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Types, characteristics and instructions for use of different anti-bedsore mattresses

bedridden patients after surgeries, during the course of severe cancer on the body are formed bedsores. Anti-bedsore mattress, due to its structure, is recognized as the most effective preventive and therapeutic agent against them.

Care for bedridden patients

This has already become a popular product allows you to significantly ease the condition, quality of life and care. A pillowtop mattress has a sufficient therapeutic effect in the treatment of injuries and diseases of the musculoskeletal system. In medical practices around the world use these means has been. Today they are present in every inpatient unit for seriously ill patients.

Types of preventive mattresses

hardness distinguish mattresses:

  • soft;
  • medium hard;
  • hard.

Medical mattress this appointment is not only different outside characteristics, but different anti-bedsore systems: cellular, balloon, blowing with and without ventilation. Wire mattress consists of material in the form of cells similar to a honeycomb, which are alternately filled with air layer and thereby provide a massage effect on the skin, muscles and subcutaneous tissue. To use the mesh product is recommended to people to prevent pressure ulcers and only when weight not exceeding 120 kg wire Mesh mattress in its characteristics inferior to the sectional, but it has a very low price. Doctors recommend that patients that are stuck in the supine position and have a strong skin problem, to give preference to not mesh, and other kinds of products.

anti-Bedsore mattress with compressor

The device has laser and balloon perforation. Balloon mattress has the appropriate chamber, which when inflated by air have a therapeutic effect on the body. Patients can conveniently be based on the coating due to the low contact pressure by means of a special inflatable chambers, which every few minutes to inflate and deflate. Their periodicity ranges from 6 to 10 minutes.

When damage to the balloon sections are interchangeable. The material from which the product is made, has antifungal impregnation. It is convenient in that it has special clips on the sides that help it not to slide. The compressor can be hung using fasteners that are provided to the product. Allowable weight for this type of product is 150 kg. Attached To the mattress: connecting tube, instruction manual and fixings.

Laser perforation helps to provide additional ventilation of the patient. The essence of the system lies in the fact that sometimes change the point of support of the patient and to restore his circulation. This invisible system, which is well ventilated skin and provide sufficient preventive action in the protection against bedsores.

Variety of items without compressors

Polyurethane mattress for prevention of pressure ulcers differs from other orthopedic options elasticity, ease, a sufficiently high preventive characteristics. The product is made of environmentally friendly materials, has a low weight. It is convenient to clean and wash. The texture of the polyurethane mattress allows you to keep body warmth without causing overheating, has pleasant tactile properties. The polyurethane product without compressor enables the patient to feel much more comfortable. Along with other types of anti-bedsore products, the demand of polyurethane mattress is much higher and because of its affordable prices.

If the patient recently lost the ability to move, it will suit gel mattress. The essence of its content is that instead of air, which forces the compressor, use the gel. This makes the product even more effective and unique. System gel mattress is a uniform load distribution over the entire surface, which creates your body without compressor. Its structure helps to hide uneven bed, which in turn creates a positive and anti-decubitus effect. Gel mattress helps to improve blood circulation in the human body.

Device, bedsore mattress

Not only bedridden patients, but also elderly people who sometimes are forced to be in bed enjoy the opportunities of gel mattress. In addition, this kind of products has low price. To master the principle of operation of this product will help any accompanying instructions for use.

The Mattress without a compressor is a piece of foam that has air layers. Due to its high efficiency, alternatives to the compressor are much higher in price than products with no compressor, therefore, to prevent pressure ulcers, provide comfort for the body popularinexpensive, but comfortable mattress without this system.

Anti-Bedsore mattress is a convenient product that is used not only in stationary conditions, but also at home. It is effective during the entire period of use. When buying this preventive treatment should pay attention to the instructions for use, which will help to develop therapeutic and preventive features. Knowledge of product features to help choose the one that will be more effective in treatment and prevention.

How to choose?

When choosing an orthopedic mattress it is necessary to consider some features of the patient – weight, optimum load on the product and stiffness. If the patient has weight above the average, the choice of an orthopedic mattress it is necessary to do in favour of the rigid type. People with low weight is better to choose a mattress soft. At normal weight you can use products of different kinds.

When the complexity of choosing a mattress it is necessary to study the instructions for use that specify all the characteristics of the mattresses. If a person for a long period of time, forced to lie on his side, he needs a soft mattress. This will help the shoulders and hips to plunge deeper, and the rump will be in the normal position.

sample sizes bedsore mattress

The Choice of product is performed in accordance with existing contraindications – comorbidities, unstable spinal cord injuries.

