How to choose sports orthotics?

When choosing shoes for athletic training do not forget to buy insoles orthopedic sports. Any of your movement with such insoles is more comfortable, and you will not feel heaviness in the legs.

the Use of orthopedic insoles for sports

products cost

In the market are widely represented both expensive and quite affordable by price model. In order not to overpay and buy a quality product, you need to understand the usefulness of orthopedic linings for footwear and, of course, in their value.

generally, the domestic models are much cheaper than imported ones. Choosing product of domestic manufacturer, it is necessary to take average at the price of instances, as the cheapest does not give the desired result in the treatment of flatfoot. Foreign models for some properties much better of domestic goods. For their manufacture using soft and velvety fabric which can breathe.

Structure and functionality of sports insoles

Choosing insoles for athletic shoes, you should understand their device. If during the movement you are experiencing pain, such models can quickly be removed and you don't need to stop your workout. Under the heel is a silicone material. It is effective in the exercises with the transfer of the whole body weight on the heel. In addition, softening the insert is also under the arch of the foot. It helps not just to walk, almost float above the ground. At the front of the insoles for sport there is a softening of the insert, which is made from polyurethane.

Device orthopedic insoles

Insoles for running are made from silicone. They are specially created for Jogging, and other various loads. This type of insole is an excellent prevention of various diseases of the feet.

Insoles for athletic shoes have cushioning properties. This factor influences the fact that even after 2 days of use of this accessory many painful feelings that often arise when wearing casual shoes with a conventional insole, will quickly disappear. Also we can safely say that wearing shoes with insoles for sports after injury significantly accelerates the process of rehabilitation. Insoles of this type perfectly provide protection from various damages. Easy to buy in sports shops and at specific sites.

personal approach

Orthotics distribute the weight on two feet evenly. This ensures the correct position of the foot in the Shoe due to the normalization of the leaf-spring-balance. Orthopedic insoles for running and sport it is best to carry people who are actively engaged in physical training. They are sold in pharmacies, or you should purchase shoes immediately with orthopedic insoles. If necessary, they can easily be done by individual order. In this case, the cost will be higher, but the effect of wear will justify the cost.

the Principle of operation of orthopedic insoles

When the model is being made under the order, taking an impression of the foot in plaster or a special computer stand. Copy of a foot in accuracy will repeat every curve of your foot, which will give the opportunity to produce the insole taking into account all individual circumstances.

It is Best to consult a specialist, who knows this question. Insoles that have been made this way, very comfortable, and legs comfortably in any physical activities. Fabrication takes very little time. What are the features of orthopedic products? Absolutely all orthotics have a similar configuration. In the heel area is a cavity in the part where the arch is the instep. The fore part of the insole in no way participates in the maintenance of the arch, however, is essential to supporting the toes.

In the orthopedic insoles is the so-called wedges, which allow you to change the angle of setting of feet. If the body weight is distributed unevenly, the heel moves outwards. If it is under the heel is a wedge, it is immediately on the right place that gives you the opportunity to relieve the pain and swelling. It is better to buy models made of soft materials, as well as those who have special gel pads. When wearing it would be distributed evenly and will take the necessary form.

The Standard procedure for creating a insoles of this type occurs in several stages:

  1. Reveals the degree of flatfoot.
  2. Is mark.
  3. Is fitting and issuance of the order.
  4. Correction in the process of socks.

The right Specialist will make a diagnosis and produce an insole made of soft material using polymer. The most important thing is to accurately take into account the features of human feet. After issuance of the order in hand, the doctor will give advice on correct wearing and care product.

If you need a model of preventive nature, they must be made from genuine leather. This will enable the product to keep its shape for a long time. However, a model needs to wear no more than two years. Wedges and the substrate is made of polyethylene foam, which will grant you the proper wearing insoles for flat feet.

If the flat will be treated without special insoles, it is possible to correct the pathology will not work. Preventive models that are children, will develop a flat foot for any disease with displacement of the vertebral axis.