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The nature and approximate set of exercises adaptive gymnastics Machines for beginners

Adaptive gymnastics Bubnovsky every year is gaining popularity. The fact that such medical fields have begun to develop only recently and many still don't know about them.

Features gymnastics Bubnovsky

This gymnastics has already helped thousands of patients and gave them a chance to recover from serious diseases.

What are the characteristics of gymnastics Machines? What is the essence of the system? The answers to these questions can be found below.

Briefly about the Dr. Bubnovsky technique

Gymnastics Dr. Bubnovsky is aimed at maintaining overall health. Is a unique set of exercises, so simple that it can absorb all comers, regardless of physical form.

Sergey Bukowski – recognized expert who has developed a system of simple but effective exercises.

what is the point? This system mostly applies to alternative medicine, namely, orthopedics and neurology. It helps to cure diseases of the musculoskeletal system, which had become a constant. In the course of treatment does not use any pharmacological drugs and related products (corsets). Therapy is carried out exclusively at the expense of internal reserves of the body.

Sergey Bukowski

This methodology in the scientific world has been called kinesitherapy. The main slogan of gymnastics: physical inactivity is the main cause of joint diseases. With the right exercises and following all the instructions, you can expect the overall regeneration and activation of individual muscle groups. The method Bubnovskogo helped many clients and saved them from surgery on the spine. This system is often called the extreme rehabilitation.

using the methods can be completely cured from degenerative disc disease, herniated discs, arthritis, different types of violations of posture in both adults and children.

The exercise program may consist of a series of exercises aimed at different muscle groups.

Exercises for beginners

Among the various groups of exercises deserves special attention exercises for beginners.

Exercises can vary in degrees of softness and directionality. Among the main areas – reducing the pain and strengthening the affected areas of the spine.

Bubnovsky Exercises for beginners

Thoroughly review exercises:

Exercise 1. It aims at relaxation of the spine and bowing of the back. First you have to get up on my knees and rest the palms on the floor. The exhalation should be accompanied by a bowing of the back, and breath – depression. During implementation there should be no sharp movements, everything is done gently and steadily. The number of repetitions in the approach 1 – 20.

Exercise 2 – stretching. To take the same position as in the first exercise. Left leg to pull back and try to sit on the right. Pull it forward as far as possible, but not heavily used. The number of repetitions in the approach 1 – 20.

Exercise 3 – the slopes. To take the same position as in the first exercise and draw the body forward, trying not to bend. Need to stretch and keep the balance.

Exercise 4 – stretch the spinal muscles. To run it we need to sit down on all fours, exhale to bend the elbows and pull the body to the floor. Then, gasping, you sit on your heels. The number of repetitions in the approach 1 – 6.

Exercise 5 – polymastic. Lie on your back, arms positioned along the body. The pelvis rises on the exhale, as high as possible. On the exhale must come down and relax. The number of repetitions in the approach 1 – 20.

The Presented set of exercises repeatedly proved its effectiveness. Back pain will be significantly reduced.

For those who are not familiar with such technique and poor understanding of what is required, you can suggest a course of adaptive gymnastics, which is slightly different from basic. It will help to prepare the body for future loads and to adjust the spine.

Exercise 1. Sit on your heels, relax and take a deep breath. On the exhale lift up and rotate hands in a circle. Exhale, relax. The number of repetitions in the approach 1 – 20.

Exercise 2. Put your hands on the abdomen and slight pressure. Through pursed lips make a sound "pfft". The number of repetitions in the approach 1 – 20.

Activity 3. Adopting a horizontal position, bend the knees and hands positioned behind the head. Exhaling, try to break away from the floor and, inhaling, return to starting position. The number of repetitions is 20.

Exercise 4. To take the same position as in Ctrl.3. Only now we have to try to raise the pelvis, at the same time shifting the knees. Lifts repeat 20 times.

Activity 5. Original position (Ctrl.4), exhale completely to regroup and raise the body above the ground, bringing the knees with the elbows. Repeat 20 times.

Exercise 6. Lie on your right side and rest on the floor of the lower arm. After grouping to pull his knees to his chest.

If you do everything according to the instructionsyou can expect speedy improvement. You have to understand that the complex is not a panacea and before using should consult with your doctor.


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