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Is it possible to perform traction of the spine at home?

Traction of the spine in the home has a number of advantages about which you should know. Many people could encounter problems stem skeleton. Scientists have developed special methods of correction and stretching of the spinal column. It should be noted that stretching is assigned only when there is an opportunity to eliminate displacement of the vertebrae or to minimize the pinching between the individual deformed areas.

stretch the spine

Pain is greatly reduced and the intervertebral disks in the correct position. Most often stretching should be performed in a hospital, but in some cases, exclusively on the recommendations of the attending physician, it is possible to carry out the procedure at home.

How is the traction of the lumbar spine and cervical spine? You can highlight any contraindications? The answers to these questions can be found below.


It Should be noted that before beginning the procedures it is necessary to establish a number of contraindications:

  • deforming spondylosis;
  • abnormalities in susceptibility of the skin;
  • decreased mobility as individual vertebrae and the entire spine.

Burden and active time is selected individually. In the case of non-compliance with basic rules can cause significant harm to the body and worsen its current state.

back PainIf a patient was diagnosed with osteochondrosis, the traction of the cervical spine is possible only in a hospital. Treatments at home can only be assigned in cases where there is minimal risk of remission or whether a package of preventive procedures.

Modern medicine does not stand still, and every year there are new and better methods to minimize the negative impact of vertebral injuries. Allocate 2 main methods of traction – both dry and underwater. For the first couch and used a traction table, the design can vary. Dry stretching can be both vertical and horizontal.

The Patient should lie down on a slightly inclined surface – its own weight will begin to pull. If there is qualified, they can enhance the load. You can use additional goods. This method may not be suitable for home use, because the control will be missing. The average duration of the procedure can vary from several minutes to several hours. To experience a effective effect, it is necessary to pass not less than 15 procedures.

How to prepare?

the Attending physician must establish rules for conducting traction of the lumbar spine. Only after full agreement has been reached to implement them.

a Massage of the backFirst, the back muscles must completely relax. The desired result can be achieved only after taking warm baths. Water treatment should not continue more than 10-15 minutes, the temperature of the water should match body temperature. After you should do a session of self-massage. Movements should be light, his back slightly to grind and start stroking from the bottom up from the waist towards the vertebral column.

Good results are obtained by rubbing a bath towel. You can use a special roller massager.

The Methods that can be used at home:

  1. Traction of the cervical spine is carried out on firm surface (bed, couch, shield). To ensure will require special straps, which can be made independently. To do this, take a soft cloth, the length should be 1.5 meter and width of 5 to 7 cm from the Surface of the head rises at a low angle (30-40°). Made of webbing should be securely fasten to the headboard and thread in their hands. They should be under arms and to support the whole body. On this surface is required to lie down without a pillow, to sit in the same position can be up to 4 hours. To enhance the clinical effect, you need to tie the patient to the waist, and to the sides to hang small weights 3-4 kg.
  2. it is possible to perform the Pulling by the weight on the bar or the wall bars. The majority of IPOs may not last longer than 2-3 minutes, my hands can't take it. Good performance possess a small wiggle of the torso in different directions, the movements of the legs. You can use them only if you are not experiencing pain and discomfort. To troubleshoot problems should consult a doctor.

The horizontal bar is prohibited to jump.

stretch the spine on a horizontal barthe Descent must be gradual and slow. It is best to have with you a companion who will insure. Can help a simple Board, which could easily accommodate the patient. One side should be put on a sofa or bed, thereby creating a small oblique angle. On the top of the Board you have to wear a plastic bag and a sheet which shouldfirmly placed under it.

A Patient lies bare back, head up, and the upper side of the back is simply glued to the polyethylene, the legs start to ride up on the Board. Happens pulling. Such procedures are recommended regular basis, the average duration should not exceed 15 minutes.

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