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Exercises to strengthen the back muscles and spine Bubnovsky technique at home

Today there are methods of non-medicamental treatment of the back, one of these was developed by doctor Bubnovsky, spinal exercises at home – this is a fairly effective method of therapy. many people suffer from diseases of the back. For the treatment of pain in it, in most cases, apply various ointments and gels with medicinal ingredients, some people abuse painkillers, but there is another option – physical therapy. Methods of exercise therapy not only help to achieve the therapeutic effect in the spine, but very useful for the joints. However, their use must be made only on the recommendation of a doctor and after thorough examination. Because most of the exercises with contraindications are dangerous to health.

Useful spinal exercises

Dr. Bubnovsky Technique

Exercises for spine doctor Bubnovsky allow for a short period of time to cure such diseases as osteochondrosis, spinal curvature, vertebral hernia, displacement of vertebral discs; to eliminate pain of any origin. Along the way, improves the elasticity of ligaments, the strength of veins and muscles are strengthened. All exercises are easily done at home.

This seemingly miraculous method is based on the mobilization of the organism itself and does not imply the use of any drugs. The technique is called kinesitherapy, that is, treatment movements.

Bubnovsky Technique is complex and includes exercises to strengthen the respiratory system, a certain diet is chosen individually for each patient during the entire treatment. Along with this method involves the use of water and gymnastics, and some special water treatments. Interesting is the fact that using this method cured even those patients who had surgical operation. Dr. Bubnovsky technique is recognized as an alternative direction in orthopedics and neurology.

weight - an occasion to practice the method of the doctor Bubnovsky

Bubnovsky's method you can produce not only treatment, but also to reliably determine the cause of disorders in the spine and the musculoskeletal complex of the human organism, including diagnostics and exercises for the joints.

Determining the source and cause of the disease, the doctor prescribes the right treatment according to this method. Therefore, kinesitherapy proven to be very effective. For treating disorders of the spine applies a special set of exercises designed by the Professor Bubnovsky. When planned and systematic exercise training restores function to the spine, go pain.

Along with this comes the health and the whole organism: the immune system returns to normal; in that case, if you have violated the function of internal organs, and they are normalized. That is, this technique stimulates the complete recovery of man from all physical ailments. But, in addition to physical condition, this system improves mental health and strengthens the emotional state of a person. Water therapy, or as it is called cryotherapy, helps to renew all tissues of the body. The system also includes breathing exercises and a special diet. During class it is recommended to drink as much liquid as possible.

drink plenty of liquids during exercise

Dr. Bubnovsky Technique in the formation of a complex of exercises involves an individual approach to each patient based on the disease's cause and the nature of its existence. In determining the range of physical therapy and must take into account the severity of the disease.

When to use this exercise?

A System of exercise Machines can be used not only for the back and relieve pain in the spine, but in many other cases. The system is successfully used to prevent heart attacks and strokes, for the treatment of venous diseases, e.g. varicose in women, with the help of this system can be successfully cured many diseases of the respiratory tract. Diseases of internal organs, reproductive system, women's diseases – all under the force to cure using the method of Bubnovskiy. Here are some indications of use:

  • hernias, and fractures of the spine, pinched nerves of the spinal column, growths on the spine;
  • sprains of the joints, inflammation of tendons, necrosis of the hip joint;
  • prostatitis, inflammation of the ovaries, sexual dysfunction, hemorrhoids;
  • excess weight and fat deposits;
  • prolapse of various internal organs;
  • migraines, headaches, mental disorders.

Headaches - the reason for practicing the method of Dr. Bubnovsky

Bubnovsky Technique is extremelyeffective for recovery after a heart attack and surgery such as bypass grafting, implantation of implants into joints. Exercises for the spine allow you to recover quickly after many operations on internal organs and the spine.

Approximate gymnastics center

You Should follow some General principles: exercises should be performed sequentially, the load on the body, it is necessary to increase (gradually and under supervision).

Positive results appear quite quickly: rest pain, improves mood, felt a surge of energy. All the exercises can be done at home.

Exercise relaxation. Being on all fours, to get the maximum relaxation of all muscles.

Exercise the bow in the back. In the same position, slowly arch you back upwards at the same time making the exhale. Slowly arch you back down when you inhale. The exercise is done without undue stress and is very smooth.

relaxation Exercise

step Exercise – stretching. Being on all fours, sit on the right leg and the left to retract and pulling, leaning on hands. Next, pull the right foot forward. To return to the original position on all fours and exhale. Repeat the exercise 20 times, alternating left and right legs.

rocking Exercise. Being on all fours, to give the trunk as far forward as possible. The back is straight.

stretching Exercise for the back muscles. On all fours, bend your arms at the elbows. Slowly lower the body on the floor, while inhaling. Next, exhale and touch heels with buttocks.

