How to sew an orthopedic pillow

Even in ancient times, man has always tried to reduce anything under the head. Of course, the softer the hand. Therefore, no matter how good was not a pillow for his head, it's best to put her clasped hands. But time does not stand still, and people found the best option. This orthopedic pillow. Is it possible to make it with your own hands, let's talk about it. But first, find out what makes them special.

orthopedic pillow-cushion in the interior

orthopedic pillows

A Large feather pillows, popular in ancient times, more and more go by the wayside, and their place occupied by modern orthopedic products. They have many advantages:

  1. Help during sleep to relieve the spine.
  2. with the correct body position improves brain blood supply.
  3. Reduce pain and improve the condition of people suffering from degenerative disc disease.
  4. With hypoallergenic filler, eliminate the symptoms of allergies in those who are prone to this disease.
  5. Are together with orthopaedic mattress a great preventive measure.

All of these qualities contribute to proper rest. And as a result – good health throughout the day.

You Should also consider that ortopediske differ from each other:

  • form;
  • filler
  • material;
  • dimensions;
  • height.

The Cost of such products will depend on all these indicators. And it ranges from 1000 to 5000 rubles.

If you do not have this amount, it is always possible to make yourself a body pillow at home.

cushion-cushion sew Sami

things to consider

Before you start making pillows, you need to figure out some things, namely, what it should be to stay on it was as comfortable as possible:

  • the height should be proportional to shoulder width (or more precisely the distance from the cervical to the shoulder joint)
  • for those who like to relax on the back, it should be low and hard;
  • for fans to sleep on your stomach for low and mild;
  • the firmer the mattress is, the lower should be the pillow.

Given these details, it is necessary to calculate the width of the product and filling density.

Sew yourself

The First step is choice of style. Most often an orthopedic pillow is made in form of cylinders of various sizes. One such option would be to do with their hands is quite possible.

cushion-cushion with my hands

let's Try to sew ortopedicheskoe for relaxation. It promotes relaxation, well-unloads the spine, relieves General tension.

What I need to do to make the pillow:

  1. Selecting a style, you need to decide on the cloth. A good option is natural fabric such as cotton or linen. Useful and small parts.
  2. Filler. Most pillows in the home manufacture is used the batting or buckwheat husks.
  3. Tape or braid.
  4. Threads, needles, sewing machine.

Phased manufacturing pillows

pattern cushion for self-tailoring

  1. Make template and transfer to the paper. This will be one of the sides of the pillow. In total there will be three. Sides can be solid or of two or four parts. Using different fabric, you can experiment and get the original product.
  2. to Apply the pattern to the fabric. It is necessary to leave seam – 1-2 cm.
  3. In places where items will be combined, to make notches.
  4. Chopping the two parts face to face.
  5. Now you need to sew items. The seam can be selected taciti tape or braid.
  6. Next we must sew items just from notches to notches and on one side. Leave a small hole for the product to turn out.
  7. to Kill a third part of the product.
  8. Make notches on curves all the seams, short rows of 2-3 mm. To Pull out all the needles.
  9. to Turn out a design and fill the selected filler.
  10. the Remaining hole will need to sew a hidden stitch.

The Original ortopediska own production ready.

product Care

To make the product longer served, it is necessary to properly care for it. To do this you should follow some rules:

  1. Washable non-aggressive detergent.
  2. Aerate at least once a week outdoors.
  3. to Use the product only as directed.
  4. to Make a special pillow case for his favorite, and the pillow will last longer. Pillowcases regularly washed.
  5. you need to Store in a woven sheath, not in the package.
  6. If the filler is made of buckwheat husks, wash the pillow are forbidden. You must use a vacuum cleaner and ventilate it regularly.

by following these simple rules, the thing will last longer. Made by hand ortopediska on its usefulness notinferior salon products, so I can start sewing it.