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Children's and adult orthopedic chairs for computer work at home and in the office, homework

Orthopedic chair is very important for the formation of a beautiful posture in humans. Everyone without exception wants to be beautiful and healthy. To achieve this, you need to put a lot of effort and follow certain rules: proper diet, a healthy lifestyle, exercise, walk before bedtime, go Jogging, and more.

Orthopedic chair for posture

human Posture during the day may be different, the change in the growth process associated with the development of the nervous and musculoskeletal systems. Very important for posture two main periods – early childhood and adolescence, when puberty occurs.

Posture bending begins with changes in the upper and lower parts of the human body. The basic posture is flat, round or hunched back. There are several possible options of sitting at a Desk:

  • ability to sit on a flat surface;
  • using the movable surface;
  • ability to sit, leaning on her knees
  • ability to sit in the sitting position, standing up.

In the age of information technology, more and more people work in a sitting position at the computer. Starting in school, Institute and finishing work, people sit. This can develop poor posture. And the correct posture is the Foundation of beauty and health of modern man.

Incorrect position of the spinal column

Causes of bad posture

Posture called the usual posture while walking or sitting. Posture begins to form early in childhood and depends on the nature of man and his motor habits. Bad posture is because of several reasons:

  • congenital diseases of bone and muscular systems;
  • various diseases that weaken the human body;
  • diseases associated with weakness of the muscles;
  • sleep in the wrong position;
  • excess weight
  • overexertion
  • weight lifting
  • favorite women's stilettos high heels
  • sedentary lifestyle
  • constant stress.

the Pathology of posture

Posture is disturbed with insufficient physical activity, when it is very weak abs and back muscles. They can't properly support the spine. Wrong position of a person during sleep is also an important factor in the formation of posture. After all, half my life, sometimes even more, of man holds in his sleep. So the sleeper has to be right, not too hard and not too soft, repeat the contours of the body and support the head during sleep.

The Extra weight creates additional stress on the spine and on the muscles, bending posture. Most people, to lift any heavy object, bend over, and need to squat to stretch the leg muscles and the press. High heels in women is also wrong arch the spine and cause tension in the lumbar region.

And finally, when sedentary lifestyle improper workplace causes slouching and poor posture. Therefore, the chair for posture, so-called orthopedic chair.

Effects of deformations of the vertebral column

Consequence of improper posture is infringement of functions of all organs of the human body. Each authority is supported by certain muscles. If the posture is disrupted, disturbed the proper work of the body.

One can lead a pretty healthy lifestyle, eat right, and health problems still arise. For example, curvature of the spine causing joint pain, impaired mobility of the limbs. Suffers with incorrect posture and respiratory system of man. The lungs are not receiving sufficient oxygen, the consequences will not take long.

Shortness of breath because of the posture

Poor posture causes the compression and deformation of the organs of the digestive system, problems with digestion, poorly digested food. Of course, suffering and the cardiovascular system, there is hypoxia of the heart and blood vessels. The state of anxiety and isolation have plagued man with poor posture, slows the metabolism. As a result, there are excess weight and new problems.

How to prevent curvature of the spine?

As already mentioned, people from a very early age most of his life spent in a seated position. The school sits at the Desk, at the Institute, too, at home, doing homework, again sits. Further, getting a job, again takes a sitting position.

While not always the person pays attention to something on which it sits and how it affects your posture and spine. Basically, both in school and at work have to sit on the chairs, which are highly harmful to the posture and the spine.

You Must remember a few basic rules of the seat. The position of the body when sitting should be such that you can freely move in any direction. Maintain posture basically need a skeleton, not the muscles. Muscle, of course, involved in the process, but the main role is still the skeleton.

The way out can be a orthopedic chair. There are currently various types of orthopedic chairs for both adults and children. There is the possibility to choose a certain person.

Types of orthopedic chairs

You Can use the concept of sitting on a flat surface and use an ordinary chair as orthopedic. But this is not always feasible, when sitting on a classic chair posture still suffers. Therefore it is better to choose one of the modern variants of an orthopedic chair.

One of the modern orthopaedic chairs is a knee chair. This is a very comfortable chair, it can be used for work and for home. Knee chair can be for children and adults. It is suitable for normal Desk and is height adjustable. The seat of this chair is tilted forward 15 degrees, which makes to maintain your posture.

