Health physical therapy and gymnastics in osteochondrosis

Osteoarthritis is a pressing health issue of our time. This pathology is known to most of the population of the planet. But unfortunately, even such a high awareness of people about this issue, not much lowers the morbidity at her.

For purposes of proper treatment is necessary at least briefly to understand the essence of this pathology. Therefore, we offer you a brief information about the degenerative disc disease.

exercise therapy for degenerative disc disease

brief information about the disease

And so, osteochondrosis is a non-infectious disease of the intervertebral discs, which leads to degenerative changes in cartilage tissue and its subsequent involution. Causes of disease may come from different factors, but most often provoke the onset of disease, systemic disease, trauma, excessive exercise and stressful lifestyles.

by Itself, the osteochondrosis is almost not manifested clinically, for him it makes complications. Most often they are the pathology develops progressive impairment of spinal roots – sciatica. At this stage patients begin to realize that something is wrong and seek professional help.

Qualified experienced doctors can quickly and easily make a diagnosis using only the history and some additional methods of examination, including radiography. On the basis of the diagnosis, you can begin targeted treatment.

It Is understood that the treatment of osteoarthritis should be comprehensive. That is, it is necessary to simultaneously aetiological, symptomatic and rehabilitation treatment.

Etiological therapy is to eliminate the root causes of pathology – mild autoimmune disease, elimination of hernia, anti-infective therapy. Symptomatic treatment in most cases is aimed at eliminating pain. This can be achieved by using non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, which relieve inflammation of the nerve, and the result is to eliminate the pain.

Last but not the least important step in treatment is rehabilitation. Let us consider this stage in more detail.

Use of physical therapy

Physical therapy for degenerative disc disease is an integral part of a comprehensive treatment, but why? The answer to Troitsa in the pathogenesis of the disease. Indeed, during the degenerative changes of cartilage alter its physical and chemical properties, becomes thinner and deformed – in short, unable to perform malted at her physiological function.

Due to deformation and displacement of the vertebrae is changed and the posture of the person. Often have scoliosis, pathological kyphosis and lordosis. It's not very nice, because such changes are clearly evident. Treatment of osteochondrosis gymnastics contributes to the aesthetic return of the beautiful posture, and improves health.

performance Rules

It is Important to understand that it is not necessary to come up with their exercises, you need to use the instructions of the attending physician. The same can not ignore the fact that gymnastics in osteochondrosis of the spine requires increasing loads.

The First exercise should be mild, brief and not very intense. During the regular training load should increase, which will strengthen the back muscles and the alignment of the spinal pillar.

The Exercises depend on the location of damage, and are divided into cervical, thoracic, lumbar. Let's look at some examples.

a set of exercises with cervical pathology.

  • Exercise in cervical osteochondrosis No. 1:

The standing Position, feet shoulder width apart, your back the maximum level. Slowly, making no sudden movements, to tilt his head to the side in turns. Every tilt of the head should last no longer than 10 seconds, 10 repetitions to each side. This is followed by another 5 tilts in each direction, but now you need to create resistance to the tilt of the head, using your free hand as a barrier.

  • Exercise in cervical osteochondrosis No. 2:

The standing Position, feet shoulder width apart, maximally align the back, shoulders positioned on the same level. To turning your head to the side, trying to reach his chin. The number of repetitions is 10 to 15 in each direction.

  • Exercise in cervical osteochondrosis No. 3:

The body Position – lying on his stomach. It is best to sit on the floor with a softener (for example, Mat on the floor the blanket).

exercise program in breast pathology.

  • Exercise in breast osteochondrosis No. 1:

To Sit on a hard surface, arms folded behind your head so that your palms encircled part of the head and neck. Legs should be bent and fixed on the floor. After that conducted the slow movement of the torso left and right so as to form a right angle.

  • Exercise in breast osteochondrosis No. 2:

The body Position – lying on his stomach. Best done on a hard surface with a slight softening (for example, on a floor Mat quilt). In hands take dumbbells in weight of 1 kg, and are perpendicular to the body. Feet needa little separate. Light slow movements of her arms up, trying to pull back muscles.gymnastics in osteochondrosis

physiotherapy in pathology of the lumbar.

  • Exercise for lumbar osteochondrosis No. 1:

stand on all fours, trying to keep your back straight. Slow movements of the torso to the side. In the role of counterweight to pull the arm in the opposite direction to balance the situation. In each direction need not to spend Manie 15-20 inclinations.

  • Exercise for lumbar osteochondrosis No. 2:

Position – standing, legs to keep as narrow as possible, positioning her back straight, arms at his sides. Gently tilt the torso forward as you can. At the point of maximum slope to try to last longer than then to return to the original position. In a similar way to do tilts backward, left and right. Enough with 4-5 repetitions in each direction.

  • Exercise for lumbar osteochondrosis No. 3:

The supine Position, hands behind your head. To make the load on the press, trying to reach the elbows to the knee of the opposite side. This exercise may hard to give the newcomers, but regular attempts of its implementation lead to a positive result. The number of repetitions between 10 and 20 depending on condition.

Above we have listed just a few options exercise therapy for back pain, because for each individual you need to find solely the individual exercises and their intensity.

the Importance of physical activity

for anybody not a secret that our health depends on ourselves. It health affects the entire body, prevents many diseases. Physical therapy for osteoarthritis is aimed at strengthening the muscular frame, which will align your spine is curved.

Medical gymnastics in osteochondrosis patient has some responsibility. Because we cannot show the result, if, for example, 3 times a week. Sessions should be regular and daily. But there are contraindications to exercise.

Medical gymnastics in osteochondrosis is strictly contraindicated in cases of acute illness, severe condition of the patient, shock, fever, severe pain, organ failure. During the physical therapy they need to monitor vital signs and condition of the patient, in the event of a sharp deterioration of health it is necessary to transfer the patient on bed rest and eliminate physical exertion.

Physical therapy is not the only means of physical rehabilitation. In this pathology are often used and other methods of recovery – therapeutic massage, physical therapy. To prevent this disease is recommended as much as possible to limit yourself from stressful situations, heavy physical work, regularly conduct preventive morning gymnastics. The above mentioned precautionary recommendations can be used not only as a method of prevention of degenerative disc disease, but also as a way to prevent many other pathologies.