Rules for the selection of orthopedic pillows

Often our performance is during the day depends fully from relaxation during the night. And this is possible only under the condition that the cushion is comfortable and correct. Recently gaining popularity of memory foam. How to choose such an important accessory to sleep, we will try to understand in this article.

rules for the selection of orthopedic pillows

Benefits of ortopediche

Many are accustomed to sleeping on high pillows, some cherish as the Apple of the eye down the companion sleep, inherited from my grandmother. But all they give in the dream, incorrect position of the spine, especially the cervical Department. That's why in the morning you can experience headaches, stiffness in the shoulders and other unpleasant sensations.

In Order to avoid this, it is advisable to choose an anatomic pillow (also called orthopedic). She has distinctive features, the first thing that catches the eye, is the presence of the roller. It is the main attribute of any product.

the Choice of orthopedic pillows

The Cushion can have different height, usually 9 to 15 inches. Almost all products of this class correspond to the anatomic structure of the head and cervical spine. At night this ortopediska supports the musculoskeletal system and ensures uniform load distribution.

The main advantages are:

  • keep its shape
  • they do not absorb odors;
  • does not attract dust
  • hold heat well;
  • breathable
  • does not cause allergies;
  • does not require complex care;
  • weaken the effect of pain in various diseases of the back.

Some people find in such products and disadvantages, but they are likely to be identified due to the fact that the choice was made not quite right. For those who for a long time preferred a high and too soft pillows, orthopedic may seem hard and uncomfortable.

To Worry about it not worth it, the whole process of adapting to her lasts no more than a week. If to choose a product filled with ball, when you change body position during sleep she may make some sounds. The first time it interferes, but then you get used and don't pay attention.

Classification of products

Now produce orthopedic pillows of different shapes, sizes, and purposes. They can be divided into several types:

  1. Products in the back. Often used in vehicles, in the workplace, to feel more comfortable. These pillows properly support your back, reduce the load.
  2. Under the head. They ensure the correct position of the head and neck during sleep. They are often recommended in treatment of displacement of the vertebrae.
  3. Items for the seat. Has a hole in the middle and resembles a lifeline. Most often they are purchased while undergoing rehabilitation after surgery in the pelvic area, birth.

Orthopedic seat cushion

In Order to choose the right pillow under your head, you need to know that they are:

  • memory effect – great, intuitive, perfectly takes the shape of the head of his master;
  • common anatomic pillow
  • items with perforations, such ortopediske not only support the correct position, and easily pass air, which improves air exchange.

Types depending on the filler

shops and specialty stores offer products with different fillings. How to choose to be sure of the usefulness of this pillow? Get acquainted with every filler, and then the choice will be made much easier.

  1. Polyester.
  2. Latex.
  3. Polyurethane.
  4. Wool.
  5. Buckwheat husk.
  6. Pooh birds.

Comparative characteristics

In any ortopediske, except for rollers, the main part is the filler. It provides the qualities that should be expected of any product of this class.

the Choice of orthopedic pillows

Orthopedic pillows are of both natural and artificial filler. Most of them can boast of their environmental friendliness, and the choice everyone makes based on their preferences.

Synthetic fillers possess the following qualities:

  • do not cause allergies, so can be used in children;
  • does not require complex care.

Natural fillers differ:

  • ideal moisture and heat exchange;
  • good elasticity;
  • elasticity.

And now compare the quality of each ortopediske depending on the filler.

If the inside is latex, it is excellent air permeability, this material has good elasticity, so the body takes its shape. Thisthe filler is environmentally friendly, it will never settle mites. A great option for a baby cot.

Another synthetic filling is polyester. Inside it is represented with small balls. When the head falls to artopolescu, they part in different directions, and formed a dent. If you compare the hygroscopicity, polyester is inferior to latex, but it is a good filler. Plus ortopediske is that when you remove the balls, thereby making the product below.

A next-generation Material can be called polyurethane foam. It is used as a filler in pillows with memory effect. The porous structure allows you to memorize the features of the head and the individual characteristics of the body of its owner. This gives you maximum relaxation and comfortable stay. In addition to these advantages you can mention her self venting due to the presence of many pores.

Natural fillers require more care, for example, wool has the ability to slide, down can produce a specific smell, especially if poorly treated, and be the cause of allergies. Among the natural fillers is a great demand of ortopediske with buckwheat husks.

The Reviews on them are positive. In addition to healing properties, they perfectly adapt to the shape of the head and significantly improve sleep quality. Those who tried to imagine such advantages, you will never replace this artopolescu normal.

How to make the right choice

the Choice of orthopedic pillows

Those who have decided to get such a useful thing, to choose the right product quite difficult. Not to be trapped, it is necessary to heed a few guidelines:

  1. as the cushion must be the head part, then you should take into account the width of the shoulders.
  2. to Acquire the product necessary for a specific person.
  3. With the increase in the width of shoulders height of the product also needs to become larger.
  4. If you prefer to sleep on your back, ortopediska should be a little lower.
  5. If after waking up you can feel the pain in the neck or shoulders, then the choice of orthopedic pillows was made to fail.
  6. Produce cushions of various shapes, rectangular is considered the most useful, but the choice is still yours.
  7. If you sleep more on your stomach, it is better to buy a soft model.
  8. Main part of these products is a cushion if you have trouble deciding, it is best to buy the product with a little under it if you wish, you can put anything, but the tall already will not reduce.
  9. to Acquire ortopediske preferably in specialty stores, there will always help to choose the right pillow. At least, let you know what it should be.

If you decide to purchase a high quality orthopedic pillow, then its cost should not be the determining factor.

Who should use an orthopedic pillow

the Choice of orthopedic pillows for spine

What kind of pillow to put under his head during sleep, everyone decides for themselves, but there are some diseases for which doctors recommend to use only orthopedic. Among them we note the following:

  • cervical osteochondrosis
  • frequent headaches
  • chronic pain in cervical region;
  • dizziness;
  • displacement of the vertebrae in the cervical and thoracic;
  • injuries of the cervical spine;
  • increased muscle tone
  • trouble sleeping
  • nerve pain
  • if in infants torticollis.

The List of such readings would still continue, but I want to mention, even if none of these conditions, it does not mean that the use of such a pillow is not recommended.

Contraindications for their use are almost there, only arise if:

  • an allergic reaction to the excipient
  • inflammatory diseases of the skin in the use of ortopediske.

Care for fashion accessory

Synthetic filler inside orthopedic pillow has a long life, but at observance of some simple rules it is still possible to zoom in:

  • wash recommended the product at a temperature not exceeding 40 degrees
  • it is advisable not to use bleach
  • when not pressed to the pillow twist
  • it is better not to dry under direct sunlight
  • do not iron the product;
  • instead of washing you can use a regular airing outdoors in the shade;
  • regularly need to shake and flip the product;
  • depending on the filler may vary in their specific requirements for care, these nuances can be read in the statement.

In conclusion it can be concluded that to choose an orthopedic pillow is not difficult, if you follow the recommendations or to listen to the advice of a specialist in orthopedic salon.