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Useful properties, indications and contraindications to the appointment of ozokeritolechenie

About ozocerite treatment, indications and contraindications to it need to know each person, because lately the ozocerite therapy is becoming quite popular. Ozokerite is a substance that has a petroleum origin, and in appearance, is the consistency of wax.

spinal disorders

due to the fact that the composition of the wax may be present other substances and impurities, it can have different color, starting with black and ending with very bright green or yellow. Ozokerite has its contraindications and indications. Therefore, before therapy, salt therapy, you need to carefully consider this issue. Substance is completely harmless and a natural, but it can help to solve problems not everyone.

Useful properties of ozokerite

The Most important advantage and the advantage of this substance is its unique composition. Ozokerite contains huge amount of minerals, carbohydrates and other trace elements that exclusively have a positive effect on the human body. At the same time, the wax has an excellent and very strong medicinal properties and are often used as a great tool with anti-inflammatory effect.

the Use of ozokerite in the treatment of the spine

The Wax has a lot of useful properties, among which are the following:

  1. the biggest advantage, which experts say, is the large heat capacity and low thermal conductivity. So the wax is much better than the other tools suited for high-quality heat treatment.
  2. the therapy, salt therapy can relieve even the most severe pain. Substance for a few minutes removes all the unpleasant and painful sensations. In addition, experts recommend the use of a wax as a remedy against different intensity of the spasms.
  3. Additional application in the therapy, salt therapy will have a positive impact on the state of the human nervous system.
  4. Substance helps quickly if necessary to expand the blood vessels.
  5. to Use the wax you can even to eliminate allergic reaction with severe itching and redness.

It is Worth noting that this unique and very useful substance capable of restoring the soft tissue of the human body and large enough to heal the wounds.

Removal of pain using wax

Numerous studies have shown that the wax can be used for treatment of different diseases of the reproductive system in the chronic form, both for men and women. The wax is effective in the treatment of gastric and musculoskeletal system of the person.

Indications for treatment

How many practice shows, this substance is particularly widely used in Spa treatment. In the last few years, the wax began to be applied in private clinics, and treatment of this substance every day becomes more and more popular. There are many reasons to start ozokeritotherapy. The main indications in this case are the following:

  1. the Warmth of the wax can be treated joints. After a few treatments becomes noticeable positive result. Therefore, the indications include the presence of inflammatory process in the joints: bursitis, osteoarthritis, arthritis, osteochondrosis, myositis, radiculitis and many others.
  2. Experts can assign ozokeritotherapy in the presence of human chronic diseases: pyelonephritis, cholecystitis, pleurisy, cystitis, urethritis, gastritis and so on.
  3. With this matter very quickly can be cured completely all ENT diseases.
  4. Often the wax is used to treat a variety of infections type of diphtheria, jaundice or fever.
  5. Interesting is the fact that the wax can cure even infertility. At the same time, there is a careful removal of all inflammatory processes in the genital organs, and normalizes their condition.
  6. If there are different kinds of dermatological diseases, such as ringworm, sores, dermatitis or eczema, then you can do the special packs with wax.

the Treatment of joints ozokerite

Contraindications and precautions

Not every body can normally respond to heat therapy. Therefore, you must first familiarize yourself with contraindications with this type of treatment. The main ones include the following:

  1. Cannot be used ozokeritotherapy in the presence of heat or fever.
  2. Experts do not recommend this type of treatment for those people who suffer from presence of tumors. In this case, a consequence may be the rapid growth of the tumor.
  3. to Refrain from heat treatment by ozokerite is advisable for pregnant women and those who feed the child.
  4. Another veryserious contra-indication is a tendency in humans to the bleeding, then the treatment may end even in death.
  5. If the person has tuberculosis, diabetes or progressive form of hepatitis, that in no event it is impossible to make compresses with mineral wax.
  6. Contraindicated the treatment and diseases of the cardiovascular system.

The Wax is a unique substance that becomes widely used in medicine due to the large number of positive properties. Before you use this type of treatment be sure to consult with an expert on the contraindications and at their presence it is desirable to find other methods of treatment.

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