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What you need to know about choosing an orthopedic mattress and pillow for scoliosis

Orthopedic mattress for scoliosis is assigned, starting with 2 the extent of the disease. The product optimally distributes the strain on the back during sleep, helps to relax the muscles and prevents further deformation of the spine.

orthopedic mattress helps to prevent further curvature of spine scoliosis

Selection hardness

depending on the degree of hardness distinguish 3 types of products:

  1. Soft;
  2. Hard;
  3. Semi-rigid.

For the prevention of diseases of the spine orthopedic trauma and spine specialists recommend the use of a semi-rigid model. They suit almost everyone and do not put pressure on the vertebrae during sleep.

Hard ware designed for people suffering from diseases of the spinal column. They prevent pain, an existing case of intervertebral hernia, protrusion or severe lateral curvature. With the deformation grade 3 and 4, the mattress will remove the pain and protect from disease progression.

A Hard mattress for scoliosis 1 and 2 degrees will prevent further progression of the disease and will serve as the optimal product for a comfortable sleep.

Soft models recommended for patients with high body mass and older people with severe deformation of the spinal column.

About the characteristics of the filler

The Filler of the mattress plays a significant role in the treatment of diseases of the spine.

The Main types of fillers:

  • Springless model with memory effect;
  • spring;
  • Models of "winter-summer".

Most often for patients with lateral curvature recommended articles having a filler with a memory effect. It "remembers" your body shape and perfectly reflects the individual characteristics of the back. This prevents the pressure of the product to the protruding spinous processes of the vertebrae.

However, if a man all night tossing and turning on the mattress with the memory effect, you should choose another option.

Products with springs is usually sold for double beds. In this case, will be provided a great sleep for both people who sleep on the orthopedic mattress. Spring will be optimally responsive to the difference in weight of the sleeping pair and cause a beautiful dream, for both men and women.

Filler "winter-summer" allows you to use different specifications in the winter and the summer. It's enough to flip it to the other side. It is believed that in the summer when you sleep on the hard product there is an effect of "beating" when the increased temperature of the ambient air increases the blood circulation in the back area. If this pain intensifies, and the spine even more damaged.

the filler of an orthopedic mattress with springs

Main types of mattress for the spine

Orthopedic mattress for the spine are divided into the following types:

  • Springless. Consist of eco-friendly materials: coconut coir, latex and foam rubber:
  • spring. Have pronounced orthopedic properties, which allow optimal skeletal muscles relax, and the spinal column – take the right position. Independent spring unit is placed in a separate bag, made of durable material. Each spring is compressed separately from the others and bends under the body with a point load distribution
  • Vacuum. Models are convenient for transportation, as when folded take up little space.

Modern springless material can have up to 7 zones of firmness. They are made from wire of different diameter. This design enables optimal adaptation of the product to the curves of the vertebral column.

Thus, a pillowtop mattress for scoliosis should consist of natural materials and comfortable for the back of the filler (natural latex or coconut coir). Such models are considered environmentally friendly and are suitable for the treatment of diseases of the spine.

After a long use of the product may be a habituation effect. To prevent this phenomenon should have several orthopedic products for the bedroom: pillow, mattress and even a blanket.

Proper selection of a pillow helps with scoliosis of the cervical spine to prevent further curvature of the axis. The blanket is chosen according to the season, in any conditions allowed for optimal skin to "breathe".

The Main task of all these products is to prevent warping, eliminate the uncomfortable feeling after sleep, to restore the correct position of the vertebral axis.

However, for 3 weeks of a person when sleeping on orthopedic mattress you may experience discomfort in the back. After this period, they should disappear. If the pain when you sleep on orthopedic mattress continue for more than a month, you must purchase another product that is better will be suitable foryour back.

orthopedic pillows

Even the most firm mattress is not good for the cervical spine, if a person will sleep on an uncomfortable pillow. Its width should be equal to the shoulder belt. The filler is selected to not to put pressure on the cervical curve.

Modern models are made on the basis of a latex or foam rubber. These materials adapt perfectly to the kyphosis and allows the neck to breathe. Average people picking perfect pillows filled with coir-latex, as well as models with heavy duty spring.

The Features of orthopedic pillows for children and teenagers:

  • It must have a filler without springs
  • For small children, you should select models that should be aired. For these purposes, best suited the pillow of coconut filler
  • For children after 7 years it is necessary to choose a model with memory effect;
  • When pain in the cervical pillow should be made of breathable materials;
  • With cervical scoliosis grade 3 and 4 better to buy a rigid model.

In conclusion it should be added that there is no perfect orthopedic pillows that are best suited to each individual. The best are models that prevent problems in the cervical spine.