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Indications, contraindications and efficacy of electrical stimulation of muscles

electrical muscle Stimulation is a procedure that uses pulsed current to restore the tissues, organs and systems, including the nervous parts of muscles which have lost their natural functioning after an illness or injury. Electrical stimulation devices are considered to be particularly important and significant in the treatment to restore functioning of the nervous system to the optimum state, and also if you have the disease, which can lead to limited movement, decrease of strength and wasting of muscles. Stimulation of muscle tissue is performed using a directional excitation and contraction of specific muscle groups, and this will be done at the same time to enhance metabolic and trophic processes aimed at ensuring the work of the muscles energy supply. Including when such treatment is the increased activity of each of the regulatory systems, each point on the cortex.

Electrostimulation of the muscles of the spine

what is electrical muscle stimulation?

At that moment, when electric current stimulant direction passes along the nerve trunks, increases the conductivity of the nerve excitations, but also can significantly accelerate the recovery of each of the damaged nerve.

Under normal or artificial muscle contraction is inhibition of muscle atrophy, even if such a diagnosis exhibited total disruption of nerve conduction. Muscle wasting is prevented as early as possible, or inevitably will be faced with a degeneration of the muscular fibres in connective those that are not able to decline. Apparatus for electrical stimulation can improve blood circulation by expanding blood vessel, increasing the flow of blood. for Example, you can visually track such actions in the form of redness (hyperemia), or by increasing the temperature level on the skin under the electrode. Activating lymph and blood circulation is carried out in deep tissues in the interelectrode spaces, in this regard may be too high permeability of vascular tissue that leads to the disclosure of reserve capillaries.

consult a doctor if the spinal cord injury

The Occurrence of hyperemia occurs when electrical stimulation is performed and if a direct impact on the vascular wall by means of biologically active substances produced in the stimulated tissue. Regardless of what the have to treat the muscles of the back, hips or any other body part – you need to keep in mind that activating blood circulation by electrical stimulation may be the factor that provides a multitude of therapeutic actions. Namely, will improve the nutrition of the tissue will be removed, the products of disturbed metabolism, including will begin the resorption of the edema, softening of the scar, if present, will regenerate damaged areas and improve blood circulation. Electrical stimulation is considered a great way to improve blood circulation, enhance the synthesis of nucleic acids of the organism, which is especially important for the normal functioning of the body.

Indications for electrical myostimulation

The muscles of the back, hips and other body parts often need the stimulation and regulation of the Central nervous system, or to be more precise, the head and spine. Electrical muscle stimulation helps to restore the neuro-muscular apparatus, tone any muscle groups, total mass of muscles. Including this treatment is designed to increase the vasculature of blood in arteries and veins. Such a process is considered to be important for the analgesic effect.

Distinguish many diseases, in which the desired electrical stimulation, and in some cases may require additional stimulation of the body at home. The disease can be very different, for example:

  • peripheral paresis;
  • paralysis
  • nerve plexus
  • the nerve roots.

When peripheral paresis and paralysis is tracked laxity of the affected area muscles. There is another group of diseases, such as Central paresis and paralysis after injury of the brain and spinal cord. The last species of the disease mostly appear in the form of sealing tissue muscles.

The treatments prescribed to people at different ages and even children with disorders in the Central nervous system after severe injury and cerebral palsy.

Contra indications to the treatment

each method of treatment has its benefits and contraindications, which you should pay attention when to see a doctor, as it can not only improve the condition, but also to degrade it to unimaginable stages.

for Example, if the organism is monitored in the presence of chronic diseases of heart, vessels, significant fractures, or post-myocardial infarction. It is strictly contraindicated to use this method of replenishing the body, if you have a pacemaker, as the condition may deteriorateto radical-critical. If there are specific contraindications, they can not be neglected, as in such treatment it is necessary to listen only to doctors and their opinions. Competent approach to treatment will allow to obtain a positive result. Need to worry about the condition as possible and carefully, especially when it comes to spinal cord and brain. Only in this case it is possible to avoid a full paralysis of the body and, therefore, imminent death. To cure a certain disease with the help of electrical stimulation is not possible, since there will be a range of activities for full body recovery.