How to choose collar Trench osteochondrosis

Cervical collar in case of osteochondrosis is rarely ordered by physicians, but the use of this orthopedic products helps to prevent the progression of the disease. This model perfectly adapts to the structure of the pathological curvatures of the vertebral column.

Collar for neck in osteochondrosis of the structure is a dense roller, fastened around the cervical spine. The product locks the vertebrae in the correct position while walking, which prevents the displacement and instability of the spinal segment. Condition is dangerous encroachment on the nerve root, impaired local blood supply.

Collar Trench with cervical degenerative disc disease

Wearing products results in limited mobility of the neck. As a result of the cervical division provides complete rest, which is very important in acute diseases.

Types and mechanism of action of bandages for the neck

A Bandage for the neck in osteochondrosis consists of a thick frame, fastened around the cervical spine. Thus, limited flexion, rotation, extension of the neck. Collar Trench consists of a dense material, warming the skin and improves blood circulation.

The Second type of collar from osteoarthritis consists of two strips of a dense material, between which is located an inflatable pillow. She pumped the pear perfectly the anatomical structure of the cervical vertebral column.

Orthopedic product Trench slightly pulls the spine vertically, which increases the distance between adjacent vertebrae. Thus, the product prevents pinching of the nerve roots and prevents pain. Due to the special tissue model has a warming effect. It increases blood flow and eliminates inflammatory changes in the soft tissues of the spine.

The Third type of collar from degenerative disc disease is an inflatable rubber products. The model well captures the cervical spine and prevents a tilt of the head. Using a blower can provide mild traction, which reduces pain and other symptoms of degenerative diseases.


collar cervical osteochondrosis

The Medical brace for the neck with osteochondrosis should be worn for at least 2 hours before bedtime. Besides the positive effects on the spine, collar Trench improves memory and reduces atherosclerotic changes.

The Model is equipped with a rigid structure, so it can be used after operations on the spine. In the postoperative period, the patient collar Trench shall some time be under the supervision of a physician. At this time, it is essential straightening effect of the product – it presses on the spinal axis and contributes to the restoration of the vertebrae.

However, excessive and prolonged pressure on the spinal column will lead to edema and congestion. When the patient gets headache, vertigo and vomiting, treatment of Trench lock is cancelled.

According to the classical scheme the product should be worn for 2 hours, but in some situations, doctors prescribe the use of a collar for 1 hour 2 times a day. The specialists also determine the level of inflation models the air.

Please note that prolonged and uncontrolled wear of the product appear negative symptoms:

  • headaches
  • fainting and weakness;
  • nausea and vomiting
  • vertigo.

With the appearance of these symptoms you should remove the product and consult a doctor. The lock is appointed by the doctor individually, but the duration of its application should not be less than 1 month.

Recommendations for choosing

Right to choose an orthopedic belt, a locking mechanism, recliner and other products for the correction of pathological changes in the spine not just. Discomfort in the spine eliminates not every model.

For the right choice should try several different models. Some of the patients may need the original collar of the Trench, another inflatable rubber counterpart.

Some of the branded stores offer special feelers that are given to the person in rent. This allows you to try out the purchase in practice. With long-term use can cause severe headache. In this situation, the medical retainer is better to return to the store and pick up a more suitable model.

To avoid such problems it is better to contact the spine or the orthopedist-the traumatologist, who will conduct research and identify the anatomical features of the vertebral column of the patient.

It Should be understood that the locking mechanism is the immobilization design. Independently it is better not to use. At a special request, you can buy an orthopedic belt, which can maintain the lumbar spine in the correct position.

To buy a collar from osteoarthritis of the neck, it is necessary to consult a doctor!