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How to choose anti-bedsore mattress with compressor?

Anti-Bedsore mattresses with compressor is a necessary attribute for those people who no longer walk or sit. If you choose not to purchase such a device, it is possible that prolonged immobilization will cause wounds in those areas where the body would touch the bed. The sick person will appear a lot of pain.

Mattress from bed soresHow to choose a mattress correctly, prompt by experienced specialists in this area, so before you make a purchase, it is necessary to study the characteristics and types of mattresses.

Factors and parameters selection

Before you purchase this device, you must determine the following factors:

  • what kind of sick person he is meant;
  • as far as running sores on the body;
  • why you need a mattress, what is its function.

Pressure Ulcers in humans are formed for such a reason: if the patient cannot move, even to turn over in a lying position on the other side, in those areas of his body where bones protrude, the blood flow. Disturbed function of the nerve endings that are responsible for the saturation of air and oxygen to the tissues and cells. As a result of such negative processes, the regeneration of skin cells stops, and bedsores occur. If not treat, the lesions of soft tissue develops so much that over time, exposing the bone.

The choice of anti-decubitus mattress directly affected by the neglect of the disease and the patient's condition.

the Compressor anti-bedsore mattressIf the necessary preventive measures and the disease is at an early stage of development, the person will need a mattress anti-decubitus cellular. This device consists of small cells, the principle of it is in a special compressor. The compressor performs its function irregularly occurs periodic filling of the different air cells (staggered). Performs regular change of the points of supports of the body, is massage different tissues. Due to this eliminated the factors that can cause bedsores.

Mattress anti-bedsore tubular is designed for the treatment of pressure ulcers by distributing pressure on those portions of body tissue, are currently in contact with the product.

The Function of the product is due to the elastic elements within the product that is able to flow and change its shape.

Features buy product and safety information

When purchasing anti-bedsore mattresses with a compressor it is necessary to focus on such aspects as the material of the product: it should be a PVC film or rubberized fabric. This factor is important because the film is easy to clean, and easier on the fabric to lie to a sick person.

the Patient on the mattress anti-bedsoreyou Should pay attention to whether the mattress is equipped with a blowing system, since it allows normal regulation of sweating in humans. But if he sweats less, treatment mattress will be much better. And another important aspect in choosing the right mattress is the way it carries out its work product by the compressor. This device, the purpose of which is to compress and supply air under pressure. The choice should be guided by the noise better, it does not exceed 10 dB.

During operation of the mattress in order to avoid harm to a sick person it is necessary to follow the safety rules. It concerns the use of the compressor and power unit. Previously, before exploitation, it is necessary to study the manual, which clearly shows the rule handling, wherein special attention is paid to such details as the compressor.

Bed with anti-bedsore mattressyou Must choose the right place for the compressor – do not place it near heaters or other heating devices. The compressor should be located as far as possible from water tanks, it is not recommended to put him on the aisle. The best place for the compressor is the area near the bed or on the wall next to her, his need to secure a solid hook.

When the product starts working, no need to leave a sick person alone, someone is always present in the room. At the end of use be sure to disconnect the device from the mains. The compressor must operate continuously, changing the pressure in the cells and filling them with air alternately. Before switching on the power supply, you need to make sure it is free from any damage.

Basic rules of operation of the device

Anti-Bedsore mattress to put on a conventional mattress so that the air cell was located in the upper part of the body and the tube, which connects the parts of the product, they must be at the feet of the patientperson. When installing the product need to hide all the tubes to straighten them so they are not confused. On the mattress spread sheet, if there is no system of ventilation – absorbent diaper. You cannot secure the sheet with pins, so as not to damage the product.

Before putting a sick man on a mattress, it is necessary to check its serviceability. For best performance you should install a suitable pressure, which depends on the weight of the human body (the less he weighs, the less pressure placed). As a result, the mattress should be firm enough to hold the body of the person.

Care mattress is to be cleaned only in the inflated form with a soft material (it can be moistened in a solution of bleach). do Not wash the mattress means, in which there is alcohol or dyes. For drying of the product is selected a dry place, not in direct sunlight. Do not iron the mattress. Before you wipe the compressor, it is disconnected from the network. Do not clean the compressor with products containing abrasive particles, even the smallest.