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Cushions for posture: testimony, healing properties, types

Pillow for posture is as important as good nutrition and health. It depends on the condition of the cervical spine, through which the blood vessels supplying the brain.

cushion for Good posture relieves the spine

Indications and contraindications to the use of orthopedic pillows

Pillows for back posture recommended for people not only with diseases neck but also to prevent them.

The First stage in the formation of pathology of the spine is scoliosis. It is accompanied by the disruption of the functionality of the muscles, displacement of internal organs, curvature of the axis of the spinal column. Deformation of the neck in this situation is no exception. To prevent recommended by orthopedic pillow to correct posture.

The Main indications for the use of pillows for posture:

  • Headaches and dizziness in the pathology of the cervical spine;
  • Initial stage cervical hyperlordosis (decrease physiological bulging of the spine);
  • Increased tone of skeletal muscle of neck
  • Chronic radiculitis (inflammation of nerve roots) radiating pain in the neck and upper limb
  • Congestion of the spinal column;
  • To prevent curvature of the cervical spine.


  • Diseases of the skin in the upper body;
  • Acne on the shoulders
  • severe deformity of the cervical spine;
  • an Allergic reaction to the materials of the product.

How to cure pillow for posture correction

Products for the correction of deformations of the neck are used in conjunction with orthopedic mattresses, corsets, bandages, belts and reclination. This combination ensures maximum efficiency in the correction of the violations caused by the asymmetry of the back muscles.

what is the impact of orthotic devices on human health:

  • Enhance the outflow of blood from the skin at the site of application;
  • Strengthen the muscles of the back;
  • Eliminate vertebrogenic pain syndrome;
  • Provide comfortable position of the spine during sleep;
  • Reduce the pressure in the intervertebral discs
  • Reduce the severity of muscle spasms
  • Eliminates the compression syndrome in the neck (nerve root entrapment).

The Therapeutic effect of the product greatly depends on the degree of rigidity and structural features of the model.

what to look for when choosing a model

A Model to correct the stoop differ in:

  • Dimensions;
  • Form;
  • Filler
  • Content.

A wide variety of sizes models involves a variety of choice to the individual characteristics of a person. The ideal size of the product, if it is equal to shoulder width.

In the stores you can find models with square, oval, triangular, rectangular shapes and other special types. In the presence of disease in the cervical spine should purchase a pillow of classic form.

The Filler product always must be of high quality. When selecting you should pay attention to:

  • Heat insulation and breathability
  • Vlagovpityvaemost;
  • Environmentally friendly and hygienic
  • Features Laundry facilities.

Too strong insulation of the filler increases the temperature of the skin at the site of application of the model. Good breathable properties allow to pass air. High-quality filler should not cause allergies, and not lose their quality when washed.

The Longevity of use of the product depends on the quality of seams. Low quality models will be "sprawl" and to release the filler out.

Pillow for posture should be selected according to the characteristics of the mattress. If it is soft, the pillow should be small. High product is recommended for people who are accustomed to sleep on your side. The model is medium in size – to rest on his stomach. The only way to ensure the relaxation of the neck muscles during sleep.

Rules of use of the product

Exploitation of orthopedic products requires proper maintenance and washing. It is recommended to observe following principles:

  • Dry and ventilated outdoor air;
  • Easy periodic shaking of the model extends its functional properties;
  • Maintenance must be in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions;
  • With a little dirt to clean you must use the tools recommended by the manufacturer.

Main types of pillows for posture

When stooping, or flat-concave back experts recommend the following types of pillows for posture:

  • polyurethane.

Are hypoallergenic, therefore, recommended for sensitive skin. The polyurethane foam easily adapts to the anatomical features of the vertebral curves of the person, therefore, prevents the compression on the nerves and eases the pain. Datamodel low permeability to air, so after prolonged use you may experience sweating skin.

  • latex.

Have a high elasticity, so quickly take the desired shape and easily return to its original position. The anatomic orthopedic products, latex allows for a perfect adjustment model under the curves of the human spine.

  • With the content of buckwheat husks.

The posture Pillow made of buckwheat husks provides a micro-massage the skin, improving the blood supply to the shoulder girdle. Model data shows people suffering from migraines, scoliosis and convulsive contractions of the muscles of the upper limb.

  • Silicone model.

In conclusion, you should highlight the model with memory effect. The filler is a foamed polyurethane with lots of microscopic pores. She has the ability to memorize the shape of the object that presses on it. This model is recommended for people with compression syndrome, as it effectively eliminates pinching of the nerve roots in the cervical spine.

If a person spends a long time on the computer, he recommended orthopedic products for the seats. They are laid under the pelvis and eliminate congestion in the vessels. The model recommended for people with swollen feet, cramps of the muscles of the lower limbs, varicose veins.

Pillow for posture has many useful properties. It is used not only to correct spinal deformities, but also for their prevention. When choosing products, you should consult your doctor.