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How dangerous is lipoma on the back and the spine?

Lipoma on the back – a kind of benign tumor. A lipoma consists of fatty tissue. Outwardly, it looks like a soft formation under the skin. Yes, it looks aesthetically unpleasant, and it's the only reason why this phenomenon can disturb the man.lipoma on the back

According to ICD-10, lipoma poses absolutely no threat to health and life.

The body of a lipoma can form anywhere. This may be the head, the region of the cervical spine, lower or upper limb, armpit. Often, however, the location of this tumor is back or the area of the lumbar-sacral spine. The resulting fatty tumor should not bother a man faced with a similar problem, as he is not able to affect the surrounding organs. The only thing that can make lipoma is increasing push skin tissue. And the size of the lipoma sometimes reaches 20 cm.

The Most awkward localization Wen – back and neck. Fatty tumor on the spine prevents a person, maybe to be rubbed, causing serious discomfort. Fatty tumor on neck delivers much more serious problems. In addition to constant trauma collars and other items of clothing increased in size fatty tumor may compress the trachea or the larynx. Also in the tissues may be impaired circulation and compression of the adjacent skin sections. There are cases when can not be avoided of infection due to mechanical damage to the skin due to achieve lipoma enormous size. In such case it is necessary to beat in anxiety, as other tissues are at risk of infection.

Main predisposing factors

To date, have not been clarified main reasons that lead to the formation of lipomas on the body. But here's known one of the main causes of lipoma on back is a blockage of the sebaceous glands.

Diagram of the structure of the lipomas

It is Worth noting some of the causes that are provoking and can contribute to the emergence of lipomas:

  1. Damage to sebaceous glands: if there is damage to the sebaceous glands, then there is some change in its structure, which leads to blockage.
  2. Hormonal disruptions in the human body: if similar violation occurs a sharp crash in the formulation of sebum, which leads to a sharp increase in its quantity, and this, in turn, can lead to stagnation and blockage.
  3. Hereditary factor: if family members or any relatives have lipomas, their appearance among the representatives of the next generation can be directly linked to that.
  4. Improper diet: unbalanced diet because the human body often undergoes a number of changes or even failures, resulting in on the body can appear lipoma; especially at risk are those people who eat foods containing huge amount of fats and carbohydrates.
  5. Poor living conditions, unfavorable environment: the human skin suffers from polluted air and water, as well as located on it sebaceous gland, and lipoma – a consequence of these influences.
  6. an Unhealthy lifestyle: detrimental habits such as Smoking, frequent drinking of alcoholic beverages, as is known, adversely affect the condition of the entire body and the skin in this case is no exception; the normal process of metabolism in the body when it is disturbed, which can cause the appearance of lipomas on the skin.
  7. the Presence of some pathological or chronic diseases can lead to the formation of lipomas on the body.

Celandine when lipoma on the back

It is Worth mentioning that some occupations can also cause benign tumors on the body. Porters or porters often risk to get a lipoma due to the nature of their work.

If we talk about age, it most often lipomas occur in people who are over 30 or those who are under 50 years.

Symptoms and manifestations

If the lipoma does not reach the big sizes, any discomfort to man she does not deliver and it is not visible. So it is not visible.

But if the lipoma increased in size, it looks like the seal that to the touch dense enough and elastic. Borders of the lipoma is smooth, it has a rounded or oval shape. When palpating lip people should not feel any pain, although there are cases when the person, touching the Wen, can feel pain. Symptoms such as itching, burning or redness of the skin is careful not to show themselves.


Due to the fact that very often a lipoma is small, people may simply not notice, and therefore treatment usually begins when the lipoma is large.

Tomography when lipoma on the back

Diagnosis of lipoma is a rather complicated process,requires care. Yes, doctors using palpation can easily define it, but to know her nature is unlikely. Because the lipoma can be both benign and malignant. But to be sure of this, it is urgently necessary to conduct a histological examination. Is also assigned to a mandatory biopsy, procedure, radiography and computer tomography. Only after all these steps, starts appropriate treatment.

Treatment for lipomas in humans

If a person found a lipoma, but it is painless and does not cause discomfort, some special treatment is required. You can even resort to folk remedies. And treatment of folk remedies involves the use of various herbs and tinctures is a celandine, aloe, Kalanchoe, Golden mustache.

But if the lipoma cause the patient discomfort or cosmetic is growing right before our eyes, here already without the help of a doctor can not do.

 aloe Juice when lipoma on the back

Lipoma is not amenable to medical treatment. It is not recommended to do a separate treatment of the lipoma or removing it. The use of any ointments, creams or gels can only aggravate the situation, and the lipoma will only increase in size. But can even lead to infection.

The Only escape from a lipoma is immediate removal by surgery. A great option is laser therapy. The consequences of removal after laser treatment are minimal, wounds heal quickly without leaving scars. Laser therapy is the fastest, most convenient and viable option.

Possible and liposuction technique: in this case sucked all the fat Wen by means of special vacuum. The method is also quite effective and is considered the easiest way of getting rid of lipomas.

You Can use a radio wave effect on the lipoma, after which the skin leaving no trace.

Injection – one of the famous and common methods of getting rid of lipomas. With this method the Wen introduces a special substance that dissolves it. But this method does not always give a good result. Sometimes he does not bring any effect and even possible recurrence.

Today, medicine is advancing further and further, so methods of getting rid of the lip there is very, very much. But in most cases, the physician must determine which method will suit any patient. And not to bring to surgery, it is better to prevent the occurrence of lipomas.

Lipoma can occur as the adult and the child. However, in the latter case you should immediately consult a physician. The main cause of fatty tumor on the body of a child is a disturbed exchange process in the body.

Lipoma is not a dangerous disease, but still better to consult a doctor to prevent its increase.

You Need to lead a healthy lifestyle, give up bad habits and in a timely manner to seek help from doctors. These rules will help to prevent the appearance not only of benign tumors, but also many other diseases in the body.