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Therapeutic joint exercises Valentin Dikul rehabilitation for back and spine

Deal by the method dikulja articular gymnastics are both children and the elderly. Articular gymnastics is a combination of exercises from stretching, yoga, and classical breathing exercises and Pilates. Dikul exercises help to cope with various diseases of the spine. Classes in this methodology, prepare the joints to physical exercise and strengthen the muscles throughout the body. V. I. Dikul says that if you perform this complex every day, soon the body will start to repair damaged tissue.

the Essence articular exercises

Who is this gymnastics?

Many doctors known rehabilitation centers recommend exercises Dikul patients who have hernia, suffer from degenerative disc disease. Also these exercises are used as rehabilitation after fractures and other complex injuries. In addition, this complex can be performed for the prevention of diseases of the back and neck. With proper training, pulled muscles, increases the tone of the whole organism.

the Use of articular gymnastics V. Dikul in the vertebral hernia

This gymnastics for all. But you need to consider some nuances, namely the patient's age, his physical training, the presence of certain diseases, and previous injuries. Children from 11 years can perform a full range of exercises, observing the specified number of times. The elderly, especially those suffering from osteoarthritis or rheumatism, to do the exercises for the spine should very carefully and very slowly. Range of motion to increase gradually, following the sensations. Pain should not be. Should feel a nice stretch. You should also avoid static loads, instead, paying attention to stretching.

Exercises articular gymnastics V. Dikul in osteochondrosis

If there is any disease of the back or neck, you should consult with your doctor before you begin to complete the exercises. To do this exercise not in the period of exacerbation of the hernia in his back. When the acute phase passes, you should gradually introduce physical activity. They will help the patient to prevent further aggravation of the disease. In some cases, even returning the mobility of those parts of the body, due to injuries has lost sensitivity.

Patients who have removed a hernia of the spine, especially the necessary exercises for your back. They will help to restore the function of the musculoskeletal system and prevent the recurrence of the disease.

In Addition, such exercises can be used as a warm-up before the main workout or to enter the complex daily morning exercises. It is an excellent prevention of the appearance of the hernia, degenerative disc disease and is very useful for neck and strengthen the muscular system.

the Features of this gymnastics complex

This gymnastics helps to maintain mobility and increase flexibility of the joints of the entire body. Joint mobility directly affects the health of the spine and on the ability to move. Aching joints are one of the main causes of dysfunction of the musculoskeletal system. To diseases of the spine and lead many other reasons:

  • sedentary lifestyle
  • bad habits
  • eating disorders;
  • trauma
  • hereditary diseases
  • lack of vitamins and minerals
  • dehydration.

Due to all these reasons, there is pain and discomfort in the neck and back. This prevents to move freely, brings incredible discomfort. To alleviate this condition, you can use a set of Dikul, which includes exercises for back pain. The basis of this method are the mild stretching of the joints, improving their mobility by strengthening the muscular system.

Full course of treatment according to the method dikulja includes:

  1. a course of manual therapy, acupuncture treatments.
  2. observe the correct drinking regime.
  3. Using two sets of physical activity. The first involves improvement of the mobility and elasticity of joints. The second is aimed at strengthening the back muscles and the entire body. To the second area should proceed only after full completion of the first. It is very important to not hurt yourself and your health.
  4. wide range of physiotherapeutic procedures, which appoint a doctor.

Gentle therapeutic stretching is very important for the spine. Thus the body relaxes, improves elasticity of joints, muscles come in tone. The joint moves due to the fact that on the one hand, muscles tensed and stretched. Therefore, exercises for back pain help to enhance blood flow and to supply the joints with all necessary health proteins.

Thanks to this therapeutic gymnastics is the acceleration of metabolic processes in the body,strengthen muscles, increase mobility and elasticity of joints, develops flexibility.