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Phonophoresis and iontophoresis at home: indications, contraindications, AIDS

Iontophoresis at home is becoming an increasingly popular procedure among women. Before the devices that are used in cosmetics, were quite large and bulky, so such procedures of the house were really something transcendental. Now iontophoresis at home available to almost every woman who dreams of own skin care. This method differs indications and side effects.

the Use of iontophoresis for removing wrinkles on the face

What is iontophoresis?

Iontophoresis is a cosmetic procedure that includes eliminating various defects that occur on the skin. Indications for this procedure are wrinkles or small dead areas that can appear on the dermis.

Especially popular iontophoresis is among women who have reached middle age. Basically the method aims to rejuvenate aging areas of the skin. The drug affects her with the help of special agents and ions that bring all the necessary components under the skin. Experts note that by using this method, you can get rid of the traces of cellulite, fine lines and wrinkles on the face.

the Use of iontophoresis to get rid of cellulite

Indications for iontophoresis:

  • rejuvenation skin and face;
  • removal of all types of wrinkles;
  • clear skin
  • getting rid of cellulite.

Indication for use in some cases it is the appearance of bags or circles under the eyes.

In most cases, iontophoresis doing in beauty salons with a special preparation. If the procedure is not done in the home and in institutions, then it will designate the doctor or specialist.

Popular procedure among those who wish to rejuvenate and improve your skin, phonophoresis is ultrasonic.

Iontophoresis and phonophoresis are slightly different between them. When iontophoresis is used exposure to electric current with low voltage and extremely small force. When phonophoresis is used, the exposure to ultrasonic waves.

Comparison of skin before and after iontophoresis

However, after applying these procedures, the result can be seen almost immediately. The skin becomes more supple, elastic and soft. Ultrasonic phonophoresis effect on the skin with ultrasound and drugs that pour into the machine.

Phonophoresis in the home

The use of phonophoresis in the home has its own special indications and contraindications that should be considered before the procedure. Phonophoresis at home you can do if the skin loses its beauty, has become flabby and weak. When a woman turns 40, the face can appear some wrinkles (this may occur earlier under the influence of some circumstances), you can access this method and use it at home.

Very often women suffer from such problems as oily skin. In the application of funds or drugs of particular effect is not observed, therefore you can use phonophoresis in the home.

If we consider more serious problems, these include inflammation or swelling of the lymph, which also can be eliminated by using phonophoresis.


The Procedure can be used if you have sensitive skin, it is absolutely safe for the skin. The apparatus used for this procedure has several modes of operation. This is done to ensure that when using and exposed to the skin it was possible to regulate the mode and take into account the features of the dermis. This procedure is used not only for single use, it can be used on a regular basis.

contraindications for the procedures

To achieve maximum results while using the phone for phonophoresis, you need to consider and contraindications to its use.

People who have any kind of arrhythmia, circulatory failure or the blood disease, the procedure is contraindicated. This is a sufficiently weighty reasons to refuse the application of phonophoresis. Also if the skin has wounds that have not healed abrasions or ulcers, the procedure phonophoresis may not apply in any case not to do more harm.

the Principle of iontophoresis

Contraindications include and mental disorders and diseases, purulent inflammation, which appeared on the skin.

If a woman decided to become serious about skin and the care of it, then you can use the process of iontophoresis. This requires a special device for iontophoresis, which can be purchased at the pharmacy or specialized stores. Before applying this treatment you need to take into account all contraindications.

Tools, which are used for the treatment of the skin with this methodshould be exclusively water-based. However, if the funds are present fat emulsions, they are forbidden to use.

Cosmetics when iontophoresis can be marked by signs "+" or "-". This means that this tool can be used for a particular polarity.

for Better treatment for some time to use one-component products.

aloe for a course of iontophoresis

This will help to avoid side effects.

As already mentioned, for a discharge electrode used certain funds. For example, for positive charge you can use the juice or extract of aloe plant, special mud, copper sulfate or zinc sulfate, saline.

For a negative charge can be used unitiol or Ichthyol, hyaluronic acid, caffeine (sodium benzoate).

As with phonophoresis, the indication for use may be the appearance of bags or circles under the eyes, which might appear as a result of lack of sleep or stress.

since the apparatus for iontophoresis is used more often, many women think attractive the idea to make a "beauty salon" in the house or apartment. But few know and understand that this procedure may differ not only in their benefits, and contraindications.

Heart disease is a contraindication for iontophoresis

If a person is present in the body tumor (benign and malignant), iontophoresis to do. This is the main contraindication to the procedure.

If a woman is in position, it is necessary to abandon this procedure. This may impact on the unborn child and harm him.

If the treated skin is any inflammation or damage, iontophoresis should not be done. This will not only harm the skin but also exacerbate the disease.

Also contraindications for the procedure are installed pacemakers or problems with heart rhythm. Another contraindication is considered a vascular disorder of the skin.

Many people are faced with diseases such as tuberculosis, which is another contraindication to the procedure. Different types of bleeding and purulent-inflammatory processes also do not allow the use of the procedure. The device for iontophoresis cannot be used at elevated temperature.