Valgus orthopedic splint

Many women face this problem, as the appearance of bumps next to the thumb. For the treatment of hallux valgus is frequently used bus. What is it? And how to wear it?

Features valgus tires

Deformity of the thumb, which appears at the side of the cone, is observed in many women. When walking often causes pain and discomfort. There are problems with purchasing shoes.

the Use of valgus bus

For the treatment of hallux valgus in the early stages used various ointments, recipes of traditional medicine. However, at a later time, these methods do not help. Effective tool is the use of valgus tires. TOOOo Purchase such a device in almost any drug store.

The Product is a bandage, which is applied to a cone and secured using metatarsalgia girth. As a result of constant exposure to the affected part is returning the joint to its normal position.

It is Important to know that to use the device only after consulting your doctor. Only after the examination, the orthopedist rendered a final diagnosis and is given permission (or prohibition) on the wearing of the valgus of the tire.

When wearing a valgus tire Hallufix hinged has the following effect:

  • evenly distributes the load when walking and standing
  • gradually reduces the size of the lump;
  • promotes the reduction of pain.

In some cases, the device not only is used for the prevention and treatment of disease, but also is worn in the postoperative period after surgical removal of bone. This brace speeds rehabilitation, facilitates the process of walking.

Today orthopedic tire Hallufix hallux valgus is considered the most effective tool in the fight against the curvature of the foot. When wearing the device, the foot is in normal anatomical position, which accelerates the healing process, does not cause discomfort when worn.

need to consult a doctor for wearing splints

The disadvantages of an abnormal tire Hallufix costs include the high cost of the device. In addition, the soft elements of the brace three months must be replaced by new ones, which requires additional costs. And the duration of treatment can be six months. In addition, often requires treatment of both legs, which increases costs in half.

How to wear?

To obtain the most positive result of hallux valgus to wear the tire in exact accordance with instructions for use. Great attention is paid to the correct position of the tire on your foot. Thus, the plastic member must be strictly perpendicular to the floor. If this condition is not fulfilled, then the thumb will be fixed in the correct position. And it threatens the incorrect correction of the joint. Therefore, locking the device with your hands, you need to carefully monitor the correct location of all elements.

When wearing a valgus tyre manufacturers recommend to use other ways of treating the bumps. Good effect have gels and ointments, compresses. To buy such funds at the pharmacy.

Valgus tire Hallufix is used only in the daytime, at night it was withdrawn. Before bedtime you can do compresses and lotions. They not only have a therapeutic effect, but also reduce pain.

contra-Indication to the bus for gout

The First visible results can be seen after 2 months. In this case, as says the manufacturer, can wear ordinary shoes. However, the user reviews say otherwise. Many can wear the device in Slippers, wide shoes.

we must not forget about contraindications to the use of the tire. It is forbidden to wear the device in the fourth stage of the disease, the presence of gout, arthritis and rheumatism. You cannot put a bandage on open wounds, abrasions, inflammation.

Treatment strain

hallux Valgus is observed both in adults and in children. The causes of disease may be different. This can be a congenital disorder, genetic predisposition, trauma of the foot, the effects of transverse flatfoot, osteoporosis, endocrine disorders. In children cure the violation much easier and faster as the fabric is still soft and can easily be fed to the correction.

The Treatment is carried out comprehensively. In addition to tires valgus, recommended to wear orthopedic shoes, massages, to do gymnastics and to take bath. Also is surface treated with special creams.

On the night you can put a night splint Hav Splint. It helps to eliminate the pain, also corrects the deformation changes of the foot. Night bus ensures a restful sleep, fulfilling and therapeutic function. It also should set their hands to the correct position.

The Course of treatment prescribed by the doctor after the patient will pass the examination.

Podiatrist-prescribed necessary methods of treatment inaccording to the individual characteristics of a person. In no event it is impossible to self-medicate yourself to use a particular drug for the treatment of hallux valgus.