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Methods of physiotherapy in Krivoshei – electrophoresis and paraffin

Electrophoresis Krivoshei when used in combination with other methods, which greatly increases the efficiency of the procedure. Its essence lies in the fact that the medicinal substance penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin under the pulse or galvanic current. Drugs charged ions moving in a direction from the cathode to the anode of the device.

procedure of electrophoresis for the treatment of torticollis

Electrophoretic mobility of drugs at Krivoshei can improve the therapeutic effect of other treatments. If the electrophoresis is carried out with lydasum, you can achieve pain relief before performing the massage. In this situation, the child receives only pleasure from massage, so it does not address treatment.

Description of the action of electrophoresis

torticollis treatment with electrophoresis

Electrophoresis with lydasum when Krivoshei is a frequent procedure, prescribed by doctors specialized rehabilitation centres before the massage or manual therapy.

The Advantages of electrophoresis in the treatment of "twisted" neck:

  • Under the influence of the galvanic current drug quickly penetrates into muscle tissue and accumulates in a valid dose;
  • Ionic form of receipt of the drug increases its biochemical activity;
  • Formation of "depot" increases the duration of the medication;
  • Large saturation of the drug localized in the pathological focus;
  • the Mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract is not irritable;
  • Possibility of application of several medicines.

It Should be understood that in the tissues of pharmaceutical compounds break down to ions that enter into biochemical reactions. Using electrophoresis, it is possible to reduce the metabolism of chemical compounds, as they do in the tissue in the ionized form.

The Most common in children Krivoshei electrophoresis with iodine. This trace mineral promotes muscle relaxation and has antibacterial action, therefore, is able to relieve the inflammation in the muscle tissue.

Applying rational procedure in cases of infiltrative form of the disease, when the sternocleidomastoid muscle is accumulated fluid. In this form, the procedure alternates with a massage. It is desirable to perform manipulations through the day.

Fibrous type of disease is characterized by ruptures of muscle fibers and its accumulation in thicker connective tissue. It is not functional, and therefore require destruction. There is no more effective procedures for the treatment of torticollis than physical therapy, exercise therapy and electrophoresis with lydasum.

In adults with spastic study doctors prescribe electrophoretic diffusion anti-inflammatory drugs – diprospan, voltaren. Preparations remove inflammatory changes and pain. Children their use is contraindicated because of side effects such as gastro-intestinal

helps the heated paraffin

the paraffin at Krivoshei

The Paraffin, applied to the neck in heated form, allows you to improve the blood supply to the skeletal muscles. Its use is rational with spastic study without infiltrative changes in the muscle.

"Warm" physical therapy requires careful monitoring of the patient in the process of carrying out the procedure. Even placing the magnet on the extent of the damage can provoke the strengthening of congestive changes in the muscle tissue.

The Wax is cooling, therefore, does not induce penetration of fluid from blood vessels in soft tissue.

Physiotherapy: UHF, laser or infrared lamp lead to a gradual heating of the tissue, which is dangerous complications. Because of this physiotherapeutic methods of treatment the curve of the neck in children should not be used more than 30 minutes per session.

Contraindications to physiotherapeutic methods of treatment

It is Not always possible to apply the wax and physiotherapy in the treatment of twisted neck in children.

There are the following contraindications for the procedures:

  • Tumors of different localization
  • Acute heart failure
  • asthma
  • High body temperature
  • Violation of skin sensitivity
  • bleeding Tendency
  • the Wound surface under medicinal bandages;
  • Dermatitis and eczema of skin;
  • Sensitivity and intolerance to electric current.

Paraffin wax is sometimes placed over the medicinal compress. In such a situation it is impossible to apply the procedure more than 20 minutes, as in the application of fabrics may cause irritation of the skin.

In conclusion, I would like to highlight the main effects electrophoresis of the tissues and organs.

The Therapeutic effects of electrophoretic procedures:

  1. anti-Inflammatory – at the anode;
  2. Anesthetic – at the anode;
  3. Soothing – at the cathode;
  4. Vasodilator – at the cathode;
  5. Normalization of metabolism – the cathode;
  6. Secretory at the cathode.

The Cathode and the anode opposite terminals of the equipment, which are applied to the skin.