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20 basic exercises Professor Bubnovsky to perform at home

back Pain, the nerve gets pinched on the spine. It would be necessary to see a doctor, but how to overcome pain? A system of 20 exercises Machines at home give strength and return to life. Has helped many, and will help you.

back Pain

Tested on himself

At 22, Sergey Bubnovsky was nearly killed in a car accident, but Providence would have it, he came from the state of clinical death and carried out his mission. The verdict of the doctors did not promise joy: paralysis and lifelong disabilities. However, the predictions did not come true. The young man, using his own physiotherapy, stood on his feet, graduated from medical school and has patented a technique that helped get rid of the crutches not only him but also the tens of thousands of patients.

Doctor bubnovskiy Sergei Mikhailovich

The method is based on joint exercises with the movements through pain. It 20 essential exercises not aggravate the pain, but allowing them to overcome. An alternative approach with the abandonment of medications and corsets in favor of the hidden reserves of the organism, which is achieved through diagnosis and selection of special exercises. The patient must understand and feel her body, and the doctor is to accurately diagnose the source of pain. Together they will decide what physical activity will restore the blood circulation in the affected organ, and give impetus to the processes of natural regeneration of tissues.

Movement plus treatment with

Without physical culture cannot be culture in General. Can 100 times by the ancient Greeks that the movement is life, but if you do not follow this Covenant, the words will sound empty. The method proposed Machines is the principle of Kinesis (al-Greek.kinesis – movement + therapia – treatment) – therapeutic exercises, active and passive exercises a therapeutic effect. Its application requires a number of conditions.

  • lack of contra-indications (Oncology, exacerbation of chronic diseases, high temperature) is determined by the doctor;
  • inner attitude of the patient to perform exact therapeutic regime prescribed and recommendations throughout the course of study;
  • patience and endurance of the patient, the adoption of the "time bomb effect" with the focus on the end result;
  • faith in the method and the desire to be cured without drugs, just by exercises.

the Benefits of movement for health

As a side effect, knowing the capabilities of your own body.

In clinics and centers of kinesitherapy will diagnose, will choose a set of exercises at the gym, organize the schedule individual and group sessions.

But the method has a remarkable property: on the recommendations of specialists you can pick exercises that are performed at home.

Because not everyone has the opportunity to visit a gym in the clinic full-time.

Core exercises for joints and spine

Designed hundreds of exercises and dozens of complexes. We will choose 20 General exercise Machines. Those that can be done at home. At the same time accustom your loved ones.

Exercises physiotherapy

  1. be Lifted by a breath from a sitting position on his heels with a circular motion of hands. Sit on your heels – exhale.
  2. Lying on your back, with bent knees to get up on the exhale and sink into the breath. You can keep and breed the knees.
  3. In position 2 on the exhale lift your torso and try to keep the knees and elbows. Inhale – return to the starting position.
  4. On the side, with an emphasis hands on the floor to get up on the exhale and sink into the breath.
  5. On all fours, relax the muscles of the waist and slightly lifting the lower leg, move your pelvis left and right, povilyat "tail".
  6. In the same position to do bending the torso forward and backward, bending your elbows when you bend forward.
  7. Sitting on your heels, relax the muscles and stretch back.
  8. Exercise "scissors" in a sitting position on the floor with an emphasis hands on the floor.
  9. Lying on your side, bend the leg at the knee and pull up to shoulder (breath), straighten the leg (expiration).
  10. Swing on your stomach, legs extended up, down. Torso up, lower.
  11. Lying on your back, pull your knees to your chest. Exhale – arms at sides and legs up, heels to the ceiling.
  12. Continuation of exercise 11. Bend your legs and tilt to the right. Straighten the legs and bow to the left.
  13. Lying on your back, bend your knees and lift your torso, straining press.
  14. Continuation of exercise 13. Right foot on left knee, stretch the left elbow to your right knee (exhale), straighten up (inhalation).
  15. Repeat with the change of hands and feet.
  16. Push-UPS exhaling on the up stroke.
  17. On all fours, knee to shoulder (breath) and kick the leg on the exhale.
  18. Walking on the buttocks, back and forth, back and forth.
  19. Stretching. From standing or sitting slowly on the inhale reach your hands to your toes, straighten up, exhale.
  20. Relaxation. Exhale, stretch back to the heel.

This is the main 20exercises, in fact they are several times more. "Wagging tail", stretching and relaxation are performed after 3 – 4 exercises-swings, bend and swing. with the focus should be on the line of inhalation and exhalation and pain in the back, spine, joints. If the pain is acute or overuse, need to go to relaxation and breathing exercises.

do No harm

20 essential exercises are not a panacea and not workout, and therapeutic agent. Your doctor after a thorough diagnosis of the patient and monitored by a doctor even when at home. As with any drug, the dose and the strict discipline of the patient. If necessary apply the adjustment. Some exercises can be excluded or replaced by others. To defeat a disease as a result of joint efforts of the doctor and the patient about what can witness tens of thousands of Machines and cured through his method.