How to choose a mattress for a bed?

Want a mattress, how to choose? This problem does exist. To choose the right product among the sea of proposals – it is quite a difficult task. What orthopedic mattress is better? First of all, the selection is done based on the destination of the product and its characteristics and in the presence of serious health problems, you should take into account the opinion of the attending physician. Secondly, it is necessary to decide on the mattress which firm is best, and for this we need to navigate among the many brands and company names. In any case, should apply the principle that health can not save, and choose a really good mattress.

high Quality orthopaedic mattress

product Features

It is considered an Orthopaedic mattress for bed, having a design that allows you to keep the spine in proper upright position during the entire period of the person lying on the bed, i.e. To create the so-called effect of the straight back. This position of sleep is very important in the presence of a number of diseases associated with lesions of the spine, chest, limbs, joints, in particular, degenerative disc disease or scoliosis.

by Itself, a pillowtop mattress for the bed is not a remedy, but it has a good preventive effect – elimination of pain influences a failed rotation of the body during sleep and optimum load distribution during long-term lying. Therapeutic effect, rather, will provide restful sleep which is provided with the help of this product.

spring mattresses

Orthopedic Mattresses are divided into 2 basic types – spring and springless design. Spring option has spring unit and layers separating the human body from the springs. According to the principle of spring mattresses are divided into dependent and independent types.

Orthopedic mattress S-500

Dependent spring design (Bonnel), has a long history, is still used in some products. The main essence – all springs are rigidly interconnected, and any clicking at least one item, makes one compressed and the other spring.

Independent spring system is a more modern design, in which the spring element placed in the individual case and the covers are glued together. Between springs no hard links, and they work individually.

Under this system the mattress at different points pressed in different ways, allowing in particular to support the problematic part of the body, particularly the lumbar. Important advantage – when placed on a mattress 2 people, they are not falling in toward each other.

Mattresses with independent elements vary in size and the number of springs that gives you the opportunity to optimally distribute the load. Currently, independent spring design have become the most popular, despite their relatively high cost.

Orthopedic mattress S-1000

Different companies produce products of different designs, but it is possible to allocate main types of independent spring systems:

  1. S-500: diameter of each spring is 50-60 mm, and the total number of 210-320 PC/m2.
  2. S-1000 or anatomical unit: diameter 40 mm, about 500 PCs/m2.
  3. S-2000 (Multipacket): the size of the spring 20 mm, and the quantity is up to 1000 PCs/m2.
  4. Dual Spring: spring is placed in a different spring (with outer soft and inner hard), which gives the possibility of universal application – rigid spring is triggered when the load of a heavy person and is not compressed with a small weight.
  5. Blocks of high rigidity.
  6. Mattress with different hardness on the separate parts of their area – multi-zone type.

spring blocks are placed in the case (box) which provides a separating layer between the springs and your body. The frame around the perimeter of the boxes, usually made of polyurethane foam. Layer for contact with the human body, has a different thickness and material. For products hard type used for high-density latex or coconut coir. Soft option is provided by the use of softer latex, polyurethane, struttofaybera and memoryform. Additionally, the design can be included layers of felt, foam rubber.

Orthopedic mattress S-2000

Springless design

Competition spring system creates a springless mattresses are formed from a monoblock or several layers of different materials having different stiffness. Such materials have high elasticity, which allows to return to previous state after removal of the punching load. Springless orthopedic mattresses, most often, are made from the following materials:

  1. Natural latex: is characterized by high flexibility and well follows the shape of the body.
  2. Synthetic materials:synthetic latex, polyurethane foam, waterleaks, foam rubber have high strength characteristics, typically, it is recommended to treat children of different ages with problems of the upper part of the vertebral column.
  3. Combination of layers of coconut coir and latex: has greater rigidity, but there is a limit on the load – the weight of a person should not exceed 95 kg.
  4. Coconut coir: mattresses of high hardness, are used after consulting a doctor, have an important advantage – very well ventilated.
  5. Memoryform: polyurethane foam with high viscosity, has a memory effect of deformation, the reset is quite slow.
  6. Stratifier: fibrous material with vertical fibers, reminiscent of the bulky felt.

the device of the Dual Spring mattress

Units of mattresses are placed in so-called mattress covers in the form of covers which usually are made from wool, jacquard, Terry cloth, batting or hollofayber.