Also contraindications include: individual intolerance of open and infected wounds with purulent secretions and blood. How to choose the right mattress will help the orthopaedic surgeon or consultant in the store medical equipment.

To Give preference to products made is hypoallergenic and non-toxic materials high strength. It is better to choose a little more expensive, but from material that will last longer and will not cause side effects on the skin. You need to pay attention to properties such as water resistance and impregnation with antibiotics.

In the Russian market, you can choose anti-bedsore mattress imported and domestically produced. Manual import of the product has an easily accessible interpretation, making it easier to use. When buying is better to read the customers reviews about the mattresses.

Latex mattress anti-bedsore

If a preference is given to the product with a compressor, it is necessary to take into account the power of the noise during compressor operation. It should be no more than 30 DB. The optimal amount of noise specified in the instructions for use.

Currently you can purchase a children's mattress against bedsores. This method of passive therapy for children is necessary when the diseases that caused decumbiture – trauma, major operation, etc. The Only difference from adults options of mattresses is the size and material used for production of such products, it's organic and soft.

rules of operation

If no identified contraindications to the use of anti-bedsore mattress's treating orthopedist, after its purchase obligatory instructions for use. If you have bought anti-decubitus mattress, manual attached to it.


When operating it is necessary to take into account the generally accepted rules, which will allow not only to use but also help increase its efficiency:

  1. the Product against bedsores is placed on a conventional mattress or a thick coating.
  2. you Cannot commit the mattress with sharp objects – pins, needles.
  3. If this mattress compressor, it is necessary to note that special tubes for air intake should be in the legs of the patient.
  4. the Compressor is suspended to the bed by means of hooks located on its backside.
  5. connect the Hoses to the compressor and the mattress. You need to turn the compressor for 10 minutes to air filled mattress.
  6. is Necessary to fix the rate of patient weight using a special pointer to the compressor. Weight from 50 kg is mounted on certain positions from 1 to 10.
  7. air-Filled mattress covered with a clean sheet, well tuck it under the mattress. Patient is placed.
  8. it is Necessary to change bed sheets every day and keep, so there are no creases.
  9. the Compressor must be operable continuously.
  10. in No event it is impossible to fill with air, the product or disable it if it is sick, it can cause failure of the compressor.
  11. the Main contraindication in the care of the product – it cannot be washed and heat. Pollution remove only wet wipes, moistened in a mild soap solution.
  12. do Not use the mattress if it is torn. Must be repaired using patches provided in the kit with the mattress.
  13. For each type of product comes with a manual stating how to use the products. Correct its observance helps extend the life of the machine, enables a patient to receive quality care.

most Popular model

Today, at the point of sale of medical equipment orthopedicfocus can be purchased in different price, size, characteristics and types of mattresses against bedsores. The most common are mattresses Polish, American, German, Italian, Chinese, Russian, Ukrainian production.

Anti-bedsore Mattress MT-302 is equipped with a system balloon type. Effective when used in the treatment of pressure sores stage 1 and 4. Convenient because the cylinders can detach it helps to adjust its length under the size of the bed. Optimal the patient's weight is 130 kg.

Anti-bedsore Mattress with the Easy Air EL 250 is designed for the treatment and prevention of pressure sores stage 1 and 2. Permissible patient weight is 100 kg.

The System is a cellular type of mattress EFFECT 2500 is designed for the treatment and prevention of pressure sores stage 1 and 2. The product is made under the patient's weight is not more than 130 kg.

Anti-Bedsore mattress OSD Italian production made of non-toxic material, used for medicinal purposes. Product design can support the weight of the patient up to 120 kg.

ADL anti-bedsore Mattress made in Germany equipped with a system that relates to honeycomb type of mattresses air Pro 200. Temporary cycle pressure is 10 minutes. The product is equipped with an air filter that has a built-in anti-vibration system, quiet compressor up to 30dB. Permissible patient weight is 120 kg.

Podiatrists recommend buying this product to pay attention to the special creams, the gels, plant-based, which are a great additional tool for the treatment and prevention of bedsores.

All goods imported are available with manual complete repair kit and spare parts. The mattresses are equipped with a safety system against short circuit and are manufactured in accordance with European standards. Orthopedic mattresses – a great alternative to expensive long-term medical and surgical treatment of bedsores.