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Causes, symptoms stretching muscles of the back and first aid for trauma

Stretching the muscles of the back occurs in medical practice often enough. Sports and everyday injuries accompany us throughout the life cycle. Their nature and effects are quite varied. Special place in the classification of such injuries is muscle strain and a slight tear of the tendons. Usually, these complications are on the path of life each of us in one form or another.

the Problem of stretching of the back muscles

the anatomy of the back muscles and classification of damage

Spin the most complicated and the relief object on the muscular structure since no part of the human corset possesses such a variety of muscles and ligaments holding them. Large number and different orientation leads to the fact that we often feel back pain.

Factors for the emergence of pain can be many, but chief among them is stretching of the back muscles. In order to understand their causes, one should understand the muscle structure in more detail.

the anatomy of the back musclesMuscle is a series of fibers that are interconnected by a connecting membrane, which forms a one-piece structure. Itself muscle tissue is fairly elastic and pliable, allowing it to stretch and shrink with no visible damage. Tendons – completely different. Their purpose is to reinforce the muscular tissues and connecting them with the bone on which they are located. The structure of the ligaments is different from the structure of the muscles. Ligaments are hard and dense base, therefore, the slightest force applied to them, causing injuries.

According to the degree of injury sprains can be divided into the following subtypes:

  • lightweight
  • medium;
  • heavy.

Detailed analysis of degrees of sprains

Minor injuries imply the occurrence of slight pain, with minimal impact on the ability to perform movement. She usually has an aching character, and may be completely invisible. Such damage may be accompanied by slight swelling and puffiness. This is because when a large load muscular frame extremely stretched, this process is accompanied by rupture of some fibres. The same tendon remains in a consistent state.

muscle Building

Injuries of moderate severity are more pronounced the symptoms. The pain is acute and is accompanied by swelling of the damaged area. In some cases, may cause hematoma or bruising. When injury, accompanied with such symptoms, there is a partial tear of the connective ligaments. Whereby movements become extremely problematic and give a sharp pain in the damaged area.

Severe damage characterized by the complete separation of the tendon. It is fraught with recurrent acute pain and severe swelling. There is a likelihood of serious hematomas and partial blue in the face tissues.

the Reasons for muscle injuries

As for the back, then conventionally, its damage can be divided into injuries of the lumbar spine and trauma the top. Usually, the above symptoms appear in 80% of cases in the lumbar spine. The reasons for this large percentage are the following factors and actions:

  • poor development of the muscular system;
  • lifting excessively heavy objects;
  • sudden movements with the weights;
  • stroke or any other physical impacts;
  • sedentary lifestyle.

Lifting heavy objects cause muscle strain back

Underdeveloped muscles in most cases is the first cause of injuries. Stretching the latissimus dorsi is the most common of such damages. As has been proven by scientists, in the process of training develops not only the muscles and strengthened the tendons. As a result, they become more powerful and resilient, which in itself prevents tearing.

However, even trained tendon can not sustain excessive loads. So you should be extremely careful when lifting large masses, to perform all the movements correctly, because the causes of injury may be due to an incorrect weight distribution when lifting a load.

Sometimes even a minor offense can lead to strain.

This is due to the sudden movements for which our muscular system does not have time to readjust. The same thing can happen when dropped or hit.

Talk about a sedentary lifestyle can be a lot, however, and so it is clear that such attitude to their health is fraught with the emergence of various diseases of the body.

the Benefit of exercising to strengthen the back muscles

First aid and comprehensive treatment of

Various degreesdamage differ from each other in their symptoms, requiring different treatments. If lung injury is enough to cause warming ointment, and this would be sufficient for the regeneration of stretched muscles, then tearing of the tendons to get rid of just traditional methods are unlikely to succeed. Treatment of secondary injury involves the limitation of movement and, if possible, fixation of the injured area. Useful warming up ointments and elastic bandages. The most severe injury involving a torn ligament, needs to be treated through surgery. As if partially damaged ligament, may be resumed and themselves in compliance with all regulations and recommendations of the doctor, with the full detachment of the tendon from the base of the muscle or bone urgent stitching fabrics. Only this treatment is guaranteed to give a positive result.

remember that the best option for any character of back strains, accompanied by the above symptoms, is to appeal for specialized medical help and consult a doctor.

medical check-up for back pain

What to do if you experience similar injuries? First aid for any sprain, concomitant symptom, is the following:

  1. First you need to release the problematic part from the clothing and inspect the place of injury.
  2. then apply something cold. This is necessary to prevent the spread of edema, which under the influence of cold will not expand, which eventually will lead to much less damage of soft tissues.
  3. the Next stage of assistance is the organization of fixing dressings and, of course, the advice of a specialist who will determine the degree and character stretching.

Treatment of sprains of the back muscles is a long process. However, if you timely given first aid and advice of the doctor to get rid of this disease is not only possible, but is likely to recover fully and not feel the effects of such injuries in the future. For the treatment of minor degrees of stretching warms enough use ointment and gentle treatment.

More severe injuries require individual treatment under the supervision of a physician, who will prescribe a set of measures to regenerate tissues and restore all of its functions.


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