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Orthopedic plaster ZB Pain Relief from degenerative disc disease – the benefits of effective pain relief

What should a healthy person? Very few: happiness, love, prosperity, interesting work and the fulfillment of the wish list out of 300 points. The patient does not need anything other than recovery. Especially crave deliverance to people experiencing pain in the spine and joints. Every second brings a new torment, taking away sleep and appetite and even a desire to live.

In this state the patient is ready to accept any medicines, to experience even dubious ways to stop the pain. Well, if the medicines and procedures will not cause any complications or side effects, but this is usually impossible. The only exception might be natural health remedies.

unfortunately, the usual natural herbal medicines are slow. What to do if the pain takes away the last strength?

Orthopedic plaster ZB Pain Relief

the Path from sickness to health

It Turns out that the yield found in China. Created and tested orthopedic plaster ZB Pain Relief. In the homeland of the Eastern healing scientists were able to combine the ancient traditions and innovative technologies.

The Idea of treatment of degenerative diseases of the musculoskeletal system herbs based not on reducing the sensitivity of nerve endings as analgesics and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Here the main objective is to impact on the cause of pathology is the disruption of metabolic processes.

That the power is restored intervertebral discs, ligaments, joint membranes and muscles will lead to the normalization of the neck, lower back, knees, elbows, feet, hands and other joints.

The Influx of beneficial nutrients and oxygen to the organs provides the blood, and "cleaning" of waste is carried out lymph. These two "rivers of life" should be free to bathe organs and tissues, to come to every cell. Actually modern humans they flow very sluggish. The reasons for this are:

  • sedentary lifestyle
  • passion for fat and sweet foods;
  • drinking alcohol
  • Smoking
  • a dysfunctional environment and other "charms" of civilization.

We are so accustomed to it that even pain will not be forced to change everything overnight. Good that the body responds to the slightest manifestation of concern for him. If a person makes even one step on the road to health, receives encouraging results.

unfortunately, the need for proper nutrition and movement, we remember in the period of acute sciatica, arthritis or other illness. At this point, the output for a run or exercising is unthinkable.

As the ambulance littered the vertebrae and joints offers orthopedic plaster. It improves blood circulation in problem areas, eliminates stagnation, increases metabolism. The patient experiences great relief:

  • decrease pain
  • reduces puffiness
  • goes stiffness.

Now that the crisis is behind us, we can change the way of life.

what is the power of ZB Pain Relief

For centuries, the wise Chinese doctors helped the needy patients and wrote prescriptions effective drugs. In our time, physicians have used with references to reliable pain remedy composed of extracts of the following herbs (European given names):

  • Millettia reticulata (milletia net) – strengthens blood vessels, stimulates blood circulation, relieves pain;
  • Cistanche salsa (cistanche saline) – reduces swelling by improving blood circulation, soothing pain;
  • Drynaria (Drynaria) – relieves muscle spasms and inflammation
  • Cibotium (cibotium) – the root extract helps arthritis;
  • Angelica grosseserrata Maxim (Angelica croproperty) is one of the best pain relievers of rheumatism;
  • Carthamus tinctorius (safflower) – stimulates circulation of blood and lymph, reduces swelling, reduces the pain;
  • Gynura marinated (ginura pinnatifid) – heals wounds, heals injuries;
  • Corydalis ambigua (Corydalis questionable) – a sedative;
  • Camphora (camphor bernacca) – resin of the tree improves blood circulation by expanding blood vessels, relieves pain.

The plant Extracts are mixed in such proportions that mutually reinforce each other.

The question Arises: how medicinal substances ZB Pain Relief overcome the skin barrier and penetrate to the affected area? Chinese scientists have found a way a hundred times to increase the effect of herbs, cut raw material to the size of the nanoparticles. In this form, phyto-blend is held in the deepest layers of the skin, achieves blood vessels, muscles, ligaments and even cartilage.herbal Chinese plaster for back pain

For what cases in the home medicine Cabinet hold the healing patches

Orthopedic plaster is shown in diseases of the spine and joints. It relieves pain in the neck,lumbar, sacrum, knees, feet, elbows and hands. Often ZB Pain Relief prescribed for:

  • osteochondrosis
  • sciatica
  • lumbago
  • radiculopathy
  • rheumatism
  • arthritis
  • bruises
  • muscle spasms.

