Taking a shower sharko

Well known in the distant past, a procedure called power shower recently regained popularity, not only as a means of medical therapy, but also as something that is able to return the figure a real symmetry and former beauty.

Acceptance Charcot

Quite a lot of women after previous pregnancy resort to this old, seemingly forgotten and procedure. That it can with great success be used, can tell doctors. The main thing – the right approach to this procedure.


The power shower was originally created by the renowned psychiatrist and specialist in medical science as special funds for the treatment, which can be effectively used for the treatment of several diseases. Invented method was designed to maintain the body in an optimum condition. So how useful a power shower?

Power shower as the procedure of medical therapy gives several tangible advantages for health. Here are the main indications for use:

  • improves circulatory processes in the body;
  • boosts immunity
  • it is indicated medicine for arthritis and weakness of muscle tissues;
  • addresses the issue of metabolic disorders;
  • in patients with lesions of the nervous system, increased excitability, stress;
  • with pain.


Medical terminology quite clearly describes this procedure as adopting the shock the soul. In this case the area of its extended use is limited. The temperature of the water that falls on the body, neither very high nor very low. It ranges from 20 to 40 °C, and in some cases the temperature may have a more extended range from 12 to 45 °C. That is, this procedure is not allowed ice-cold shower or, Vice versa, hot.

The Essence of the procedure lies in the fact that during it the water temperature does not remains constant. It changes from the lowest to the highest in the above range. A patient who is taking a shower should not leave before the end of the treatment-and-prophylactic session.

Due to the fact that the water temperature is changed, and the shower shock, and the body receives therapeutic benefits. During the treatment-and-prophylactic process gradually the blood flowing to all vital organs and tissues, the functioning of blood vessels is considerably improved, from the body fast toxins, muscle cells increases. All this is a very good effect on General health.

During the procedure the human body is first subjected to a fit (quite strong) the pressure of water jets, flowing approximately from a distance of 3-5 cm from the skin surface. First and foremost treatment on all sides fan the water flow. Then with strong pressure of 4 atmospheres affect the limbs, other body parts, are exposed to them falling on the jets of water flush. The procedure lasts from 5 to 20 minutes. You then need to take a cold shower.

the Use of power shower in sedentary work

effects of the procedure

during taking a shower Charcot the body is strong tonic effect, its making noticeable almost immediately. Its impact on the body can fully compare with medical procedure of acupuncture.

while his application is activated not only the protective mechanisms of the body, but including those that are responsible for rejuvenation, cellular regeneration, improving the exchange of nutrients. As a result the patient stabilize metabolic processes. All items this method is designed for therapeutic effects on the body.

The Main point of this therapy is that initially a body is subjected to hot water, which subsequently is replaced with cold water. This can not but affect the body. Vessels first increase and then again compressed. Powerful pressure exerted on different areas of the body, provides a strong massage effect. In addition, water acts and psychological state, washing away accumulated over many days of tension.

The Patient feels considerable relief after undergoing this procedure, all the vital systems of the body begin to work much more actively. Shower plays a unique role cleaning mechanism. After the procedure immediately visible psychological effect in the form of strong relief, the charge of vivacity and freshness all day.

the Use of power shower in the presence of overweight

But to obtain the main results, it is necessary to undergo a therapeutic course that will give tangible results. At first tangible changes will not be visible. We need regular therapy, which will give the desired effect.

You Can use a power shower at home. The procedure does not require financial costs or assistanceexperts, allowed it at home. In fact, the power shower is the same massage, but done under the pressure of the hot and cold water. The fact that many years after its invention, the technique of demand, shows that this aquatic massage has proven to be effective.


Power shower plays the role of a cleaning and activating mechanism, contributing to the promotion of positive, restorative processes inside the body. But its use is not limited. The procedure has become very popular in the treatment of some external defects of the body, such as cellulite. It is used against some forms of obesity and subsequent prevention of weight gain. Under the influence of water jets destroyed a malicious education. This applies to benign tumors. Removed inflammation.

the Use of Charcot gout

People who most of the time at the computer, this procedure is simply necessary. It relieves strain on muscle tissue and spine. There is stimulation of blood circulation, which inevitably stagnates during the long sedentary work. The procedure helps to relieve headaches and tiring of the ailments, helps from severe fatigue, eliminates oxygen starvation.

