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The Dr. Bubnovsky exercise for neck and cervical spine

The Number of people suffering from diseases of the cervical spine, is constantly growing. For such people, developed by doctor Bubnovsky exercise for the neck.

Doctor bubnovskiy Sergei Mikhailovich

General information about Bubnovsky technique

Since childhood, people are instilled with the idea that movement is life. But most people with age, forget about it and arrange your life so that most of the time in a sitting position. Problems of the spinal column are often associated with low physical mobility. As a result there were other problems: a pinched blood vessels, headaches, and a lot that poisons the life of man

Doctor Sergey Bubnovsky is a well-known orthopedic surgeon. In due time he received a severe injury, from the effects of which were partly disposed themselves. Healing and bringing in Sergei Mikhailovich's idea to study in medical school. There he received the profession of a podiatrist, then began to help people to recover from trauma, heal aching joints. All this doctor is doing to help them as develop exercises. These exercises have helped many people completely forget about the pain in the joints and get rid of degenerative disc disease.

Exercises for pain neck

Gymnastics is a complex exercise. It is better to perform using the simulator offered by specialized centers. But if there is no possibility to buy it, it is quite possible to do without it. Everyone who decided to do the exercises have to develop a tolerance to pain that appears after training. Plus to this day have to spend a little personal time, just a few minutes.

Who should do gymnastics?

exercises for the neck has a positive effect, as it strengthens the ligamentous apparatus of the cervical zone of the vertebral column.

The Exercises podiatrist Bubnovsky bring results. But you cannot expect a quick effect. Will need to have patience. The whole course is at least 3 months. Only at the end, you can expect the first results.

This set can be recommended to the following patients:

  • who sits in a day;
  • who are exposed to constant stress;
  • those whose power is due to the constant deposition of salts, which causes eventually the degenerative disc disease
  • who is not engaged in regular exercise.

a Sedentary lifestyle is the cause of pain in the neck

Daily performing gymnastic exercises for the neck, you can forget about the following issues:

  • poor circulation in the brain;
  • lack of movement of your neck;
  • pinch of the basilar artery;
  • high blood pressure (hypertension)
  • frequent migraine headaches.

This is not a complete list of pathological conditions, to avoid which will help exercises developed by doctor Bubnovsky.

Along with the exercises the doctor advises to adhere to proper nutrition and maintaining an active lifestyle.

Under proper nutrition means eating natural foods, the dish must consist of a minimum number of components.

Alcohol should not be consumed, and Smoking. Sodas should be banned.

What exercises help cervical Department?

A set of exercises Dr. Bubnovsky you must perform every day during the first 2 weeks. You can then do 2 or 3 times a week.

Doing exercises, you need to watch behind her – she must be straight. Otherwise exercises no effect. At first you can ask someone close to he observed, how is gymnastics. And when the habit will be developed, exercises can be done independently.

The First exercise of the complex is called "Metronome". You must take a sitting position, tilt your head to the right and sit for about half a minute until the muscles don't fatigue. But this feeling should not be backbreaking, but enjoyable. The patient then returns to its original state, a little rest and repeat the exercise leaning to the left. The number of slopes – 5 one way and 5 the other.

The Second exercise is called "Spring". For its implementation, the head is bent down. Should touch the chin and chest. To stay in this state have about half a minute, no less. Then the chin comes off the breast, neck, light breeze first forward and then up. And in that position should be the same amount of time, but with pinned to his chest with his chin (at least 30 seconds).

the Impact of nutrition on pain in the neck

The Third exercise is a rather romantic name "eyes in the sky". The head should expand to the left until a slight pain. This should be done gently, without fuss and haste. Fix this position for half a minute. Then repeat the exercise the other way. Is performed 5 times to the left and5 times to the right.

The Fourth exercise is "Frame". It is sitting on a chair. The right hand rests on the left shoulder. The elbow parallel to the floor. The left hand is on his knee – it was not involved at the moment in exercise. In this position you should stay for half a minute. Then repeated with the other side of the body. And so 5 times each side.

Fifth exercise is called "Fakir". It runs on the same algorithm as "eyes in the sky". Only the arms engage above the head.

Sixth exercise – "the Heron". You should sit on a chair and relaxed put your hands on your knees. Slowly the hands turned behind her back and chin goes up. Then the head is leaning to the right, and hands in that time, start gently push the base of the neck. All repeats with a tilt to the left.

The Last exercise is "Final". To run it you should get up. The head is straightened, your chin should be parallel to the floor level as possible allow to pull the neck forward. Turn in right side of head and try to press to the shoulder until tension. To stay in this state for half a minute. Then done the same thing to the other side.