To prevent the patch can be applied after exposure, without waiting for lumbago.

If you know what the "spinning feet", "brought back", you should explore the beneficial effect of the Chinese patch.

In the musculoskeletal system, patches in China treated illness and other systems. Confidence in healing is based on the idea that the health of the spine is the basis for General human welfare, and each vertebra affects the condition of specific organs. The table shows the situation of the ancient Chinese teachings. Its validity can be checked independently.

Symptoms and pathological conditions that occur when the wrong position of the spineBodies and body parts, the function of which depends on the correct position of the spine
CoccyxHemorrhoids, dysfunction of the pelvic organs, lower back pain when sittingrectum, anus
SacrumPain in the sacrum, curvature of the spine, thrombosis of iliac arterythighs, buttocks
Pain in the lumbar-sacral area, paralysis of the legs, knee pain, hemorrhoids, anal fissures, diseases of the prostate, gynecological diseases, disorders of menstruation, anemia, dizziness, atherosclerosis, disease of vessels of the legs, dysfunction of the pelvic organs
L5Poor circulation in the legs, a feeling of constant weakness in the legs, swelling of ankles, and ankle joints, pain in ankles, flat feet, weakness in the legslegs, feet, and toes
L4Pain in the legs, feet, sciatica, lumbago, lumbodynia, urinary incontinence, risk adenomas, cysts, tumorsthe Prostate gland, legs, feet
Headaches, back pain, intestinal inflammation, diarrhea, hemorrhoids, incontinence of urine, leucorrhoea, inflammation of the appendages, uterus, prostate, early ejaculation, sleep disorders, convulsions, atrial fibrillation, atherosclerosis, thrombophlebitis, varicose veins, kidney disease, infertility male and female, itching in the anus, in the vagina, disease of the skin of the back, urolithiasis
L3disorders of the bladder, the risk of impotence, knee pain, arthrosisSex organs, bladder, knee
L2Appendicitis, intestinal colic, pain in the hip and groin, varicose veins, shortness of breaththe Appendix, abdominal cavity, cecum
lower back Pain, stomach cramps, indigestion, impotence, enuresis (urinary incontinence), gynecological disease
L2Appendicitis, intestinal colic, pain in the hip and groin, varicose veins, shortness of breaththe Appendix, abdominal cavity, cecum
L1Constipation, colitis, diarrhea, the development of umbilical or inguinal herniathe Appendix, abdominal cavity, cecum, the top of the thigh
D11 - D12
Vomiting, diarrhea, intestinal bleeding, rectal prolapse, hemorrhoids, jaundice, epilepsy, mental disorder, abdominal distension, cholelithiasis
D12digestive Disorders, diseases of female genital organs, infertility, rheumatismFat and small intestine, inguinal rings, fallopian tubes
D11urination Disorders, chronic diseases of the kidneys, the skin, boils, toxaemiaKidneys, ureters
D10 - D11
back Pain, scoliosis, loss of appetite, decreased visual acuity, fever
D11urination Disorders, chronic diseases of the kidneys, the skin, boils, toxaemiaKidneys, ureters
