The options – children orthopedic shoes

For the normal development of the child it is necessary to pay attention to every detail, including the correct choice of footwear. The options orthopedic Shoe that meets all requirements, very comfortable and does not cause developmental defects.

Children's orthopedic shoes from the company, the Options

Shoe Features

The Company "very different" is a domestic firm that specializes in the manufacture of shoes, including children's orthopedic. Production sites are located in St. Petersburg. Designing shoes are the most experienced professionals. Direct participation in the development take and podiatrists. That's why is provided by the manufacturer of the product, the design of which fully complies with the requirements of Orthopaedics. For best effect thought out special features: high heel high hardness, orthopedic insole kit with arch and plantar inflection.

Such a constructive solution allows to distribute the load on the foot. Thanks to this baby easier to keep a balance, to feel comfortable and confident, which is especially important for the first steps.

Orthopedic shoes I used prophylactically and for the treatment of flatfoot in the initial stages of development. Therefore, insoles should have display of set and deepening to accommodate the heel. To maintain the heel part provides a hard back. This design allows the correct development of the foot, flat feet excludes, reduces the risk of developing diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

the Use of orthopedic shoes

In addition, orthopedic shoes Totto prevents the development of lateral (valgus or varus) deviation of the forefoot.

For tailoring products using natural materials, which are completely harmless, do not cause allergies, rashes, etc.

focus not only on making the correct orthopedic shoes, but also to create a modern attractive design. After all, everyone wants child to look good and attractive. Therefore, designers are constantly working on product design, range of models is regularly updated, there are new styles, colors. However, in any model are key orthopedic features.

Children's orthopedic shoes Totto has the following advantages:

  1. Ensures the correct position of the foot when walking and standing, due to the presence of orthopedic insoles with arch support, outsole with durable bend and hold on the foot with straps.
  2. Use for sewing the uppers and lining of shoes only natural materials.
  3. Wide range of models, modern design.
  4. Affordable prices.

Structure orthopedic shoes

the Right choice

All orthopedic shoes Totto absolutely safe for the baby.

This is Due to its proper design and use of hygienically safe materials. For a child, it is recommended to choose only orthopedic shoes, as it is not only convenient, but also allows you to properly shape the foot. In addition, wear is a good prevention of various diseases of the spine.

When buying the model, consider the following selection criteria:

  1. easy to block. Be sure to try on the shoes before buying it. It should be comfortable, not to cause discomfort when walking.
  2. Size. If the shoes purchased does not fit, then the benefits would be. When wearing the foot will either be squeezed, or to be in a relaxed state too. All this negatively affects the development of the feet, musculoskeletal system.
  3. Materials. The upper and lining of footwear for children should be manufactured only from natural materials. They provide a normal atmosphere, do not cause irritation. All the shoes I fully meets this requirement.
  4. Design. This criterion is purely aesthetic and does not affect the correct development of the child's foot. However bright and beautiful models pleasing to the kids, cause the desire to wear such shoes. Therefore the colors and style should also be paid close attention.

Proper care

To shoes have served their warranty period, you must take care of it properly. It is recommended to heed the following advice:

  1. After using the shoes should be wiped with a slightly damp cloth or a special brush.
  2. At the end of season shoes should be stored in a dark dry place.
  3. When wet, the product should be wiped with a dry cloth. To avoid deformation, inside is recommended to put a dry paper napkin.
  4. to Dry the shoes is possible only in a natural way, you should not put it on the battery and other sources of heat.
  5. Surface it is recommended to apply special treats.

When all these recommendations orthopedic shoes Totto will last a long time, fully performing all of its functions.