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Safe and effective exercises Dr. Bubnovsky for beginners at home

The Exercises on Bubnovskiy for beginners at home will help to activate reserve forces of the body, which will serve as good helpers in the fight against musculoskeletal disorders. Bubnovsky, Sergey Mihailovich is the Creator of the complex of physical exercises, namely the method of kinesitherapy. He is one of the most popular doctors not only in Russia but in all CIS countries. Treatment method kinesitherapy is performed in many specialized clinics and medical centres opened in Kyiv, Moscow, Minsk and other major cities. Sergey is the author of several books on the prevention of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Thanks to this, thousands of patients suffering from back problems, hernias, pinched nerves, chronic pain in the joints, can now engage in home Machines.

bubnovskiy Sergei Mikhailovich

Kinesitherapy – treatment and prevention of diseases of the spine

But what is the essence of this method of treatment of the musculoskeletal system? The feature is that all treatment is carried out using various safe exercise. It's called kinesitherapy. Thanks to numerous literature written by Sergei Mikhailovich, you can strengthen your joints and spine in the home.

Patients often go to the hospital with pain in the joints, trying to be treated by ointments and pills prescribed by your doctor. They are trying to ensure peace to your joints, which in most cases finds a doctors approval.

The Method of exercises of Sergei Mikhailovich for the spine, which is not difficult to perform at home, focuses on the elimination of inactivity (reducing the load on the muscles). Making certain a completely safe exercises for the spine, the patient activates the small deep muscles that hold the spine. When for some reason the vertebra is deformed or loosened, the small deep muscles strongly it is held to keep in its place. And that is the cause of hernia, pinched nerve fibres, etc.

Methodology of exercises of Sergei Mikhailovich for the spine

Thanks to the exercises on Bubnovskiy for beginners at home, people who suffer from back pain, you can begin to take care of your health now.

Some exercises Dr. Bubnovsky

To do them perfect this set:

  1. To begin relax your back. Then get on your knees and lean your hands against the floor. Exhaling, you need to arch your back up, and the inhale – to bend down. This exercise should be done gently and without breaking a sweat 20 times.
  2. Second exercise will help to stretch the back muscles. You should stand on all fours, bending both elbows. On the exhale, bend torso to the floor.
  3. Lie on the floor and extend your arms along the body. Breathing out, you will need to raise the pelvis as high as possible and inhaling it smoothly lowered. This exercise can be done up to 30 times.
  4. Now stand up on all fours. You need to pull the torso forward as far as possible, but in any case not to bend the lower back.
  5. This exercise is suitable for the spine, and press. Lie on your back and bend your knees. Hands should be clasped behind the head. On the exhalation the torso should rise so that the elbows touched the knees. For people full or without prior physical training this exercise can be hard, so you dont have to have your hands behind your head, and help yourself to fling up his hands.
  6. Laying on your stomach, stretch both arms forward. During inhalation, lift your arms and legs up and exhale lower. This contributes to reducing the back muscles, which subsequently will be strengthened.
  7. This exercise is intended to stop. Need to get up any hill so that the heel hanging down (you can hold onto something). Start to rise on tiptoes up and down. This exercise can be done 50 times. Regular performance of this exercise will make the foot more mobile and flexible.

After you run this, you should take a cool shower and then warm up the body with a warm towel. Sergei Mikhailovich advised to abandon harmful food, good sleep, keep your body and mind in good shape. So it is possible to overcome any disease.