Exercise stretching abdomen it strengthens your abs. Lying on your back bend your legs and arms to take the head. Chin reach the chest. Tear blades off the floor and touch the knees with elbows. Be repeated several times.

Exercise lift buttocks. Lying on his back stretching his arms along the body. Exhale. Lift buttocks as high as possible. To perform a minimum of 25 times.

Exercise stretching belly

Exercise “swallow” it strengthens the muscles along the spine. Lying on his stomach pulling his hands forward. Slowly lift your arms and legs, arching your torso and inhaling at the same time. Then just as slowly lowered his hands and legs while breathing out.

Exercise craving hands. Useful for thoracic. Take the elastic bandage at the ends of his hands, and into the middle of it to move his or her feet. Raise the arms above the head, stretching the bandage. Complete at least 15 times.

Exercise of the foot. With feet on the step, heels hanging down. To rise on toes, then down again, dangling her heels. Run 100 times.

This is a basic set of exercises, which can be made personal classes. In the system, according to Sergey Bubnovsky, over 20 basic exercises which make up the individual sets. All exercises must be supplemented with good sleep and good nutrition.

Special equipment

To ensure some of the more complex disorders than back pain, Bubnovsky developed a special simulator. He, along with other advantages, allows in times to reduce the period of recovery or rehabilitation and to significantly increase the effectiveness of any exercise.

Exercise Swallow

Of Course, for the simulator were developed and their special complexes of exercises, allowing maximum use of all its functionality.

Exercises affect the most remote back muscles, strengthen them, creating a natural frame for the spine. Improves circulation last forever pain.

The Therapeutic effect of the simulator was recognized by official medicine, because it allows you to quickly cope with diseases such as osteochondrosis, arthritis, hernia, scoliosis. In some cases, the device can also be used to strengthen the body in children.

The Simulator, which was developed by doctor Bubnovsky, is successfully used for rehabilitation after operations. Exercise it can even replace in some cases surgery for the treatment of spinal hernia.

Exercise Machines are adapted individually for each patient prepared complex personal, sensitive exercise and the patient's condition.

Simulator Bubnovsky

Get the recommendations of doctors and to learn how to perform exercises in a special medical centers. Currently there are over 100 such establishments. After training exercises can be done at home. The Dr. Bubnovsky technique along with physical exercises includes at least two directions: massage the back and cryoprocedure. May be supplemented, and a special gymnastics for joints.

Massage is needed to improve blood flow pripotolochnye the back. Water activities – compresses, massage with water jets – have an analgesic effect and improves overall body tone. In addition, the use of various orthopedic devices – mattresses, chairs, pillows and footwear significantly reduces the load on the spine, form a correct posture and strengthens the results obtained during treatment.

Three major exercises

Three mainthe exercises on Bubnovskiy are as follows.

Exercise for the thoracic – push – used to improve blood flow to the spine, relieves pain, eliminates fatigue and just trains muscles.

Lying on the floor face down, put palms on floor at shoulder level. To straighten your arms, exhaling, looking at the floor and lifting the torso. During inspiration down to its original position. Exercise should be performed slowly without any jerks. To do 10 repetitions. After this exercise it is recommended to conduct exercises to cleanse the breath in the sitting position on his lap.

Exercise to strengthen the abdominal muscles. Improves blood circulation in the cervical spine and simultaneously normalizes the function of the gallbladder and improves digestion. Lying on your back slightly bend your knees. Arms are extended behind your head. Press your chin to your chest. On the inhale, shoulder blades and arms off the floor as far as possible, trying not to change the overall situation. Exhale and pull the stomach. To return to the starting position. Repeat 10 times. During this exercise, the stomach must be empty.

The Three main exercises include exercises for the back. Lying on his stomach arms extended forward and slightly bent at the elbows. The palm rests on the floor at the level of the waist. During inhalation do Mahi one foot. To return to the starting position, exhale. Continue to do swings the other leg. To perform the exercise, until fatigue. The amplitude of movements should be the maximum.

Activities included in the complex of exercises on Machines can be alternated by days of the week. Morning exercise is better to do for the shoulder girdle, and in the evening you can go to exercises for other sections of the spine, such as lumbar.