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The pros and cons of orthopedic pillows for newborns

In recent years increasingly suggest the use of special pillows for babies that do not have a negative effect on the spine of the baby. Loving and caring parents, without understanding till the end, more in the pillow – harm or good, whether such orthopedic pillow for their baby or not, hurry to buy, because most of the time their child will spend in the sweet by and by.

cushion for newborns

Benefit or harm

let's get together, do you need an orthopedic pillow for infants to a healthy baby? This question will help us to meet the children's anatomy. The spine of the newborn, like all his bones, is a very flexible and pliable. A baby is born with your spine straight, the bends formed later in accordance with the development periods of motor activity (rolling, crawling, standing, walking).

If the baby starts to hold his head, then formed the cervical part of the spine, and its physiological bending, during formation of the thorax and its muscles, the child begins to sit up, and finally, when faced with the first steps – is formed by lumbar part of the spine and bend it.

If a newborn with his straight spine to put on the pillow, it turns out the artificial formation of a cervical curve that is harmful for his health and is strictly prohibited.

let's Imagine another situation: the baby ate, mom put him in the crib. The child threw up and his head turn on its own cannot, it turns out that he is drowning in his eructated. This can result in death, in this situation the pillow is contraindicated.

Indications for use

An Orthopedic pillow for a newborn will benefit only if the exact compliance with all tips and instructions. Pediatricians and podiatrists recommend the use of pillow is not earlier than six months. But there are situations in which the use of ortopediske shown difficult, but necessary.

cushion to secure the child

These situations include:

  • prematurity – can be used not earlier than two weeks after birth;
  • congenital torticollis
  • Natal spinal injury – sprain, displacement of the cervical vertebrae;
  • sleep disturbance
  • a raised or lowered tone of the muscles of the neck;
  • rickets
  • uneven shaped skull, kefalogematomy.

Types of ortopediche

Before you start to choose a pillow for babies, you must know the difference of these subjects to sleep between them.

Orthopedic products for sleep can be divided according to the following criteria:

  • filler
  • form;
  • weight;
  • size
  • color
  • the value.

There are several basic types of such oropouche.

  1. Pillow-butterfly.
  2. Pillow-positioner.
  3. Slanted pillow.
  4. Pillow headrest.
  5. Pillow frejka.


It got Its name because the shape resembles a butterfly with spread wings. It is intended to correct fixation of the head of the child. Is a cushion in the form of a ring in the center of which has a slight indentation.


The Butterfly fits the anatomical curves of the cervical vertebrae of the baby, which contributes to the proper formation of this Department.

Indications for use: the Natal trauma of the neck, torticollis.


Another name – cocoon or baby supporting ortopediska. It shows weak or preterm babies, who have very high risk of developmental disabilities of the musculoskeletal system.

Its main function is to remove the load from the child's spine and to prevent its deformation.

the pillow-positioner

Slant pillow

Its purpose is to maintain a healthy baby in the raised position. When it is selected, we need to measure the width of the shoulders of your child and the width of the product. These values must match.

It has a small height and is at a slight angle to the flat surface. Ortopediska good because even if the child after eating will vomit, it is in the raised position and will not be able to choke. Besides not swallowing of air during feeding, which also reduces the possibility of regurgitation and bloating.

orthopedic pillow for a newborn

It can be used directly a few days after the baby is born.


Here the width of the crib should match the width of the product. This kindantapodosis is a success, as it has small height and tilt up to 10 degrees, which eliminates all the abovementioned disadvantages of similar products. Such orthopedic pillow for a newborn will almost not be felt for them, but will benefit.

bed for a newborn

Pillow frejka

This is a special type of ortodossi, which, unlike all the others, is not used for the spine and is enclosed under his head. Pillow frejka assigned the kids to treat joint problems (congenital dislocation/subluxation of the hip, hip dysplasia, etc.).

The Child should wear the sliders, then put him on artopolescu so that the crotch was on the middle of it, raise the legs to the sides and fasten the sides and the top on the shoulders of special braces. So the frejka pillow is locked in place.

the pillow frejka

The frejka Pillow is a great solution in the treatment of joint pathology of newborns.

the Sleep of babies under one year

A Large part of your day, in between feedings, the kids spend in sleep.

At this time, they should periodically be observed: do not have any Allergy to the contents of the pillow, not the child ceased to breathe, not spit up whether he is comfortable if he slept or something bothering him.

To answer these questions and once again not to worry, you should know the signs of correct sleep:

  • the child rarely sleeps longer than three hours;
  • baby's breath should be smooth, deep;
  • chest must not rise more than 20 times per minute;
  • if the child is comfortable, he sleeps almost motionless.


After selecting the type of pillow much time should be given to the choice of filler. From its quality depends on the health of your baby and all of the above advantages or another type.

A baby Has a high risk of allergies. You should avoid the feather, down and wool.

You Can give the preference to synthetic fillers. Most often they do not cause allergies, also well erased. The most popular representative – polyester.

Latex filling pillow is the most expensive, but the special advantages, in addition to increased elasticity, has not.

In recent times, is becoming more popular little-known filler, designed specifically for children's pillows – comforel. He has a special antibacterial formula that keeps its shape and warmth.

Special filler has a pillow frejka. Since this product is not in contact with the face of a baby, by her naturalness special claims. Here come to the fore other qualities – reliable fixation and comfort. This is achieved by fillers such as isolon and polyester. Freek is different from other orthopedic pillows.

Rule maintenance

So that products will serve you faithfully for a long time and not lose its beneficial properties, it is necessary for them to properly care.

  1. not to break the ventilation of the pillow, it should be aired two or three times a week.
  2. must Not be covered with a thick quilt or blanket.
  3. Pillow need every day to shake.
  4. Should treat it gently: it is forbidden to knock and jump on it.
  5. Needs to be put on a special pillow case in long-term non-use of it.
  6. Pillow frejka particularly undemanding in care: wash, dry and store it in folding form.
  7. manual attached to the purchased pillow, contains all the necessary data to care. It should be carefully observed.

select the type of wash


It is forbidden to Erase even by hand. This cushion simply wipe clean with damp sponge with detergent, rinse with cold water and left to dry for several hours away from direct sunlight and electric dryers.

Synthetic filler

don't forget with a manual mode. The temperature should not exceed 30 degrees. Pressing is not recommended. Drying using the dryer.

Natural fillings

Feather, down and wool with these fillers a lot of trouble, because they can turn into one big lump of filler in the wash. These pillows it is better to dry-clean. But if you dare to wash it at home, you'll have to do it by hand in warm water. Before you hang it to dry, you must carefully spread the filler, in order not to form any lumps, or the pillow will be hopelessly flawed.


since this filler was specially created for the convenience of mothers and children, the wash does not cause any difficulties. It can be washed in the machine, as usual. It is possible to dry in the sun or in a dryer.

Reviews orthopedic pillows very different. With the right choice of products, complying with the instructions for its use you need to stay happy. Anatomic cushion for newborns is not an easy subject for sleep, but also one of the treatments. And treatment, as is known, can be prescribed only by a doctor. So before buying and using this product, consult your doctor (an orthopedist and a pediatrician).