.

Leather insoles need to be people with a heel spur, varicose veins and swollen legs. They are useful in the prevention of flatfoot and patients suffering from any disease of the spine. The shelf life of leather products unlimited, they should be worn not more than 1 year.

The leather Care insoles pretty simple: wipe the surface with a damp cloth, dry naturally. It is important to remember that the insole should not fall sunlight, store them in a cool and dark place.

How to choose the right insole

Choosing insoles, you need to consider the size and how it looks stop. You should go for a walk in them around the store to understand, comfortable with, or you want to select other.

high quality Products made of natural and durable material.

One of the unfortunate options of purchase is the product of imitation leather. In them your feet sweat quickly, there is an unpleasant smell from them.

silicone insoles need to pay attention to the fact that they had a coating of material.

To determine whether insoles have a positive effect in stop disease, you need to use them within 5-7 days, if they are chosen correctly, will improve the condition of the feet, signs of flatfoot should decrease.

If, during the use of the product there is swelling on the feet, then you need to replace it with another. But there may be a problem and closeshoes.