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The possibility of using diadynamic currents in physiotherapy

for many years diadynamic currents are used in physiotherapy. What is the purpose of such treatment, and what results can be achieved?

Apparatus for complex treatment diadynamic currents

Brief description of device

Apparatus for treatment with diadynamic currents affects the tissue of the human body through a small current voltage with a specified frequency. The main functions of the diadynamic therapy is effect on muscle work. It enables to activate the braking phase and to relax a tense muscle structure, bezbolevaya her. This occurs due to neurological impulses delivered to specific brain structures.

It is Also noted excellent effect of DDT:

  • when the spasms of the muscles, accompanied by pain syndrome, or inflammatory processes in them;
  • poor circulation
  • in case of insufficient tissue nutrition.

The Developer apparatus diadynamic current, created in 50-ies of the 20 century, is P. Bernard. This doctor subsequently studied the biological impact diadynamic currents, which have a low frequency half sine pulse shape. Because the synonym of diadynamic currents is such a definition, as currents Bernard.

the Treatment diadynamic currents

It is Worth noting that earlier this kind of treatment was proposed by I. A. Abrikosov, and A. N. Obrazovym. By using this equipment:

  • using a basic frequency diadynamic currents equal to 50 and 100 Hz.
  • has the ability to adjust the frequency, combination, and modulation
  • the control is performed with a pulsed or continuous supply current;
  • pulse shape can be changed.

What types of diadynamic current uses in medicine

half-Wave continuous current is the current whose frequency is 50 Hz and they last no more than 20 msec. With pronounced stimulating action on the skin affects a large vibration.

When the bicyclic form of the continuous current, whose frequency is 100 Hz pulses lasting up to 10 MS, superimposed on a galvanic component. This is due to slow falling edge. The use of this device is popular as electrophoresis (diadynamophoresis). This occurs as follows: the current effect on the skin in the form of a small vibration. As a result there anesthetic and vasoactive action.

Graphical image of a pulse DC

rhythmic half-Wave: frequency is 50 Hz, a duration of fifteen seconds, last for the same periods of pauses. Half-wave wave smoothly increases and decreases as well. The frequency of identical rhythmic, waves only last about 8 sec., and the intervals between them range up to 4 sec.

full-wave wave the shock works as follows: having a frequency up to 100 Hz, it for 8 sec. gradually increases and so decreases. The breaks between waves of identical half-wave current.

When currents with a short modulation period of the pulses alternate successively from 50 to 100 Hz, and these pulses last for up to six seconds. When long modulation period, the pulse duration is about 4 sec. In some devices it is possible to generate other shorter wave currents.

How DDT affects the body

Today's medicine allows the session electrophoresis in the home. All because you can get the device "Tone-2, Tone DTG", "Radius-01", units of foreign firms. Use of these devices is that from neuromuscular ailments and pain syndromes in the muscles can be gotten rid of quickly, especially if the pain associated with muscle sprain or injury. For patients with paresis, neuritis, gastroptosis, lumbago and other ailments the use of such apparatus is also effective.

With the help of galvanizing occur therapeutic and prophylactic action of electrophoresis. It acquires most of the health centers, for its medicinal properties is obvious.

Muscle tension as an indication for treatment with diadynamic currents

Especially popular devices with the ability to change the effects of current on the skin even during the procedure. With the help of electrically charged particles the body is full of healing properties required of a substance.

All modern phones have blocks, excluding current occurs in the circuit. Another advantage of the new data type units is a sound signal about the end of the procedure. At the specified time, the unit automatically turns off. The operation mode can reach a half hour.

Indications and contraindications

DDT is indications for use:

  • muscle painsyndromes;
  • muscle inflammation
  • it is used in the adjunctive treatment of migraine headaches;
  • vascular diseases
  • if the patient has flaccid paralysis, diadynamic currents to stimulate the muscles;
  • other applications.

Of Course, a wide range of indications, but the device has contraindications. In particular, these include diseases of the cardiovascular system, installed in the body of an electric pacemaker, Oncology and zagnoenie soft tissue, thrombophlebitis and other factors. Therefore before using this kind of procedure, you should consult your doctor.