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Effective exercise equipment for the back and recommendations on how to choose

do I Need a trainer for back those who lead a sedentary lifestyle? Whatever it was, no doubt, low mobility, and lack of exercise affect our body. First encounter dull pain in the lumbar region, then in the neck. And then the doctor diagnoses the curvature of the spine. Such deformations with the help of modern medicine are easily eliminated, however it takes a huge amount of your precious time. Ordinary exercise equipment for the back is an effective tool for the prevention of development of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. They are not expensive, and exercises you have to spend a few minutes a day.

Sedentary lifestyle is the cause of back pain

Official statistics

According to the world health organization, currently about 47 % of the adult population of the planet has certain problems with musculoskeletal system. Most often it comes to scoliosis – a persistent lateral curvature of the spine, in which one shoulder is smooth when the rack is above or below the other. This disease, in turn, is the catalyst for the development of systemic osteochondrosis, intervertebral hernia, sciatica.

In order to prevent and predict worsening of the situation was developed a whole system of physical therapy, can be used to troubleshoot defects in the development of the spine at an early stage of the disease. And here in these cases is just used home fitness equipment for your back.

a Simulator for the back-Gorbunok

In specialized stores you can find huge number of variations, however conditionally, they are divided into:

  • T-the-neck design
  • block trainers
  • bench extension;
  • gorbunki.

What is the best one? A definite answer to the question no, because it all depends on the nature of the deformation. Those "gorbunki", for example is a great option for children aged 5 to 16 years, which will help develop correct posture while sitting at a Desk. They prevent atrophy of the muscles of the dorsal and cervical spine, strengthen support for the spine. Incidentally, with regard to children of school age, among them problems with the curvature of the back to the end of the educational process gets to 65 % of the graduates. Among them, 7 % of those with the disease develops in the chronic form.

degenerative disc disease - indication for use of vertical machines for back

doctors Recommendation

The simplest but at the same time effective method of eliminating the curvature of the spine – vertical stretching. For this fit like an ordinary bar, and specialized traction equipment. They are almost the only ones that are used in the treatment of scoliosis and degenerative disc disease.

Used and in the recovery period after removal of intervertebral hernias. Some pharmacological companies have been presented a unique design according to the type of TRAComputer which is able to automatically adjust the load in the spine, to determine the natural anatomy of the particular patient. Unfortunately, such equipment is quite expensive, so not widely used in practice.

Design of a simulator for stretching back

But for exercise of the joints and spine traction traction is excellent prevention, preventing worsening problems with curvature of spine, cervical. However, if you perform them independently on the same crossbar, and the pain only gets stronger, should immediately stop exercising and consult your doctor (orthopedic surgeon). Most likely, during exercise root compression occurs the nerve endings, which causes painful symptoms. The company will appoint medicamentous treatment to reduce inflammation.

the Shell for traction on slanted surfaces

using the pull-up bar – a great alternative to traction the trainers, but for exercise you need to have well developed arm muscles. What patients are retirement age, for which even 10 to 15 seconds vertical stretching is something outrageous in terms of physical capabilities? They are assigned trainers for treatment? The most simple and universal is the inclined plane. It is the same bar, which, however, is placed on a solid Foundation established at an acute angle (relative to the floor).

The Classical scheme of the inclined exerciser consists of a broad-based, long 2.5 m, the top of which is placed at about the height of 130 cm and firmly fixed. The angle can be changed depending on the required load on the spine andthe physical capacity of the patient.

Aid the doctor in choosing the trainer for back

To prevent excessive slipping when on an inclined surface, from above it is possible to fill a thin layer of rough fabric – it will increase friction.

How is exercise on a projectile of this type? The patient lies on her stomach or on your back, firmly grasp the crossbar. The legs and the body in this case is parallel to the basis. It is recommended to do fixation of body position for 45 seconds, followed by a short break of 1-2 minutes. Hereinafter the same exercise, but on the reverse side (if you were on your back, now on his stomach). For greater convenience around the knees you can fix a loose cushion filled with tiny polystyrene.

use this simulator at home, but first be sure to consult your doctor. Because some forms of scoliosis or sciatica its application is invalid, and can only aggravate the disease.