D10kidney Disease, fatigue, weakness, pyelonephritisKidney
D9 - D10
Pain and sensation of tension in the back, pain in the heart, sickness of the stomach, neurasthenia
D10kidney Disease, fatigue, weakness, pyelonephritisKidney
D9Allergic reactions, weak immune systemAdrenals
D7 - D8
chest Pain, intercostal neuralgia, rumbling in the abdomen and bloating, cough, bronchitis, bronchial asthma, inflammation of the liver, gallbladder, pancreas
D8indigestion, hiccups, respiratory failureSpleen, diaphragm
D7Diabetes, ulcers, digestive disorders and chairPancreas, duodenum
D6 - D7
Pain in back and neck pain, heaviness and tension of the muscles of the neck, chronic bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma, shortness of breath, coughing, reduced blood pressure
D7Diabetes, ulcers, digestive disorders and chairPancreas, duodenum
D6Gastritis, ulcers, indigestion, heartburn, dyspepsiaStomach
D5 - D6
heart Disease, pain and stiffness of back muscles, diseases of the lungs and bronchi, intercostal neuralgia, headache, neurasthenia, convulsions
D6Gastritis, ulcers, indigestion, heartburn, dyspepsiaStomach
D5Disorder of liver function, jaundice, susceptibility to hepatitis, bleeding disorders, hypotension, arthritisLiver, the solar plexus
D3 - D4
Cough, bronchitis, pneumonia, diseases of the brain, stiff neck, neurasthenia, stress, fears, epilepsy
D4gallstones, jaundice, impaired digestion of fatsGall bladder, common bile duct
D3Bronchitis, asthma, pleurisy, pneumonia, increased susceptibility to influenzaBronchi, lungs, pleura, Breasts and nipples
D1 - D2
Migraine, headaches, memory impairment, influenza, stiff neck and neck, neurasthenia, epilepsy
D2Arrhythmias, chest pain, coronary artery diseaseHeart, pericardium, coronary arteries
D1Asthma, cough, pain in the arms and handsHands, wrists, hands, esophagus, trachea
D1 - C7
Pain in the neck, head, shoulder areas, headache, cerebrovascular accident, cough, asthma, epistaxis, emphysema, asthenia, epilepsy, autonomic neuropathy, endocrine disorders, atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, diseases of the myocardium, atherosclerosis, thrombophlebitis, venous disease, female infertility hormonal Genesis, climacteric disorders, urolithiasis, diseases of ENT-organs
D1Asthma, cough, pain in the arms and handsHands, wrists, hands, esophagus, trachea
C7Hypothyroidism, impaired mobility in the shoulders and the elbow (elbow bursitis)the Thyroid gland, shoulder and elbow joint
C6Pain in the neck, shoulders, napemuscles of the neck and shoulder girdle
C5Sore throat, tonsillitis, laryngitisVocal cords
C4hearing loss, enlarged adenoidsNose, lips, mouth, Eustachian tube
C3Neuralgia, neuritis, acne, eczemaCheeks, outer ear, facial nerve
C2diseases of the eye, the sinuses forehead and nose, allergies, hearing loss, faintingEye, the optic and auditory nerves, temporal bone
C1Headaches, nervousness, high blood pressure, migraines, trouble sleeping, runny nose, memory impairmentCerebral circulation, the pituitary gland, inner ear, brain, sympathetic nervous system


