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Collar Trench adults and children: instructions for use, indications, efficacy

With the appearance of pathologies of the vertebral column in the neck, doctors recommend the use of a special device, as the collar of the Trench. But recommend this medical device the doctor will be only when the patient undergoes a thorough examination.

Locking neck collar Trench

Not long ago, such orthopedic products patients tried to do with their hands. But to achieve the desired quality could not. Real factory collars (or bus – they are called so) are produced from a corresponding material of different density. He was picked up in a special way so that the collar performed required functions. Alone can not do.

General information about the orthopedic product

Collar Trench is orthopedic product that could temporarily recoup lost for various reasons the function of the cervical support device. It looks like a tight flexible frame. Has a clasp for fixing vertebrae. Has the following properties:

  • does not allow the patient to bend and straighten the neck, rotate it;
  • provides complete rest to the patient to the spine;
  • has a massaging effect on the neck and warms.

Wearing a cervical collar relieves the neck muscles from the strain of having a positive impact on the blood supply of the patient.

This device can help patients with osteochondrosis, there are 3 types:

  1. Collar type Trench – like device in which the inflatable mechanism is located between 2 strips of fabric. Collar fixed on the neck and is inflated with a special bag. Wearing this product allows the spine to stretch in the cervical spine. Interarticular space increases, improving circulation in the affected Department and in nearby organs.
  2. padded collar – fully inflatable. It can be used to fix the affected area. This type of collar helps to pull the vertebrae and reduce pain symptoms of osteoarthritis.
  3. Rigid collar consists of plastic or metal. It is recommended to use this type in injuries and fractures of the cervical section of the vertebral column.

the adjustment of the collar by the attending physician

To Adjust the splint to the patient's doctor.

Cervical collar is not a cure. It doesn't cure the problem. This is only a companion tool that is able to temporarily relieve the painful symptoms of the disease. It is called a crutch for the neck, contrasting with the action of the crutch with the broken leg to help, but not cure.

This product supports the neck and redistributing load. Neck muscles, its tendons and ligaments are not loaded completely, thus the head is in the position, what she needs. Also the wearing of the collar has a slight massaging effect on the affected area and warming it.

Who is shown wearing a collar?

Are products people of all ages, including elderly. Sometimes they are prescribed even for babies. The period of wear is determined by the attending doctor.

Collar Trench is considered to be an effective tool. He is appointed in the following cases:

  • the just-born infants who have signs of torticollis;
  • neck injuries
  • after surgical treatment cervical;
  • in neurology in the neck and dizziness
  • and myositis (inflammation of skeletal muscles);
  • osteochondrosis.

Use collar Trench for injuries

Have products and contraindications. You can not use it in the following cases:

  • when instability of the cervical spine (the result of injury or illness);
  • in dermatological disorders of any severity.

The Tire should be firmly placed in the damaged area, but do not squeeze the neck. There is no benefit of wearing the collar if he's going to be hanging around your neck. It is necessary to provide secure fixing that will take the load off the neck muscles.

Relax the muscles will start gradually. This will help massage and warming effect. But the inability to make turns and bends will help you heal faster.

How to choose and properly wear?

The Most important thing is to determine the correct height of the tire. Choose the size, it is important to buy as orthopedic products are not returnable or exchangeable.

Making the right choice of tyres it is necessary to measure distance from lower jaw to clavicle. This is the height of the collar. If this is difficult, it will help the consultant in the salon that sells these products.

Dizziness - when incorrectly adjusted collar

You Should read the rules of selection of cervical brace:

  • its height is equal to the length of the neck;
  • bottom the product must reach the level of the clavicle, and the upper reach of the lower jaw;
  • with backthe lower edge of the collar should be located at the base of the neck, and the upper one at the base of the cranium;
  • located in the neck brace should maintain a straight position, and the head needs exactly to stay;
  • if the person is able to move my neck freely, the orthopedic bandage is not picked up as expected.

Properly selected tire will not benefit but rather harm. You might experience frequent dizziness.

The collar is supplied with instructions for use, which you should read before using it.

The Product can be worn on a bare neck, but you can use a cotton pad. Worn tire a snap. Convenient clasp in the form of Velcro. To check whether there is the collar around the neck, is quite simple – there's got to be a finger.

If it is correct to wear a neck brace, discomfort will not be. But to do it permanently impossible, as neck muscles quickly atrophy without the proper load.

Torticollis the child - the reason for using the collar

Sometimes patients the question arises whether it is possible to sleep under the collar? If you need to use it continuously, you can sleep in it. But in this case, and the pillow should also be orthopedic. The doctor usually prescribes to wear the collar of no more than 4 hours a day. All depends on the pathology that led to the need to wear an orthopedic corset.

Should comply with the rules of operation of the neck brace. It can be washed only by hand. Water should not be heated. Detergents can be neutral. After washing, the product should be thoroughly rinsed so that the cleaning substance did not cause skin irritation. It should be dried in natural conditions in the expanded form. The only way the collar will last for a long time.

Indications for use in infants

Orthopedic collar is prescribed not only for adults. Sometimes it may require and kids.

Not often, but sometimes complications arise during childbirth, and the baby is born with injuries. The most common of them are trauma of the cervical spine. In the future it may affect the baby's health. The doctor will advise the mother to use for a newborn orthopedic collar that will help to correct the defect and keep health.

The Syndrome short neck, torticollis, hyperexcitability, stunted nervous system and some other pathology – that's what the neck brace to the kid.

It will adjust the position of the neck, slightly massage it and warm up, will have a positive impact on its extension.

There should be no Amateur. Assign wearing orthopedic products even an adult can only be a doctor. But if it comes to a newborn, much more.

To Buy children's corset for the neck in orthopedic salon. And to choose the appropriate size will help a doctor. He will make the necessary measurements and determine the size. Often doctors advise to order custom collars for babies.

The Doctor will tell parents how to dress the baby on the bus. You should learn to do it correctly. The notch should be located in a special place under the chin of the baby. The clasp is on the back. Chin and cheeks must be above the collar. Breathing should be free, tight tyre will compress the neck. Improperly worn corset can injure the delicate skin of the baby.

The Doctor will tell the mother how to wear the collar of the baby and within what time to do it. It usually does not last more than a month. But the cases are different. During the day the collar is worn in different ways: somebody is prescribed 10 minutes, and someone day.

If the collar must be worn constantly, then remove it with the baby only when bathing.

do Not use makeshift devices, especially when it comes to such a small person. These devices are unlikely to help your child and can hurt significantly. Not calculating impact force can damage the fragile spinal cord.

do Not use orthopedic splint to a healthy baby.