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How orthopedic pillow and the collar of the Trench will help in Krivoshei

An Orthopedic pillow helps torticollis damaged cervical spine of the child to maintain a physiological position. The product adapts to the anatomical features of your baby's neck and does not "load" sternocleidomastoid muscle.

orthopedic pillow with Krivoshei


Pillow curved neck effective in combination with other methods of treatment: massage, exercise therapy, manual therapy and electrophoresis. The product is used mostly at night, as during daytime while sleeping child applies therapeutic cushion. It fits from the damaged sternocleidomastoid muscles to ensure relaxation.

The Cushion is made from several layers of gauze. For older children, there is a thick piece of cardboard to ensure the necessary rigidity of the product.

An Orthopedic pillow when Krivoshei is appointed by the orthopaedist-traumatologist. On the market there are many such models, but the most popular products from hollofayber. These products are adaptable to the neck of the child and repeated bending of the spinal column. They do not cause allergic conditions and ensure optimum heat transfer to the delicate skin of babies. After washing, the device stores elastic shape and elasticity.

Some pillows have the shape of a roller. They fit under the cervical lordosis, but do not form the physiological tone of the skeletal muscles. Such models are used for relaxation before the massage when Krivoshei or for the treatment of rickets in children.

Treatment collar Trench

Collar Trench when Krivoshei

Collar Trench is a special product to prevent displacement of the vertebrae at the spinal column. With a curved neck used for a limited time (usually after surgery for resection of sternocleidomastoid muscle).

The Orthopedic device Trench and the doctors prescribed before surgical treatment "curve" of the neck to commit the changes achieved by conservative methods: massage, exercise therapy, manual therapy.

The Product is a hard limiter, which puts pressure on the soft tissues of the spinal column and thus prevents the displacement of the vertebrae. For children orthopedic collar creates discomfort, so appointed rarely.

Treat the disease in infants best gentle manner. They need to remind your child's procedure. The only way to achieve effective treatment of the disease. However, sometimes collarless Trench can not be avoided.

Homemade ways to replace the purchased products

At the age of 2-3 months it is difficult to teach a child to sleep on a pillow. Even harder to get him to wear collar Trench. To adapt to baby's orthopedic shoes, I advise parents to gradually teach the child.

To do this, first you can use homemade methods of making orthopedic pillows from the bandage and cotton wool. You can use the inflatable collars, which when laying covered with foil.

Cotton-gauze pillow torticollis, manufactured by you, should be given only when the child lies on the affected side. On the healthy side baby needs to sleep without orthoses.

As a last resort for treatment "curve" of the neck you can use the pillow with sand or buckwheat. They fit on both sides, limit the mobility of the neck and turning the head. These devices perform the function of a collar of a Trench, therefore, apply only in cases of severe torticollis.

In General, all orthopedic products are used in the treatment of disease in order to limit mobility of the cervical spine, and teaching your baby to turn head in the direction of damage to the sternocleidomastoid muscle. For this purpose an additional should be put in a crib toy on the side of the lesion of skeletal muscle.

Parents should understand that orthopedic products and the conservative treatment is not always lead to the desired result, so their use must be approved by your physician.

When severe hypertonia of the neck muscles may require surgical treatment. In this situation, the collar of the Trench shall be appointed for a limited time. Parents must do everything possible to reduce discomfort of the baby when wearing the product.