The Manufacturer warns that the Chinese orthopedic plaster is not recommended for people with varicose veins, pregnant women, children under 6 years. Not getting the product on broken skin.

In rare cases, Dating individual intolerance to components.

product benefits

The Reading public heard about the dangers of chemicals and knows that for a quick relief have to pay to digestive disorders, dermatitis, weakness of liver, kidney and other side effects. Than in this sense differ analgesic patch?

  1. the Active substance plaster ZB Pain Relief 100% natural origin, and therefore not dangerous to health.
  2. the Medicine is applied locally, bypassing the digestive tract. Acts directly in the affected areas and doesn't affect other organs.
  3. an Amazing and simple way to apply.
  4. Recipe is tested for centuries.
  5. Products are manufactured in modern plant where the quality management system complies with the requirements of international standard ISO 9001:2008 and the production meets the standards of GMP.

The Patch wasclinical trials in China and approved for sale in Europe and Russia. This fact is confirmed by national instruments.

the Certificate for ZB Pain Relief

using the patch is much better than cure by pharmaceutical drugs:

  • the effect is faster;
  • the stage of remission lasts longer;
  • in General, therapy with ZB Pain Relief is cheaper
  • the patch enables the course of treatment, leaving work or study.

In 2014 orthopedic plaster ZB Pain Relief was voted "Product of the year" in the United States. In the first half of his success used 3 million Europeans.

visit the official site of ZB Pain Relief

What doctors say-others

doctor of the highest category Mikhail Levchenko

Rudnev, V. M., podiatrist, doctor of the highest category

Applying patches from osteoarthritis in therapeutic courses supported by official medicine. The orthopedic practice show that ZB Pain Relief speeds up the healing process. Convenience, efficiency and availability of steel cover the characteristics of the new medical products.

In the magazine "Health" was posted accolades of the orthopedist, doctor of the highest category Mikhail Levchenko. It encourages novelty and conducts a survey of patients using the patch for the back. According to them, the patch relieves pain in the first hours of application. 2-3 course many people notice improvement.

Before entering the European market orthopedic patch was checked in Stockholm medical University. The control group consisted of patients with pain in the neck, lower back, sacrum, associated with problems of the spine, and soreness in the joints of the limbs. 2 weeks each of the participants used four pain patch.

The results showed that the drug significantly reduced pain in most volunteers. Other symptoms of the diseases retreated in 70% of patients.

Reviews bought

The Russian-Speaking buyers orthopedic plaster from China, living in the CIS countries, happy to share reviews.

Catherine, 47 years old

the First time the effect of the patch from degenerative disc disease tested due to his sister. She bought for her husband and offered me pain in the sacrum. Experience real relief. The problem gradually forget.

Simon, 36 years old

In training broke a back. Patch bought on the recommendation of a friend. Glued and surprised myself – the pain was gone almost immediately. Only one matter: when actively moving, start to sweat – patch "flows". The first time didn't know and soiled t-shirt. It is good that home.

Vitaly, 39 years old

Bought the patch parents. Let, think, winter is not sickly. They are happy with the result. The mother stopped to hurt my knees, and my father straightened his back and seemed to have grown.

Your questions, reviews and experience in the use of plaster ZB Pain Relief readers can leave in a special form at the bottom of the page.

How to use pain patches in osteochondrosis

pain from osteoarthritis of the patches zb pain relief

ZB Pain Relief is a rectangular flap of non-woven fabric, on which a layer of medicinal substances. The working party of a product covered by paper, remove it immediately before gluing. Each copy is Packed in a waterproof silver package.

Before applying and after removing the patch it is recommended to thoroughly wash the affected area with warm water. On the sore spot he secured with adhesive coating. Under the effect of body temperature acting mixture melts and is metered enters the body.

Portions deposited on one patch lasts for 72 hours of continuous therapeutic effect. After this time the sticker can be removed. Following treatment the rectangle put through 5 hours.

For the course of treatment may take from 5 to 7 orthopedic plasters. Consolidate the results of several repeated cycles.

In cases of acute pain or in advanced chronic ailments it is recommended to glue two patches. For example, in the neck and sacrum osteochondrosis on either side of the diseased joint.

shelf Life packaging 2 years.


Manufacturer know-how – innovative Chinese pharmaceutical company Shanghai Small Commodities Wholesales and Retails Co., LTD. She officially presents its products in almost all continents.

Unique pain relieving patch from China try to forge. All the efforts of the fraudsters are going to repeat the appearance, the rest is unable to play. Cheap imitation does not have the healing properties. TOOOhe question Remains about the safety of such a product. That is why you should buy the product on the official website of the distributor.

Price and value

a Chinese herbal patches for back Pain Relief ZB

Packaging innovation ZB Pain Relief product on the pharmaceutical market in Russia is worth 1 980 rubles. This 10 orthopedic pads in separate packets and instructions for use in Russianlanguage. For the price the buyer gets relief from acute or chronic back pain, the opportunity to work without registration of sick leave, freedom from chronic diseases and overall improvement in health.

Efficiency in making purchase decisions will be rewarded with a 50-percent discount in the first 30 minutes of the visit. This gives the opportunity for the same price to buy two packs of pain medication the patch.

How to order

To access the order form click "place Order". The form fill as shown in the sample. After a few minutes of submitting the order to the specified phone number call the operator for further details.

Send the patch brings to the address the courier or they come in the mail. The payment is made cash on delivery.

visit the official site of ZB Pain Relief