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The mechanism of action and possibility of application of UHF-therapy at home

One of the most common and effective methods of physiotherapy is a UHF-therapy. What are its advantages and how is it conducted?

the Treatment of the spine, under the supervision of a physician

Physiotherapy is an area of medicine that studies the effects of external physical factors and their use for the treatment, prevention and rehabilitation. Physiotherapy cures with heat, cold, ultrasound, electric current, laser, ultraviolet and infrared radiation, mud, water.

what is the advantage of this method is physiotherapy?

UHF-therapy has a number of positives:

  1. does Not require the use of medicines. Physiotherapy can enable a reduction in dose of medication or significantly reduce the dosages.
  2. Minimizes side effects in the period of the disease.
  3. Reduces the treatment time. Physical therapy is almost 2 times reduces the period of the disease, reduces the frequency of relapses. The recovery period is more complete.
  4. Boosts immune function, accelerates the healing process. Protective-compensatory abilities of the organism are stimulated.
  5. Universal. Widely used for all organs and systems.
  6. Effective in the prevention of many diseases.
  7. taking into account the individual characteristics of the organism, you can find comprehensive adequate treatment.
  8. Treatment can be done in physical therapy offices and at home.
  9. Few contraindications.

Unit UHF

Principles of therapy

Main – treatment courses. A single procedure is not a benefit. They should be done every day or a day or two. The course duration usually 10 days. In some cases the treatment lasts up to 20 days. But, according to experts, if the treatment period will be longer, the body adapts and the effect of physiotherapy treatments will start to decrease. Enough for 10-12 sessions. And that is very important: the following procedure is superimposed on the previous one and thus accelerates the process of recovery.

Another rule – complexity. If you use several types of physical therapy, this gives you the opportunity to influence all the mechanisms of the disease. This laser, magnet, DDT (diadynamic current), elektoroforeza, ultrasound, UHF (ultrasonic frequency).

Each of them efficient and effective. But just before you assign to one of them, the doctor must examine the patient.

Longitudinal installation of electrodes for the treatment of the spine


The basis of UHF-therapy on the mechanism of action of the pulse electric field of ultrahigh frequency (40 MHz). Exposure is carried out using a special capacitor plates are connected to the body portion. Ions and charged particles begin to oscillate, changing the orientation of the dipoles, and electric power begins to transform into heat. UHF eddy currents generate heat in the tissues.

Begins the process of strengthening the local blood circulation. This increases the number of leukocytes. They start to stimulate the growth of collateral vessels (lateral, roundabout). Hyperemia occurs, nerve impulses are accelerated, and regulation of the nervous system begins to rise. Arousal of the cortex increases, improves trophic and regulatory factor. With high intensity it occurs in organs with a higher resistance: the bones, sinews.

The Procedure is performed on the unit to UHF. There are stationary and portable for procedures in house conditions.

pregnancy is a contraindication to UHF therapy


  • cardiovascular disease
  • diseases of the blood and the endocrine system;
  • neoplasm
  • pregnancy.


Advance preparation for the procedure is not needed. Without removing clothes, the patient is placed on a wooden (a must!) the couch on the left side. First selected electrodes corresponding to the area of pathology. The plates are fixed, processed alcoholic solution and are fed directly to the required part.

There are two methods of setting the electrodes: longitudinal and transverse.

When you cross the electrodes are placed against each other. One plate is directed to the affected part, and the other on the opposite side. Transverse gives the electromagnetic field to pass through your entire body and provide the overall impact. The distance between the skin and the plate should not be less than 2 cm.

back Pain - indications for UHF-therapy

In case of longitudinal installation, the electrodes are applied only to the site of pathology. The electromagnetic field inthis case penetrates superficially, therefore, it is used for the treatment of superficial diseases.

The Power or so-called heat dosage is adjusted individually. There are three degrees: athermal (the patient does not feel warm), oligotrichida (heat one feels weak) and thermal (pronounced heat).

The Degree of power depends on the pathology. Inflammatory processes with athermal effect. To promote healing you need oligotrichida. For amplification of the inflammatory response to provoke (in some treatments) used the thermal dosage. The therapy session should be no more than 15 minutes. The number of sessions is 10 -15.


  • diseases of the musculoskeletal system, injuries of the spinal cord;
  • in inflammatory and suppurative diseases of the skin;
  • in pulmonary inflammation;
  • inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

UHF-therapy is effective for injuries, radiculitis, osteochondrosis, osteoarthritis, osteomyelitis, arthritis and polyarthritis.

Installing UHF electrodes for the treatment of joints

The methodology of the joint:

  • on the area of the small hand joints of condenser plates placed on the back and the Palmar surface to the other joints;
  • in the region of the hip joint have a plate on the front and back surface or on the anterior-lateral and lumbar-sacral spine.

In the treatment of the spine electrodes are placed in the cervical and lumbosacral or on the spine (lesions) on the abdomen. The intensity of the impact of the procedure on the joints without heat or feeling it (oligotrichida dosage).

Use in house conditions

UHF procedures can be performed at home. To do this, be sure to observe the safety instructions and strictly follow the frequency and duration of treatment, take into account all contraindications. Be sure to use purchased in a specialized shop and a certified device for UHF.

Temperature - a complication UHF

At home it is desirable that the plate set is not very sick, and his loved one.

Sometimes independently determine the desired gap is almost impossible.

Possible complications

while UHF-procedures, complications are extremely rare. However, possible:

  • burns when overly hot plates and touch them to the skin;
  • deterioration of the General condition in the disease;
  • increased temperature
  • of electric shock when installing the device for UHF;
  • bleeding in patients with bleeding disorders.

is There any effect?

back in the 80-ies of the last century, the Soviet physiotherapists after numerous clinical studies have proven that electromagnetic fields UHF:

  • enhance lymph and blood circulation
  • reduce the activity of pathogenic organisms and slow down the process of absorption of toxins at the site of inflammation;
  • relieves spasms of smooth muscles of internal organs;
  • expand the capillaries and arterioles;
  • accelerate the blood flow in the area of pathology.

And I should say that physical therapy is the safest and proven method for the treatment and prevention of diseases with a minimum of drugs. It becomes more effective when the treatment combines other methods and procedures: physical therapy, massage, acupuncture. The main thing is that the treatment is conducted by experienced physician with high qualifications.

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