Loop Glisson for the treatment of the spine

Peculiarities of the treatment of the cervical spine

Treatment for the cervical spine is symptomatic impact. Before the doctor put the main task to eliminate pain, inflammation of the joints. The treatment algorithm is tightly tied to how the nerve root was affected. Typically, today, doctors often have to face problems S6-S8 when there is lingering dull pain, extending to the forearm. Surprisingly, the reasons why the disease develops, a lot, ranging from ordinary physical reboot, ending the previously transferred infectious diseases.

In the first place is removed inflammation of the roots, and then also assigned to the stretching of the cervical vertebrae. This is widely used the so-called "Glisson's loop", in which on the spine force is exerted on a proportion of attached straps and cargo. Some clinics are widely used simulators for cervical Department of a similar type, in which the mount base is held to the ceiling or to a solid base and traction power is controlled by rubber, it is made the support for the chin.

the Effectiveness of the simulator for the extension for back pain

This is a so-called loop device, or "flexible neck expander". When using the goods necessary to calculate loads, but the trainer device generates the optimal pressure as the force of the traction will be higher with a larger weight of the patient.

What exercises are performed with a loop of Glisson? Turns, tilts, nodding his head. Each cycle lasts approximately 5-10 minutes, after that short rest of 2-3 minutes. It should be noted that after exercise decreases the tonus of the neck muscles, so within 1-2 hours after therapy not recommended physical and static loads, sudden movements. This can lead to relapse – re-pinching the nerve root.

The Advantage of a loop Glisson – mobility structures. It without problems can be placed at home, for example, in front of the TV or computer and exercise during the execution of the work. The number of cycles of exercise (the head tilts in each direction) at an early stage 8-10. After 3-4 days, the load can be increased, but gradually – 2-3 tilt, no more.

the Use of simulators for the treatment and prevention of scoliosis

Other simulators for the spine

Among the other simulators in medical practice to correct spinal deformities used T-shaped rods. It is mostly designed for practice groups of the spinal muscles that are located along the vertebrae. Similar in functionality treadmill hyperextension, but he has a more simple design and not suitable for strength training. It is recommended for use not as a means to treat diseases of the back, and for prophylaxis and prevention of scoliosis. How effective is exercise for the spine? When playing on it 15-20 minutes a day the likelihood of distortion is reduced by approximately 97 %.

Effective recognized and benches for extension. They are a trapezoidal design with rigid fixation of the feet. The rear of the trainer movable. The patient is placed on her body, and then performs rhythmic backbends.

Springy base prevents excessive slopes, thereby reducing to a minimum the risk of muscle sprains. The simulator is particularly effective when scoliosis of 1-2 degrees, when the angle of curvature in the range of 5-30°.

What exercise to choose for the home

so, how to choose a treadmill for home? It depends entirely on the nature of the problems a person experiences with the spine. For prevention is quite common and the crossbar, an inclined projectile for carrying out traction. These can be made from improvised by yourself from professional, they are no different.

For those who do not by hearsay familiar painthe area of the cervical vertebrae, you should get a loop of Glisson. However, recommendations on its use can only be given by the attending physician. The fact that this simulator is only permitted in the absence of inflammatory processes in the area of the nerve roots. Otherwise, the problem will only be exacerbated. So the first thing is consult a podiatrist.

do I need a home trainer "T-traction", extension to bench? They are more suitable for prevention, but take up considerable amount of space. To install them or not is your own decision, but do not forget that these trainers are available in almost every gym in your city. And engage them it is recommended under the supervision of a trainer, who will choose the optimal load for your body based on the body size, your age, height.

But when diagnosing chronic stage of the disease, the use of the above equipment is not recommended. First, you need to conduct a medical examination to determine the nature of the disease, its classification. The exercises are executed under the supervision of a physician specialized in traction machines, the type of TRAComputer which can automatically select the desired patient load, based on physiological indicators (weight, blood pressure, pulse rate).

And with radiculitis, osteochondrosis in the acute stage of the development using a combined gentle treatment, which involves stretching with a minimum physical load on the spine, the cervical spine. Home equipment such functionality, unfortunately, do not have and can only do harm.