What is spinal shock?

When receiving a spinal injury which damaged the spinal cord, the person attains spinal shock.

Symptoms of spinal shock

Symptoms pathology

The Main symptoms are that the person loses the sensitivity of hands and feet – it all depends on the injury. Mainly affects the area just below the injury site. When back pain is likely the malfunction of the internal organs of the pelvis and abdomen. You may receive trophic disorder, and may develop areflection. If to provide timely medical care, the disability can be avoided.

If the spine injury occurs about the neck and the person experiences difficulty breathing and a violation of cardiac activity, it means heavy version damage. TOOOhe Patient loses motor function and is unable to breathe independently. Most of these cases ends in death.

the Loss of motor function in spinal shock

the Development of spinal shock

How the patient feels, what to expect after treatment – it all depends on the get hit. At the spinal column may be damaged not only the area of injury. The doctor seeks out the lower area of the damage. As already mentioned, trauma to the cervical vertebrae is the most dangerous. In this case, in addition to breathing difficulties, is a violation of the entire spine, upper and lower limbs, pelvic organs lose sensitivity. If the person after such injury survives to finally recover he will not succeed. And without help he can not cope.

If the damage falls on the fifth cervical vertebra, with proper and timely treatment, the person is able to bend their arms at the elbows. If the injury occurs in the sixth, the patient characteristic of independent flexion and extension brushes. If damaged seventh, there is the opportunity to squeeze your fingers. And if the damage to the eighth vertebra are functioning and brushes, and fingers.

When the damaged thoracic vertebrae, lower limbs become paralyzed. If there are first and second thoracic vertebrae is failing respiratory function. The work of the heart is disturbed in injuries of the third, fourth and fifth thoracic vertebrae. And trauma tenth, eleventh and twelfth vertebrae develops paralysis of the abdominal cavity. For injuries above forecasts are very good: the person is able to breathe and have a high probability of returning to a normal life.

hospital treatment in spinal shock

It is Said that complete restoration of function of the body depends on the level of the lesion: the lower it is, the better. There are several factors that influence the duration of spinal shock. When a simple injury recovery occurs within 3 weeks. The situation may worsen, if not timely medical assistance.

Possible problems with circulation and inflammation of the urinary system, in this case, recovery may take several years. And get rid of spinal shock is possible only after the elimination of compression in the spinal cord.

What happens when spinal shock?

  1. Decreases blood pressure, causing oxygen to the brain enters in small quantity, a person loses consciousness.
  2. Vascular reflexes are absent.
  3. Disrupts the functioning of the urinary system.
  4. Causes paralysis of skeletal muscle.
  5. Receptors lose their sensitivity.

pressure drop due to spinal shock


The Outcome of the treatment mainly depends on proper first aid. For help with obtaining spinal shock need to take the following steps:

  1. Once called the ambulance, you need to follow the ventilation of the lungs of the victim, if necessary, give artificial respiration.
  2. to ensure that the spine does not bend, move the patient only on solid surfaces. Under the neck and shoulders should be planted cushion, in their absence, you can make a bundle of clothes.
  3. Once the victim falls into the hands of the doctors, there is a complete examination of the injury, motor function is evaluated. The treatment is carried out only in a hospital.

The procedure is carried out:

  • in the blockade of blood vessels with the spinal fluid
  • when the spinal cord is squeezed;
  • in the presence of a hematoma in the area of the spinal cord;
  • with an unstable vertebral fracture.

Surgical treatment in spinal shock

Contraindications for surgery are:

  • the presence of intracranial hematoma;
  • cardiac, renal and liver failure;
  • embolism of the pulmonary vessels;
  • fat embolism.

The Presence of spinal shock causes not only physical but alsomoral injury. When damage to the spine of the man set to disabled. But very often the loss of motor ability occurs. The main thing – time to provide the necessary and appropriate care, with spinal eliminate the tightness that leads to the return of motor functions, as well as to normal operation of the genitourinary system.

Fully recover and return to normal life a lot of chances of those who damages the lower back. Especially if stored in places of pain sensitivity. Generally, of course, physiology of spinal shock is dangerous and can deprive a person of capacity and even of life.

It is Therefore very important to timely and properly to help the victim.