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Reviews and principle of operation magnetic posture corrector Magnetic Posture Support

Hardly anyone pays attention to a passing older women. But if the lady in years is with straightened his shoulders, raised his head and smiles, not noticing it is impossible. "The ballerina? Athlete? No, a Queen!" – lightning rushing thoughts. After the first stretch second: "And I care a lot less! But my back hurts, shoulders slouch, eyes fixed on the ground." What is the secret of the Royal carriage?

Maybe you should go to the gym and start training, but do not have time for such luxury. To practice at home laziness: so many attempts failed in the beginning. Is there some other way to get rid of pulling pain in the lower back, neck and between the shoulder blades? Let's see...

Flat back is not a myth

Magnetic posture corrector Posture SupportIs there a way to straighten your shoulders at one point – it's Power magnetic posture support "EMSON" or magnetic posture corrector from the company "EMSON". Thoughtful designers of medical devices have taken care of those:

  • all day frozen in forced postures (sitting behind the wheel or the computer, behind the counter)
  • deprived of the opportunity to regularly engage in physical exercise;
  • has a weak muscular system;
  • want to get quick relief from back pain.

All these people recommend posture corrector support Рosture – new, which incorporates the accumulated experience of the orthopedic surgeons for the treatment of diseases of the back.

Magnetic posture corrector support Рosture intended for the prevention and treatment of osteochondrosis of the cervical and thoracic spine, scoliosis, kyphoscoliosis, kyphosis, wing blades and for the formation of a beautiful posture in children.

Maybe the venerable Queen, which began our story, already uses this know-how.

what will save and that will give magnetic posture corrector

magnetic posture support

Long hours spent in a sitting position, causing damage in the form of:

  • back pain
  • dizziness;
  • abrupt pressure peaks;
  • head migranovich pain;
  • tightness in the chest;
  • numbness of fingers and toes;
  • always cold extremities
  • stiffness in the limbs of the body;
  • reduction of growth;
  • the curvature of a bearing.

How is a person with degenerative disc disease? He wakes up tired, and forgotten night, exhausted with a migraine or back pain. The whole day trying to concentrate on work, but constantly distracted by the discomfort in the shoulder blade area and lower back. He doesn't need music, noise in the ears serves as a backdrop for all events. Is Not surprising that low back pain increases confusion, reduces attention. Well, if you don't mind the headache. He looks pale, hunched, with dimmed eyes.

Semi-rigid corset the magnetic Power magnetic posture support "EMSON" allows you to transform in a matter of minutes, and the regular use of a medical product for 3 weeks forever returns the spine to its normal position. Over time, the person forgets about the pain and problems get smooth beautiful back, confident gait, clarity of thought. His sleep normalized. In some cases, a magnetic corrector even improves vision.

As a result of correct posture, the patient not only becomes the winner, but becomes such because:

  • concentrate on solving the tasks;
  • the effort to achieve the objectives;
  • don't waste your energy on overcoming pain.

Since the introduction on the market magnetic posture corrector device has satisfied many. Below are just a few customer reviews of Power Magnetic Posture Support.

customer Reviews

feedback on posture support

review about magnetic posture corrector

the opinion of the buyer about power magnetic posture support

How does Posture Support

Action Рosture support consists of mechanical fixation of correct posture and the impact of magnetic field on the blood and lymph. Thanks to the spine straightening the load is removed from strained back muscles, is reclinate of the vertebral bodies, decompression of the intervertebral discs. Normal innervation and circulation are restored by freeing up the nerve roots and blood vessels, clamped vertebrae.

Common proofreaders with ribs on it also stop, but Рosture magnetic support has another function: it tones and strengthens the muscles of the back. The effect is achieved using a magnetic field that improves blood supply and lymph flow in the area. This, is atrophied by inaction of the muscles, gives a strong elastic muscles of the back.

we Can conclude that the action of the corrector does not focus on the pain and its cause.

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using Features

posture Corrector Posture Supportthe Main feature of the magnetic corrector support Рosture is easy to use. The view is from the back of the vest with elastic straps and belt. In the center of the cotton parts along the spine are six of neodymium magnets with a capacity of 800 Gauss, a further six are located in the lumbar region.

Lightweight corset worn on the back and fixed at the waist with an elastic belt with Velcro. The product is almost weightless and not noticeable under clothing. The degree of dilution of the shoulders can be adjusted, tightening a fastener.

To Care for Рosture support is very simple – the manufacturer recommends hand wash in mild soapy water and drying in the fresh air. Corset better not leave for a long time in the vicinity of strong magnetic fields.

Рosture support is designed for men and women. Before you buy it, you should measure the waist circumference. Anyone who has less than 80 cm, fit size S-M, the rest (up to 102 cm) you should choose L-XL.

Reviews of doctors

a doctor's Opinion about Posture SupportCorrector posture Power magnetic posture support "EMSON" underwent a certification procedure as any product of medical purpose. It meets the requirements of international standards.

In addition, it has been evaluated doctors. Orthopedists confirm the therapeutic effect of semi-rigid corsets. They are convinced that magnetic posture corrector:

  • relieves the thoracic spine;
  • restores physiologically correct line of the shoulder girdle;
  • restores and maintains normal muscle tone back.

Doctors recall the contraindications to the wearing of the product. Should refrain from buying Рosture support:

  • people with a pacemaker
  • pregnant women
  • those who suffer from dermatitis;
  • in individual immunity to magnetic therapy.

Doctors warn against prolonged, and the more persistent of wearing a corset. On the night of the corrector should be removed. The most reasonable regime in the beginning of the use will be 15-20 minutes in day. The daily sessions will increase by 15-20 minutes. Later Рosture support can be worn to assist the back with prolonged sitting, standing or walking, but not more than 10-12 hours a day.

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Price, purchase options and discounts

Buy concealer Рosture support on the official website of the company. The cost 2580 rubles, but now a special offer by which you can purchase the product for 1 290 rubles. Immediately after switching the official website in the first 30 minutes, the buyer gets 50% discount. To buy at a price reduced by half, you must fill out a simple order form in the lower right corner of the page. In it indicate the country of residence, surname, name and patronymic of the contact person, phone number. Within 15 minutes the operator will specify the details of the order, and in a few days corrector will be delivered by post or courier. Payment is made upon receipt of the goods.

Note that in the Internet about fakes Рosture support. Product was purchased at a low price to third-party resources. Customers complained about the fragility of corsets and Nonconformance to specified on the package size.

the Secret of kings solved

power magnetic posture support emson

For a person suffer pain in the back, now there's a real way to get rid – corrector posture Power magnetic posture support "EMSON". It is researched by specialists, approved by doctors and popular among consumers.

Like any tool, the corrector has its drawbacks: a little pressure under the arms, unusual at first. However, it is a much lesser evil than the consequences of osteochondrosis. To evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the corrector and to make a choice is offered to the reader.

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