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Best thin memory foam mattresses and their benefits

Thin mattresses have a huge popularity nowadays, and the demand for them is increasing every day more and more.

the Structure of latex thin mattress

These mattresses have their advantages:

  • costs within reasonable limits;
  • can serve as a mattress pad on the base of the mattress itself;
  • masks all the hollows of old leaky mattress
  • sleeper gets tougher;
  • can be used on a pull-out sofa as a top coat.

These mattresses called mattress cover, because this is true, because its volume does not exceed the thickness of 8-9 cm, maybe less (from 2 cm). Orthopedic mattresses can be divided by the stiffness. As a rule, they are made of polyurethane foam, but also they present the latex and fibers from coconut husks.

The Softness of your bed will give the latex if mattress is made of it completely. This cannot be said about coconut fiber since this component will give your bedroom the place stiffness.

Let's consider below how to use orthopedic mattress, whom he can help, and look at the most popular brands beating the ratings on sales.

Polyurethane foam mattress

Proper use and assistance

Its cheapness and practicality, these mattresses won many consumers. When you purchase such an item easily mistaken with a choice that should not be permitted, because such purchases are made for the long term.

because of lack of money few people can afford a new mattress, so they have to sleep on leaky and leaky. Of course, you can sleep on the couch, but it will cause discomfort from the stick into the body of the springs.

Thin mattresses can save you from these problems. Such devices instantly make your sleep calm and comfortable. The selection of fine mattresses is the right decision, if you want to correct the old, because they will be able to remove all the shortcomings of years of junk. The use of mattress pad several times will prolong the life of the spring, as a protection for him from above.

Structure of thin coconut mattress

For the proper distribution of excess weight during sleep is great this mattress pad, you don't need to argue with your partner in choosing a mattress. However, to start is to examine all positive and negative qualities of these products that will help to make the right choice.

In our time are in great demand the mattresses on the sofa. They are practical to use and will help to save space in your home, especially if it is not enough.

The Sofa performs 2 functions. Daily serves for the reception and not only, night for rest. To give smooth surface and an orthopedic effect on the couch can only get this mattress.

If you buy a sofa your child a young age, should consider the anti-bacterial and Hypo-allergenic properties of the mattress, because babies are not yet very developed resistance to irritants.

Choice of mattress stiffness

You can roll and be hidden from prying eyes in the closet, while the quality is not affected. These mattresses can take with you on vacation or another trip, because they are great to fit in the trunk of the car.

Thus, if you are not able to allocate a considerable amount to purchase good coverage on orthopedic bed, cheap thin mattress will be an excellent alternative, because it has absolutely the same qualities. Remember, your choice depends on healthy sleep, and you can create for yourself by making the right choices.

TOP 5 best manufacturers of mattresses

There are many factories for the production of thin toppers. How to understand which one is good?

let's look at some of the best manufacturers:

  1. Factory Luntek. This brand pleases for 5 years now with their products. The firm strictly observes the process of manufacturing and uses only natural materials. For these purposes, they used an automated quality control at all stages of manufacture. All manual work is automated and minimized, thereby reducing the manufacturing process of the mattress for a day. This manufacturer a wide range of products.
  2. DreamLine is also the largest producer. The factory produces not only the mattresses, she makes furniture and some things for the home. Production began in 2000 and today the company has huge manufacturing capacity of goods, because it works with modern appliances. They are able to order, given the size. And if mattress large size, it can easily bring home to the client, and in the shortest possible time. This company is responsible for its quality and offers low prices.
  3. ArtFlex – quality products, consisting of best European materials with an exposure of allyears of tradition and technology. Have a fairly reasonable cost. The plant is located at the economic industrial zone. Materials are used only from the famous manufacturers, the quality of which is checked for years. Advantage is the washable cover to the mattress because it is equipped with a zipper.
  4. Production of brand Perrino is also in the free economic zone. In warehouses of this company are always a huge variety of goods. That is from this factory a large range of products. The advantages are reasonable price, a convenient case, free shipping (for Russia), the best validation.
  5. Factory mattresses Damascus has produced more than 75 models are set to sleep. In 10 years this company is well proven. And they have provided a good system of discounts.

Try to buy the best mattresses of good quality from proven companies with well-known brands, because it will enjoy the purchase for years to come.