Principles and rules for the selection

For an orthopaedic mattress has had a therapeutic effect, it is necessary to choose correctly. This is only possible when considering complex as a system "human body – mattress". The main parameters of the mattress are the dimensions (including thickness) and rigidity, and the person has a certain weight, figure and set of health problems. These parameters must be optimally coordinated. First of all, to reconcile the physical data of the person and parameters of the mattress should take into account fundamental conditions:

  1. great weight should choose the product high hardness, best spring construction with reinforced elements.
  2. Man lean physique more fit, soft options – spring or springless system.
  3. For an elderly person it is undesirable to use hard mattresses are recommended soft types or variants with an average hardness.
  4. In children it is better to choose springless design with increased resistance to jumping exercises (hence, the coconut is not recommended), and for adolescents it is recommended that a more rigid system (for example, artificial latex), and babies – on the contrary, coconut mattress with a thickness of 4-6 cm
  5. If the patient lower back appropriate soft options (hard mattress is contraindicated).
  6. With the defeat the upper part of the spine are rigid types, allowing to provide direct location of the vertebral column.

Wrong position on the orthopedic mattress

What options to consider when buying?

Memory foam mattresses are chosen according to certain parameters. First of all, you need to select the right size, which is determined by the dimensions of the existing beds. Comfortable length bed length is considered, equal growth with the addition of 15-20 cm, However, of utmost importance is the bed. You can expect the following standard sizes: single bed requires a mattress 90х190 cm; minimum double bed 140 * 190 cm; double bed comfort 160 x 200 cm; bed of Euro-standard – 180x200 cm

The thickness of the items is selected based on the body weight, age and their sense of comfort. Mostly mattresses are available thickness: springless types – 14-19 cm, a spring structure is Implemented 17-26 see also and thin mattresses used as a top coat regular mattress to give it medicinal functions. The thickness of such covers is 30-45 mm.

Recommendations on the choice of product depending on the rigidity discussed above, and they can safely navigate. Best of all, if you have a bone or joint abnormalities question the rigidity of the bed will be agreed with the doctor. In addition, the choice of the rigidity depends on how you use the bed – one person or two.

areas of the body when choosing a mattress

If the spouses differ significantly in body weight, you have to install 2 different hardness of the mattress or pick up a multi-zone option. Naturally, the choice of any product can't happen without considering its value, however, in the selection of orthopedic products is better not to save – at stake is health, which, in any case, more expensive.


When choosing an orthopedic mattress, you cannot ignore the issue of who produced it. The practical use of products ensures a rating of manufacturers. The greatest popularity in the Russian Federation are such firms: Askona, Consul, Dreamline, A. And toris. So Asrkona is considered to be the largest domestic manufacturer. We can identify the main brand of mattresses manufactured by this company: Serta, IKEA, King Koil. The cost of such products is sometimes higher than other manufacturers, but the quality compensates the cost. From foreign brands you can mark the products of such companies: Honnemed, Lonax, Vegas, Sealy, Serta, Simmons.

If we consider the particular product that has many positive reviews, we can note the mattresses the following brands:

  1. Smart Balance (Askona) – spring mattress the Bonnell system for single beds, has a high softness.
  2. Combi-3 (Dreamline)similar to the previous item.
  3. Toris Cjllection – spring, different stiffness, size 90x200 cm.
  4. Optima Lite (Ormatek) – mattress of medium hardness, the "economy"class.
  5. Devior (A.) – a product with the use of terminology of medium hardness.
  6. Eco strong (Dreamline) – spring design increased rigidity.
  7. Compact Effect low (Askona) – springless soft option, the system multizone.
  8. classic Philo (Consul) – variant with a filling of polyurethane foam.
  9. Eco-Flex (Ormatek) – springless, high rigidity.

The Question of the choice of an orthopedic mattress is an important problem.

so he indeed had a therapeutic effect, it is necessary to properly evaluate all the original data. Correctly selected the product completely will pay off with positive effect and improve the health, however, health.