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What are pearl and coniferous-pearl baths: indications and contraindications

Pearl baths is one of the varieties of massage. They can besides use for the body to bring pleasure and relaxation. This procedure is one of those that are applied in sanatoria, and of great benefit for the body. TOOOreatment with pearl baths – a great addition is the ability to remove nervous tension, is the prevention of many diseases.

the Use of bubble baths for body

The name of the procedure is received due to the fact that the air bubbles that rise from the bottom of the bath, and shimmer like pearls. The bubble bath has its indications and contraindications, and for those wishing to spend their necessary to know about such features in order to bring the maximum benefit to your body.

What are bubble baths

This kind of physiotherapy is very effective in the treatment of many diseases and is famous for its large popularity. It received its name due to the fact that during the bubble bath to the surface of very small bubbles of air, in appearance similar to tiny pearls.

The Principle of hydrotherapy is that in the vessel equipped with the grid, it transmits streams of air by the compressor. The result of these processes is the formation of large and small air bubbles. When on the surface they look like pearls. Combined with water flow, these false pearls have a hydro-massage effect.

During the procedure is recommended in a horizontal position. In this position (lying down) is relaxation of all muscle groups of the body, is a huge benefit for muscle tone and achieved the desired result from taking bubble baths.

The Entire procedure takes 10 to 20 minutes, the optimum temperature of water when taking bubble bath – 36 degrees. The recommended full course of therapy pearl bath – up to 15 sessions.

bubble bath for depression

Use of and effects on the body

The Main benefit of such sessions is to relax and improve your health and mood. This modern look full of rest and relaxation. Bubble baths have on the body the following effect:

  • accelerate the resorption of inflammatory reactions;
  • oxygen saturation of the skin, the result is its tone and elasticity, improve the appearance and structure;
  • muscle relaxation and pain relief;
  • accelerate the excretion of toxins from the body;
  • improve sleep quality, relieve stress and depression;
  • reduce pain in the neck and back;
  • promote circulation
  • recovery of the body after prolonged treatment.

whirlpool baths stimulate the normal blood circulation. Undoubted benefits of such procedures is to normalize blood pressure. Hydro massage helps to reduce the symptoms of back pain during osteochondrosis or other diseases of the musculoskeletal system. The benefit is the improvement of lymph drainage, increase the speed of reduction of inflammatory processes. This therapy will not replace a full treatment, but is an auxiliary in the treatment of many diseases.

bubble bath when stress

Reviews of people who regularly carry out this kind of jets, indicate the oxygen saturation of the skin, relaxation and improving the mood. The effectiveness of a single session is equivalent to the result of time conducting manual massage for the whole body. Such procedures are useful in disorders and diseases of the peripheral nervous system, they have a relaxing and calming effect. This type of hydro-massage gently works on the nerve endings in all body areas.

Full hydro, which is held with a pearl baths, it is possible to implement only in conditions of sanatoria, special hospitals or spas. To conduct them at home requires special equipment, which by its value.

application Features whirlpool

This procedure takes about 15 minutes. The full course of treatment is 14 days to a month. Time and duration is determined by medical indications and individual characteristics of the organism. The procedure can be done every day or every other day. Big breaks are not allowed. For the treatment with pearl baths during the session optionally, you can add some sea salt or aromatherapy oils.

bubble bath for pain

The Patient should lie on his back in the tub, the water temperature should not exceed 36 degrees. The massage itself is made in small cycles, which are half a minute, between each cycle there is a break. Each cycle is designed to massage a certain areabody.

After the procedure is necessary to moisten the skin with cream, lotion or body milk.

As it is necessary two hours to limit your physical activity, you need the supervision of a specialist before and after the procedure, because this treatment has contraindications.

Types of procedures

For this procedure it is possible to add in water of various extracts of herbs, essential oils, emollients and moisturizers. This is beneficial for the skin, enhances the therapeutic and cosmetic effects on the body. During the hydromassage with essential oils eliminates symptoms of cellulite, improves the appearance and structure of the skin, removes small wrinkles, the skin is fed with moisture. The most popular and well-known types of baths are as follows:

Coniferous-pearl baths. They added an extract of coniferous plants. In the needles contain many beneficial vitamins and minerals, it is famous for its use as a cosmetic means and means from all kinds of viruses and bacteria.

cellulite Treatment using bubble bath

Coniferous-pearl baths are prescribed for those patients who are in the presence of any skin diseases, skin problems (pimples, acne, dark spots, fine lines).

Useful for those who often have colds. Baths help to improve the natural protective functions of the organism. The addition of pine needles contributes to the overall strengthening of the body and has a rejuvenating effect. The indications for their use can be frequent diseases of the upper respiratory tract.

Such procedures helps to eliminate allergic reactions, a definite benefit is considered to be an antibacterial effect. It is important that after the procedure, you should give the skin to dry and not to wash off the nutrients that on her left. The optimum water temperature for this session – up to 35 degrees.

Coniferous-pearl baths have their indications and contraindications. Indications for the are gastritis of the stomach, peptic ulcer, bronchitis (including chronic), inflammation of the lungs.With regard to contraindications, it dystonia, vasomotor abnormalities.

Cure acne with the help of coniferous-pearl baths

Mineral and pearl baths. Their feature is added to water sea salt or mineral mixtures. The water in this procedure contains gases and mineral elements that are beneficial to the body, have good permeability in the skin. The optimum temperature for the session 36 degrees.

These baths are useful for relaxing the body, they have a positive effect in diseases of the musculoskeletal system, improve skin condition.

The Indications for their use – high blood pressure (hypertension). For the benefit of their use is the prevention and treatment of fungal infections of the skin and disorders in the cardiovascular system.

with the Indications and contraindications for conduction of such procedure is the idiosyncrasy of sea salt.

It Must be remembered that any composition of and the procedure chosen physician individually for each patient.

Treating hypertension with mineral-bubble bath

Indications for treatment

This procedure can only be assigned to the treating doctor for your diagnosis and the body may have its own indications and contraindications.

As for indications, the very first of them is the frequent stressful situations, functional disorders of the nervous system, of disorders in the musculoskeletal system, diseases of the spine.

bubble baths are a number of indications, which include hypertension, disorders in metabolism. A significant benefit of massage is for people who due to their profession or characteristics, spending much time in one position, with reduced motor activity.

After ten treatments, increases circulation, regulated blood pressure. Indications for carrying out of hydro-massage are sleep disturbance, insomnia, back pain, joint pain.

These Wellness sessions restore the body, and if there are no contraindications, treatment is recommended to be repeated periodically. These baths have a beneficial effect on male and female reproductive system.

bubble bath with insomnia

Many of the indications for bathing:

  • frequent stress;
  • metabolic disorder
  • exhaustion, fatigue;
  • hypertension first and second stages;
  • high blood pressure
  • frequent lack of sleep, sleep disorders, insomnia
  • hypertension
  • disorders in the musculoskeletal system;
  • posttraumatic asthenic syndrome.

The Indications for treatment of this type of massage a lot, but despite positive reviews about the procedure, to appoint such therapy must specialist.


Contraindications for therapy with this type of massage are acute stage seriousdiseases is tuberculosis, thrombophlebitis, inflammatory and infectious processes of the skin, fungal infections, malignant neoplasms, hypertensive disease stage 3 coronary artery disease 2 and 3 levels, individual intolerance to the procedure. Another contraindication is the uncomfortable feeling during the therapy.

During pregnancy, varicose veins, diabetes, no obvious contraindications, but it is necessary to consult the doctor.