Device knee chair to improve posture

In the case of using a knee chair, the body weight is evenly distributed on buttocks and on the knees. The thigh and upper body form an angle of up to 110-120 degrees, the deflection of the lower back forward. This is a natural position for the spine.

There is another type of this chair – knee chair-balance. On this chair you can lean back or lean forward to the table, but you can swing a little.

However, this chair has its drawbacks. It can only be used for office, where there is the opportunity to periodically stand up and stretch. Because of the constantly bent knees is poor circulation and numb feet.

Another chair-corrector – it's a chair-seat. This chair makes you sit on the horse. This is a natural posture for humans. When sitting on this chair at the computer posture is the same as when standing. This chair does not violate the blood circulation in the human body as the previous one. Thorax and abdomen are not pressed, reduces the load on the spine and the lumbar.

This chair is also not always possible to choose, for example, for a first grader he is hardly suitable. It is very important to sit in that chair correctly, that it is quite difficult to explain to a young child. But as an office it will come down, especially if at work often have to get up. Computer chair-saddle is very comfortable to use when working at the reception.

Dancing chair

The Pose of the rider is actually very useful to humans. Doctors recommend horse riding to improve the condition of the musculoskeletal system and spine.

Next from the chair orthopaedic chairs is a dancing chair. At first glance it is a regular computer chair. Its highlight is that its seat is unstable, it is as if on hinges. This chair can be tilted in different directions.

As a result of this unusual design I have to constantly keep the balance not to roll down from the chair. For back muscles this is a very helpful since there is a uniform load on all muscle groups. When trying to sit on the chair connects the vestibular apparatus. Trying to keep the balance, people automatically straightens and aligns the back. The dancing chair no backrest, it looks more like a stool.

Doctors advise to use such chairs to avoid back pain. If the disease is already there, it is better to first consult a doctor. Dancing chair can be used for Teens who long to sit unable – no computer, no homework. When sitting on this chair can also be broken blood circulation in the legs, so you need to take breaks and perform some exercise.

Orthopedic chair shall perform the following functions:

  • to prevent disturbance of blood circulation in the human body;
  • to maintain a balanced posture, natural to man;
  • to reduce the static load on the muscles, the main burden should fall on the skeleton
  • to ensure the comfort and convenience of a seated person;
  • to ensure the normal work of the cardiovascular, digestive and respiratory systems.

Ergonomics for a student

Children is the most important thing in human life. Every parent wants to protect their child from all storms and troubles, sickness and trouble. While the child is still very young, the main thing – to follow him, to not hurt, did not fall from a height, not dropped on something hard.

When the child becomes older and goes to school, it is important to organize his workplace. After all, improper workplace can ruin the posture of the little man and give him a couple or more very unpleasant diseases.

Choice of chair for a student

For the workplace usually use simple chairs that do not fit the child. He does not reach the earthand starts to droop. To solve this problem can orthopedic chairs for pupils.

According to research, more than 80% of the students observed scoliosis. Among the reasons for its occurrence is incorrect and the workplace. It is therefore very important to choose the right chair for the computer or for homework.

Definitely an orthopedic chair may be adjustable in height. Kids grow up very quickly, so the chair should be regulated so as not to change it every six months. For homework, you must choose a chair without arms because they will interfere to maintain the correct posture of the child. The backrest should be curved in the lumbar region and ends at the level of the shoulder blades.

Prerequisite is the correct position of the feet, they should reach the floor and form a right angle with the floor surface. Another important factor in the choice of materials for orthopaedic chair, it needs to be clean, so as not to hurt the baby.

Computer chair you can choose with armrests and on wheels. As for games, and for work the child needs the correct workspace.

work chair must meet the following requirements:

  • width and seat depth 400 mm;
  • the seat's front edge should be rounded;
  • height must be adjusted from 400 to 550 mm
  • angle tilt forward and backward 15 and 5 degrees, respectively;
  • backrest height should not greatly exceed 300 mm, its width about 380 mm
  • back angle should be about 30 degrees
  • distance back from the front edge should be adjusted from 260 to 400 mm
  • armrests in length shall be 250 mm and 50-70 mm in width, they may be removable or stationary
  • armrests should be adjustable in height.

Therefore, when choosing an orthopedic chair requires an individual approach, because everyone is different physique and structure. The chair should be not only correct – it should be comfortable to sit on.