Shower treatment is recommended if the patient suffers from any condition in any area of the musculoskeletal system. The water jet has a positive influence on his future work, help to correct deformities. Of course, the procedure in this case can come as an auxiliary to the main treatment. It is great for prevention of diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

If to speak about the neutralization of overweight, shock showers can be very effective when combined with a sensible diet. The shower course of therapy must match exactly with the time of the finding of the body on a diet. A full range of therapy includes special exercises and proper diet selection.

The treatment is effective in the presence of gout or inflammatory processes in the internal organs. Body massage water jets helps to eliminate even neglected health problems. Of course, one massage still can't heal the body. It must always be in combination with other therapeutic agents, the additional function performing method.

the Use of power shower after sports

On the question of how often to do the procedure, experts say that at least once a week. Massage has a good preventive effect, it is recommended for people actively involved in sports, women sports training fitness clubs.

what is hydro?

Because the procedure sharko shower, or whirlpool, have now become very popular, the demand created the supply, and there was quite a lot of Spa salons, where you can do everything with the indications for use.

They offer customers to undergo the procedure sharko shower, which from beginning to end is as follows:

  1. Preparation. You need to come in hot area and bring personal belongings. Typically, this is a swimsuit, beach sandals, special cap and towel. Although some Spa complexes give out special sets. Better to come without makeup – it will still wash away.
  2. the Client goes to a special booth, grabs the rail, then from the special designs start to flow two water jets that handle the customer's body.
  3. Procedure. The standard process lasts 10-15 minutes, in the shower, the body is treated on all sides in turn. Usually start from the back, moving to the front, then the sides and on the thighs. The procedure ends the processing of the feet. The pressure of the water jet is significant, but serious pain is not, although it is quite possible bruising. Not too pleasant sensations more than compensated for by good health.

Contraindications to taking a shower Charcot during pregnancy

For good effect you need to undergo several such treatments, but the more the better. The average price in such stores is 850 rubles for 10-15 minutes conducted of massage. But to make a whirlpool, it is not necessary to go to a salon and pay the money. As indicated above, this procedure can be carried out independently and at home.

In order to do this, you need a specialist store to buy for the house shield and fasten it instead of the usual watering can. You will have your own shower, which will not yield to the impact that is offered in the Spa salons, but it is still softer than the standard sample. Normal pressure it is quite achievable under normal water system.

The secret lies in the conoidal round holes of the shower apparatus. In the cylindrical holes of the water pressure is still weakened, but its conoidal form, on the contrary, retain and create a strong stream. Among other things, the financial aspect should be motivated to buy your soul.

Contraindications to taking a shower sharko hypertension


The practice of Charcot has serious contraindications which do not allow this procedure because of the risk of health complications, it can cause harm. Contraindications imposed on the operation of this method are:

  1. disruption of blood vessels and veins in the presence of varicose veins. But in these cases no need to give water massage, just need to watch closely, to the trickle of water falling on the damaged areas of the body.
  2. absolutely can not accept the massage jets in the presence of pronounced problems with cardiovascular system, hypertension, increased body temperature, any acute inflammation in the body.
  3. In case of tuberculosis, the presence of ulcers, due to deficiency in the kidney, in severe Oncology.
  4. If there is a flow, there are problems with the mucous membranes and eczema.
  5. it is Impossible to take a shower, if the woman is pregnant.

You Also need to make a rule that after 10 standard procedures better to take a break so as not to overreact and not to harm the body. Moreover, it is better to make a break for 5-6 months and then to re-enroll for massage courses or undergo the same procedures at home. The main thing – to know how to do this massage, and will not be any problems.

Reviews of women undergoing procedures that show that it helps to get rid of the problems connected with cellulite, reduce belly, allows you to overcome obesity and the skin feels different, softer, lighter, lifted.

It Must, however, warn about the disadvantages. May be bruising, which can be frustrating. This is particularly the case in women with fair skin.

If we talk about where it is better to undergo the procedure in the salon or at home, then the difference in the effect is almost there.

Suitable shower head today is about 4000 rubles, and one session in the Spa salon – 850 rubles. The benefit of buying a personal soul is obvious.