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How to choose and wear a corset for the spine for scoliosis 1, 2, 3 degrees

The Corset for scoliosis to prevent progression of lateral curvature of the spine. It is used in combination with physical therapy, physical therapy and other treatments pathology. More effectively treat pathology when using multiple clamps at the same time. For example, reclinator and belt for the waist.

Corset from scoliosis coupled with comprehensive treatment gives excellent results treatment

Types and indications for corsets

There are:

  1. Corrective
  2. Support.

Correcting the model used to correct distortion or to significantly slow down. At lateral curvature of the vertebral axis 1 degree orthopedic fixators can restore the vertical axis (back in physiological position). As a result, the specialists advise to buy a corrective corset children up to 16 years in violation of posture.

Indications for use:

  • the Amount of curvature in the area of deformation does not exceed 20 degrees from the student;
  • adult products recommended for the magnitude of curvature not greater than 40 degrees;
  • To a partial correction of the deformities in a spine.

The Mechanism of action of these products is the impact on the spinal axis simultaneously in 2 directions: anteroposterior and lateral. The direction of pressure helps to affect scoliotic arc with rotation (twisting of the vertebrae in the vertical plane). Under the influence of the corrective element straightens the spine, and fixing one knee of the model prevents further displacement of the vertebral axis.

Examples of corrective patterns:

  • a Boston brace from scoliosis is a model containing a fastener and connector in the back, and the cutouts in the front. Along the marginal parts of the unit are elastic traction, providing a tight seal against the skin. To buy this corset can scoliosis of the 3rd degree for the active pressure on the curvature.

photo of the Boston corset for the spine, used in the scoliosis

  • Model Ls model is rigid and consists of a polymeric inserts. Fastens with buckles that the product is tightly pressed to the body. Inside the case are foam pads, playing the role of support areas. Lightweight options orthesis chenot do not have a secure attachment base with all reference sites. In it the pressure is distributed by the special controller. Depending on how many ribs in the product, is formed, the degree of pressure on the area of the curve of the back.

sample corset chenault for the back for scoliosis

  • Lyon corset has a medium degree of hardness. It consists of vertical inserts, which are attached to a horizontal metal support. The product has height adjustment, so can be used, as in lateral dislocation of the thoracic and lumbar spine.

Lyon corset to correct scoliosis

  • When the front curvature of 3 degrees possible the doctor will prescribe corrective corset Ramune. This device has a high degree of rigidity. Its use is recommended when the angle of curvature more than 20 degrees (3 degree). The period of adaptation of children to him long enough, but it should be noted that the orthosis Ramune has a high efficiency with the lateral offsets of the vertebral column 3 extent.

Ramune corset for treatment of scoliosis

  • Corset Dikul "Samurai" is a domestic development. Is designed to treat kyphosis (deviation of the thoracic spine backwards) and scoliosis. Consists of elastic tapes that capture the model along the spine. The therapeutic effect of the product is achieved with a special mesh that allows the skin to breathe (useful in summer) and not to accumulate heat, but it effectively puts pressure on the curvature.

Apply the orthosis Dikul "Samurai" with pain in the back, to prevent deformation of the spinal column. It also helps prevent further progression of posture. Recommended for students, schoolchildren and people with a sedentary lifestyle.

The Brace Dikul is not visible under clothing and does not cause discomfort when wearing. "Samurai" has a convenient fixation in the form of "Velcro". It should be washed in warm soapy water to avoid damaging the grille. Product has quality certificates and you can buy it at a lower price in comparison with foreign analogues.

To Purchase a supporting corset "Samurai" for scoliosis should be the people who have a slight curvature in the certain departments of spinal column. It helps to prevent further displacement of the vertical axis of the body and can serve aspreventive measure to remedy violations of posture in children.

Proper use of orthopedic products

Before you buy an orthopedic corset for the spine for scoliosis should learn the rules of its operation:

  • the product should definitely be a shirt with short sleeves. It can't be stitches in the location of the touch of the corset;
  • When wearing the orthosis cannot exceed the static load on the trunk more than 5 kg
  • Under oppressive pilotami the device should periodically check the condition of the skin. If there is discomfort when wearing, should go to the doctor;
  • you Need to constantly wear a corset under the scheme, which will prescribe the doctor;
  • When you operate the device every 3 months will be necessary to x-ray examination in the form of images of the spine in frontal and lateral plane;
  • After performing x-rays, the doctor will position correction of the product. In this situation you need to be ready for the increased pressure on the body.

Maybe, after a certain course korsetoterapii will need to buy a new product (on prescription). The average rate of wear of orthopedic braces, corsets and reclination equal to 6-12 months.

especial care should be taken to select corrective orthopedic products in children. Because the child is always active, the corset him for the first time will bring great inconvenience. Because of this, doctors recommend gradually accustom the baby to wear products. Despite the fact that the price of such models somewhat overstated, they will be well worth it.

Initially, the orthopedic orthosis of scoliosis 1 or 2 degrees, are within 1.5-2 hours. After 2 weeks, the time increased to 2-3 hours. During each subsequent month it increases by 2-4 hours, until it reaches the values recommended by your doctor.

Against the background of addiction, the pathology has progressed greatly helps physiotherapy. It should only be done in between putting on the product.

To summarize:

  1. Any orthopedic corset from scoliosis (1, 2, and 3 degree) prescribed by the doctor;
  2. When wearing should come for control techniques in these specialist terms;
  3. it must to Wear seamless cotton fabric
  4. small chafing when wearing a corset with a sideways curvature of the spine is normal. Over time, they will be independently.

If you do not know how long it will be able to wear corsets to treat scoliosis, we recommend you not to spend significant money on its purchase. Try to buy a belt Dikul called "Samurai". Its price is lower than foreign counterparts, but the effectiveness of the two models is identical. However, no matter how much money you have to pay for a product, because health is more important.