What is the size collar Trench?

For people suffering from various diseases of the cervical spine, a real lifesaver – collar Trench, the dimensions of which are very different. So wear it can patients of all age groups: kids and adults.

the Use of the collar Trench

What is this collar

Orthopedic collar, or the collar of a Trench, is a neck brace made of flexible material. Inside this medical product is a hypoallergenic material, and it is protected by a cushion so they don't crash into the skin. Doctors also call it a bus.

The Main function of such a device is the weight distribution of the head if necessary to give a temporary unloading of the cervical spine. It is prescribed in the following cases:

  • degenerative disc disease
  • frequent dizziness, headaches caused by circulatory disorders of the brain;
  • displacement of the vertebrae;
  • trauma
  • torticollis
  • spine.

In addition, use it for preventive purposes. After all if to understand, at least half of the adult population have problems with the spine, including the cervical of his Department. Therefore, absolutely no harm will be wearing this collar at occupations that involve stress and tension of the neck muscles.

Collar Trench while working at the computer

It's primarily computer work. In modern orthopedics there even appeared a term such as computer neck. This means that due to long sitting at the computer in one position the muscle is compressed, and hence the blood vessels, leading to circulatory disorders. That is why it is very useful to wear collar Trench in this lesson. The muscles of the neck are seated, unloaded, thereby reduce the pressure on the spine, circulation is restored.

To wear such a brace in no event it is impossible. This will cause muscle atrophy and cease to perform their functions. The time that wear this collar for adults or children, will depend on the depth of the problem. Harder than it is, the longer you need to wear the splint. Of course, how many hours or days wearing the collar, will determine the attending physician after a thorough examination.

How to choose collar Trench

To improve your health, you need to choose the right size collar. Otherwise you can only aggravate the condition. How to choose this product? This question should be answered by a doctor or consultant who sells such devices. They will help choose the right size. Here are some General rules which you have to follow when buying:

  1. Height. It must strictly correspond to the length of your neck. Otherwise, you will not only feel discomfort, but may also aggravate health problems.
  2. lower edge of the tire should rest against the bones of the clavicle. Because that is unloading the neck.
  3. When putting on the orthosis neck must be straight.
  4. Between the neck and the collar must pass one finger.

Selection collar Trench
As to the putting on of a collar, special skills are not required here. The main thing is to tuck the chin into the recess, for him, and fasten tightly, but without discomfort. For convenience the bus is equipped with a Velcro closure that will allow you to adjust the degree of tightness.

When properly selected product there are positive effects:

  1. one can surely move my neck in case of injury, without fear of damaging it even more.
  2. you Can continue to do things that require muscle tension in the neck and a prolonged stay in one position (computer, sewing).
  3. the Patient quickly gets used to the collar. Modern products is anatomical and comfortable.
  4. Provides fast relief from back pain, which is associated with greater blood flow to the brain.

Characteristics of children

How to choose the right tyre for adults, of course. However, the use of such devices in children has its own characteristics. This is primarily due to the fact that this collar is prescribed to children more often because of various injuries. It supports the spine in the correct position, it accelerates the rehabilitation process after injury.

And Assign it to new-born children in the case of birth trauma or torticollis. The size of this device is the smallest, and covered it with a soft cloth which will not irritate the delicate baby skin.

Collar Trench infants should be worn constantly, only removing for bathing.

The rehabilitation Time is about one month. It will depend on the severity of the injury.

Some parents are worried that this child will become later to hold his head. But this is not true. The wearing of the orthesis will relax the damaged muscle, accelerate recovery, and after a while this kid will be no different from their peers.

Using the collar of a Trench, the size of which will be properly matched, youimprove your health and relieve unpleasant symptoms. Not worth to make such a device. Entrust your health to the professionals!