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Basic 10 exercises for healthy joints and spine from the Professor Bubnovsky

Professor Bubnovsky: basic 10 exercises – this method of treatment of diseases of the spine heard by millions of Russians. This doctor for 30 years of his practice have not written a single prescription and did not assign their patients a single pill. And cured thousands of terminally ill patients, which conventional medicine could only offer medical or surgical treatment. How did the doctor Bubnovsky managed to achieve such outstanding results? What are the tips and 10 exercises of Sergei Mikhailovich and what is gymnastics for the joints of the doctor Bubnovsky?

Professor Bubnovsky

New treatment

while serving in the army the author was in a terrible accident: the driver fell asleep at the wheel and crashed into another car, and his passenger to the doctors eventually had to collect literally bit by bit. Future scientific luminary could be disabled if the patient has not engaged in the health itself. Bubnovsky enrolled in medical school and during my studies began to create their own system of health restoration.

PhysiotherapyLater he would call her kinesitherapy. It literally means treatment by movement. Thanks to this unique method from the crutches get rid of not only the machines but also thousands of his followers. It allows you to defeat the disease that many seem to be incurable: arthrosis and other pathologies of the joints, osteochondrosis, scoliosis, hernia of the spine. And let the official medicine says that patients with these diseases need to take it easy and avoid any load on the back, the author of a unique therapy believe the opposite: diseases are treated physical activity and movement.

Exercises for foot

Patients Professor Bubnovsky usually likes to say: bones ache and back pain and joints occur because the affected muscles and nerves. The power of the spine, which consists of bone and cartilage matrix, again ensure they are the same – deep muscles. In addition, not all know that the main pillars of our body seriously depends on the joints of the lower extremities, which play the role of the suspension system. It is therefore important to do morning exercises not only the spine but also the joints of the feet. Weak and poorly trained foot can cause pain not only in the spine but also to the head. Because the stop points are associated with the brain.

Foot manHere exercises for the foot, developed by Professor Sergey Bubnovsky:

  1. Moving your foot clockwise and counterclockwise. Watch out for big fingers.
  2. Lie on back, arms and legs are straight. Pull the large toe, then bend it to yourself – everything to the max. Forward and back – repeat 10 times.
  3. Turn to bring the big toes and spread them maximally to the sides. During mixing, it is necessary to try to put them on the bed surface.
  4. Compress the toes, and then also their maximum opening.
  5. This exercise for the joints, primarily the knee to bend and straighten knees alternately, and the soles slide on the bed. When bent leg heel touch the buttocks.

Exercises for spine

In their clinics throughout Russia for the treatment of the spine, the doctor suggests to use a special device MBT – multifunctional training Machines. Doctor has developed it himself. Exercises using MBT can relieve the pain, improve the condition of joints, to work out deep muscles. Spinal hernia gradually reduced.

spinal ExercisesUsually each patient a set of exercises (there are not only ten basic and additional) is developed individually. Home office can be replaced by expander. But there are tips and exercises 10 Sergey Mihajlovicha Bubnovsky that can be performed without any additional devices. They became very popular and helped to return health to thousands of people across the country. These 10 exercises Machines:

  1. Sit on the floor, straighten legs, arms to lean on the floor. Then hands up and walk on the buttocks. Then feet off the floor, and walking on the buttocks continue.
  2. Sit on the floor, legs bent to bring in the state and to rely on your hands. Lift leg 20 times, then the same on the straight leg. The same exercise is done for the second leg.
  3. Foot to bend. Straighten your left leg and waist band to deploy in a side and start pulling. To tear your left leg off the floor and start doing small climbs. And so 20 times on the leg.
  4. straighten your Legs in front of him. To perform a slight rise by about 45° alternately on each leg. And so on 5 times.
  5. to Bend the legs in front of him. Lift straight right leg, to take her to the side. At the same time to take bent at the knee left leg left. Make 8 repetitions each.
  6. Legs bent at the knees, to lean on hands. First to pull up, lower your back as close to the floor. Bend the hands and simultaneously straighten the raised legs. Do 15 repetitions.
  7. to Goon the floor, legs bent at the knees. One hand to put under the back of the head, the second to straighten it. The bent leg to reach for the head and knee with the opposite hand. Straighten the leg and stretch straight leg to the opposite hand. Do 15 times on one leg.
  8. Lie on the floor, put your hands under the back of the head, knees bent, deploy them to the right. To do lifts upper back and head. Repeat the exercise 15 times.
  9. Lie on the floor, raise your extended arms above your head. Simultaneously raise arms and legs and to bring them together. Repeat 20 times.

Tips and 10 exercises of Sergey Mihajlovicha Bubnovsky help to improve the condition of the spine. And gymnastics for the joints of the doctor Bubnovsky not only ensures prevention of arthrosis and degenerative disc disease, but also promotes the recovery of the patient.