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Rules for the selection and care of orthopedic pillow with memory effect

Sleep is an essential part of our life that is responsible not only for the feeling of vitality, but also for the health of our body. Pain in neck and back pain, migraine, dizziness, and fatigue are often the result of improper distribution of load on the spine. Load management provides an orthopedic pillow with memory effect.

Orthopedic pillow with memory effect

What are ortopediske with memory effect

“Memory-effect”, or “memory effect”, provides a special material, which is the Foundation pillows with memory. When exposed to this material weight and temperature of the head and neck, it dents and gets the proper form, which persists during sleep. At the termination of exposure, the material recovers its original form.

It is Important to note that all materials that are part of oropouche, Allergy-free, they can not live dust mites, mold and pathogens. They have a high permeability, low thermal conductivity, so the product is not heated to the body temperature and causes excessive sweating.

In the basis memory foam pads use the following materials:

  • viscoelastic polyurethane foam is an artificial material with high breathability due to the porous structure;
  • viscolatex is a modified high resilience foam, which composition includes a latex component;
  • specialized gel (Aquagel, technogel, ekogel) – material with cooling effect, an orthopedic pillow with gel often further comprises a polyurethane foam
  • silicone.

the Position of the head on an orthopedic pillow with memory effect

selection Rules

Before buying you need to determine the preferred hardness, shape, size and height of ortopediske. You can lie on different pillows for five minutes in a familiar position for you.

Stiffness of oropouche memory defines the material. Thus, the cushion of viscoelastic polyurethane foam, silicone viscolatex and have an average stiffness, which is ideal for people who prefer to sleep on your side or back. A product of viscolatex and specialized gel have moderate rigidity, making them similar to pillows from hollofayber, but does not reduce orthopedic effect. Viscolatex and gel are great for sleeping on your back or stomach.

The Shape of the product may be different, but orthopedists recommend sleeping on pillows rectangular. This form of pillow is better in the dream supports the correct position of the spine. For people who prefer to sleep on your side, it is recommended to buy a pillow, cushion or a recess for the head.

The Advantage of oropouche with "memory-effect" is that at any position of the head and neck occurs anatomical shape of the material. So you can choose the shank that will be most comfortable for sleeping.

The Size can be different. But the memory effect is better expressed in the articles, the width of which is more than forty inches, and length not more than seventy. The smaller the size of the pillow with the memory, the better it retains the desired shape.

The Height of ortopediske must exactly match your body type. To determine the height you want to measure the distance from the shoulder to the neck – the resulting value is the desired size, usually height up to fourteen inches. The height needs to be larger if the mattress has a high rigidity. Or less when you are used to sleeping on their stomach or on a soft mattress.

The Presence of the memory effect is an important selection criterion. In order to test its effectiveness, you can conduct a little experiment. You need to put your hand on artopolescu and push. The material should take the precise contours of the palm, as if it was made by a plaster cast. After this, the arm must be removed and the cushion memory will take its original shape in five seconds.

Indications and contraindications

To Determine if you qualify for ortopediska memory, is quite simple. To opt for a specialized product for sleep need in the presence of one or more of the following symptoms:

  • stiffness of the neck and shoulder in the morning;
  • muscle pain in neck or shoulder;
  • comes in the morning, headache;
  • degenerative disc disease
  • high fatigability
  • the lack of a sense of vivacity in the morning;
  • whiplash.

But for all the merits of oropouche cannot independently, without the supervision of a traumatologist and an orthopedist, to make a purchase after serious injuries of the cervical spine. Also it is recommended to consult a specialist for those who suffer from dermatitis, allergies or asthma, to avoid exacerbation of the disease due to the material of products.

product Care

The Material with memory effect is an important feature in care, it cannot be subjected to high temperatures orexcessive humidity. Therefore, ortopediske with memory effect are forbidden to wash themselves or to be dry-cleaned. Various chemical cleaners disrupt the structure and quality of the product. It is also forbidden to keep exposed to direct sunlight, bend or twist and store under the pressure of heavy objects.

For long-term lifetime of a product is recommended to air it out every three months and, if necessary, wipe with a damp cloth.

After purchasing the product at first difficult to get used to a specific position of the head and neck during sleep, ortopediska seems too inconvenient or hard. But you need to give the body time to get used to correct posture, which will relieve the state of the neck and shoulders, relieve headache and muscle pain. This requires about two weeks seeming to suffer only the inconvenience of ortopediske. After that, every morning you will feel the ease of movement of the neck, vigor.