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How to choose an orthopaedic corset for correcting the posture in children?

If your child has problems with the spine, it just needs an orthopedic corset for children. With it, you will be able to restore correct posture. Indeed, because of the deformations of the spine, there are various problems with the body.

Children's orthopedic corset

Causes curvature of the spine

Why is the curvature of the spine? The reasons are many. It is worth noting that the problems with posture affect internal organs, cause damage to health. In addition, there is poor circulation, difficulty breathing. All this affects the General condition, the child feels tired all the time.

Factors influencing the development of poor posture are as follows:

  • weak and undeveloped muscles;
  • of pathology in the development of muscle tissue around the spine;
  • diseases that cause changes in the shape and size of the chest;
  • violation of the regime of the day;
  • incorrectly matched chairs and a bed;
  • poor lighting of the workplace of the schoolboy;
  • tight clothes, which negatively affects the development of the skeleton of the child;
  • sedentary lifestyle.

the Wearing of the corset when the curvature of the spine

With the development of almost every child faces many of these factors, so it is very important to follow children from early childhood. Poor posture leads to deformation of the entire skeleton, shift of internal organs.

Orthopedic corset in fighting posture

One of the most effective ways of correction of deformities of the spine – orthopaedic corset for posture. Naturally, it is necessary to eliminate the risk of developing scoliosis, and the corset will provide additional assistance in maintaining proper posture and treatment of spinal curvature. Orthopedics therefore recommends the use of such products for correction of development disorders of the spine.

If you stoop sufficiently to have breast enhancers for posture. With their help manage to avoid more serious problems. Orthopedic corsets and breast enhancers best to wear aged 11 to 16 years. This is the time most problems occur with the spine.

warming Woolen corset

There are 3 main types of corsets:

  1. Warm woolen. Provides a massaging and warming effect, improves blood circulation in the lumbar region.
  2. Protective. Has high rigidity and provides protection to the back when walking, straightening the spine.
  3. Corrective. Supports the back in the desired position, corrects the posture in the frontal or sagittal plane.

When choosing the types of products you first need to determine the purpose of the corset. If you want posture correction, select the correction type. If required to maintain the back in proper position, it is sufficient to use adjustable baby corset to correct posture.

To Buy the product either in a specialty store or pharmacy. It is in these institutions will help you to choose the right type of concealer. It is important to pay attention to choosing the right size. Also important material, stiffness, and model of the product itself.

Buy corset at the drugstore

If your child suffers from severe abnormalities in posture, it is best to make an orthopaedic corset according to individual order. In this case the product will be produced with maximum regard for the peculiarities of the back, will bring back the normal condition of the spine in less time. Naturally, such a production proofreader will require the investment of large sums of money, but other types will not give such effective results.

How to use the product?

Every orthopedic corset for posture corrector and has the instruction manual. It shows the time-of-use products, the correct usage. However, more correct information can provide only the doctor who takes into account all the individual characteristics of each child.

depending on the degree of curvature of the spine corset should be worn from a few to 23 hours a day. Constant wearing is required only in the case of particularly strong changes of the spine. After achieving positive results while wearing the corset should be reduced.

Orthopedic corset is Put on light clothing, but in any case not on a naked body. The reason is that when driving the clamps can RUB the skin causing pain and discomfort.

it is Worth remembering that wearing a corset will not help to fully recover from scoliosis, require a comprehensive therapy. will Help concealer only in the case of minor deformities, stooped posture.