The choice of orthopedic pillows for Seating

Most of their day people spend in a seated position. Lack of exercise causes many diseases, including disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Sitting position is unnatural for our spine and leads to stagnation of blood in pelvic organs. Within a few hours after the permanent seat perfectly healthy people can feel the pain in the lower back. This is why many office workers often suffer from hemorrhoids, degenerative disc disease, diseases of the prostate and the hip joint.

orthopedic seat cushion car drivers

If you are faced with such unpleasant phenomena as numbness of the hands and feet, numb neck, osteoarthritis of the joint, then the cause may be the chair on which you sit. In that case you should think about buying an orthopedic pillow. This thing will provide invaluable assistance to people who are forced to spend the whole day at the computer. Orthopedic seat will reduce the pressure on the pelvic ring, sacrum and coccyx. It normalizes blood circulation in the pelvic organs, preventing the development of hemorrhoids and other diseases related to blood stagnation.

Types of ortopediche

The Cushions differ in their functional purpose:

  • cushion for office chair
  • for the seat backless car seat that follows the anatomical curvature of the spine.

type of the filler:

  • pillow made of latex or polyurethane foam.
  • inflatable orthopedic cushion seat.


  • ring, bagel
  • wedge-shaped
  • rectangular.

inflatable pillow on the seat

selection Rules

Many people who care about the health of your spine, think about buying an orthopedic cushion for office chair but don't know how to choose. Correctly chosen product on a chair should perform the following functions:

  • to reduce the load on the spine;
  • to be prevention of prostatitis, hemorrhoids, arthritis of the joint and diseases of the spine;
  • to reduce the load on the pelvic muscles
  • to contribute to a comfortable stay.

When choosing orthopedic pillows for couch you should pay attention to several factors.


Ideal orthopedic seat must be the correct form, facilitating the unloading of the lower part of the spine. The most popular orthopedic pillow with a hole in the center, resembling a ring. Shape "circle" significantly reduces the pressure on the pelvic area when sitting and supports correct posture. This kind of pillow prevents the development and aggravation of hemorrhoids, prostatitis and diseases of the pelvis.

advanced materials for orthopedic pillows


The Material of the pillow should be resistant to moisture and do not cause allergies. On sale you can see orthopedic products with antibacterial treatment that prevents the appearance of ticks and other harmful microorganisms. Very popular product on a chair with an antistatic effect that is not clogged with dust.

Indications and contraindications

The indications for the use of special cushions are:

  1. Sedentary lifestyle.

Orthopedic pillow is recommended for people who spend a lot of time in the sitting position. It reduces pressure on the pelvic area, normalize spinal blood circulation and helps to maintain correct posture. The product is a bagel is a real salvation during exacerbation of hemorrhoids or osteoarthritis: it helps to reduce the pain and reduce the load on the pelvis. This type of pillow can be put on a office chair or home sofa to take with you on vacation, to the cottage or on a business trip. For taxi drivers, truck drivers and people who are on duty forced to spend a lot of time behind the wheel, are commercially available ortopediske for the driver's seat.

  1. Trauma to the pelvic area.

Ortopediska shown for people who have suffered damage to the musculoskeletal system. These include injuries of the hip joint, compromising the integrity of the pelvic ring, pelvic disease and rectum. Patients undergoing surgery on the spine, cushion-donut necessary for reducing the pain that occurs after surgery. At the turn of the coccyx ortopediska reduces the pressure on the affected area, making the healing process much faster. It is a reliable prevention of bedsores in chronically sedentary patients and wheelchair users.

3. The post-Natal period.

Many women face after childbirth with pain in the coccyx, caused by the rapid cuts and damage to the muscles and ligamentspelvic floor, Sacro-coccygeal division, resulting in not able to sit on a chair. To help in this case will come the cushion for the tailbone, which will reduce the unpleasant pain while sitting. It is also recommended to use the postpartum women undergoing cesarean section or episiotomy, as well as suffering from acute hemorrhoids.


One of the advantages orthopedic pillows is that it is suitable for almost all people. The seat under the butt is not recommended for patients suffering from acne and other inflammatory skin diseases. Also at risk are people who have allergic reactions to the fillers that make up ortopediska. In that case you should pick up for her a pillowcase made of natural, breathable material or purchase a pillow with Hypo-allergenic filling.

orthopedic cushion seat drivers

Comparative characteristics

1. Cushion-ring

  • shape "circle" to maintain proper alignment
  • the lack of pressure on the region of the coccyx and perineum;
  • prevention of joint arthrosis, osteochondrosis, prostatitis and haemorrhoids;
  • reduction in pain at fracture of the coccyx and injuries of the hip joint;
  • even distribution of pressure and weight between the bones of the pelvis, coccyx and sacrum;
  • compact size
  • easy to use and easy care.
  • the lack of a reliable mount for the driver's seat.

2. Car cushion seat

orthopedic cushion seat drivers with a synthetic filler

  • secure mounting straps to the driver's seat;
  • protection of the spine from the shocks during the ride on not smooth roads;
  • maintaining the correct curve of your spine and good posture.
  • high price.

3. Ortopediske of polyurethane foam and latex

  • long service life
  • hypoallergenic
  • hygienic, antibacterial impregnation;
  • the comfort, the presence of memory effect (memoriks).
  • high cost
  • short life span.

4. The inflatable ortodossi

  • low price
  • takes up little space.
  • don't repeat the contours of the body;
  • does not provide the desired effect of relaxation
  • no fixings for the driver's seat.

product Care

The Average lifetime of orthopedic pillows is about five years without loss of quality. The seat has retained its useful properties for many years, it must be properly looked after:

  • to carry out dry cleaning when dirty;
  • keep away from high temperature exposure;
  • pillowcase to wash with gentle detergent in warm water;
  • is not laying on the pillow sharps;
  • do not carry out the cleaning.

This ortopediske should be treated very carefully and prevent falls. The product should only be used for the purpose of chairs.