What are osteophytes of the cervical spine of a person and how to get rid of them?

Osteophytes of the cervical spine: what is it? This question bothers many patients. The spine is a very important organ in the human body. The vertebrae constituting the spinal column, are connected to each other through the intervertebral discs. So the spine flexible and mobile. This is especially true of the cervical spine. He experiences greater loads than other parts, and therefore often have various pathologies. Osteophytes of the cervical spine is one of such diseases.

the Problem with osteophytes of the cervical spine

Osteophytes – outgrowths of bone tissue. TOOOheir form is a small sharp-pointed spikes.

basically, osteophytes are formed in the cervical spine, sometimes the formation in the thoracic and lumbar. Osteophytes can occur on different bones, but most often appear on the spine.

Why there are osteophytes?

The Intervertebral discs is a thin layer of cartilage between the vertebrae. If due to any reason, the discs become thinner the vertebrae is left unprotected and RUB against each other. To protect the joint from damage, and osteophytes appear.

Heredity as the cause of the formation of osteophytes

because of their appearance becomes less than the intervertebral space, compressed nerve fibers and the person experiences the pain.

Sometimes there are jumpers from the bone, and the vertebrae interlock, appears disease – spondylosis. This can happen partial or complete immobilization of the cervical spine.

Bone growths occur in people over the age of 40. The cause is degenerative bone changes that start at a young age, but manifest themselves with age.

The Main reasons for the formation of osteophytes:

  • flat feet
  • abnormal metabolism
  • heredity
  • back pain.

Other Causes can be trauma, improper posture, long stay on his feet or sitting, excessive exercise, women walking in high heels.

Physical activity is the cause of osteophytes

Types of osteophytes:

  1. post-Traumatic. During the fracture of bones around the rubble of the growing callus. Sometimes the bone is not damaged, but there is a tear of the periosteum. Then it ossified and turned into an osteophyte. Usually they are formed in the elbow or the knee.
  2. Degenerative. Formed during strong physical load on the joint or due to senile arthrosis. When deforming spondylosis and arthrosis in the surface of the joint grow together, the connection loses its mobility. This can occur in the spine.
  3. Osteophytes arising as a result of inflammation of the periosteum. Then there is the ossification of its separate sections.
  4. If there is a tumor of malignant character, can form large osteophytes, similar in form to the visor. They sometimes arise when dobrokachestvenno tumors when changes occur cartilage.
  5. Osteophytes occur due to endocrine diseases in degenerative pathology of the musculoskeletal system.
  6. Less osteophytes are formed due to neurogenic diseases.

Drug treatment of osteophytes on the spine

Symptoms of spondylosis

At the initial stage of the osteophyte may not have symptoms. Such a process often occurs in the thoracic region as long as the spine loses mobility. In other parts of the spine the disease can also be asymptomatic up until the growths begin to put pressure on the nerve bundles. Then the person experiences the pain.

What is the osteophytes of the cervical spine? Osteophytes in the cervical spine cause of pain and neurological manifestations of nature. The mobility of the spine decreases, the person feels pain even when the tilt of the head. The larger the osteophyte, the more pain and the more limited mobility.

Diagnosis. On examination the doctor defines the bony growths by palpation, testing spine sides. More advanced diagnostics performed by means of x-ray examination. In the pictures you can consider the osteophytes on the edges of the vertebrae, their shape, size and degree of expansion.

the surgical treatment of osteophytes on the spine


How to get rid of osteophytes on the spine which treatment is preferable?
Bony growths alone will not dissolve and therapeutic treatment methods to eliminate them is impossible. Treatment can ease the pain, to stop the illness and to restore mobility of the intervertebral disks. Comprehensive therapeutic treatment of spondylosis can be done in several ways:

  • drug treatment
  • physiotherapyprocedures;
  • compliance;
  • surgical treatment.

Severe disease not amenable to therapy, they can be treated surgically.
Drug therapy includes the use of anti-inflammatory creams such as Voltaren, Diclofenac. Used painkillers and ointments warms.
Pain pills it is advisable to use only when severe pain and for long, as they have a negative effect on the gastrointestinal tract.

Physical therapy is Very important. Usually assigned to such procedures:

  • therapeutic exercise – strengthens muscles of back and neck;
  • massage – relieves spasms, relieves pain;
  • reflexology – relaxes muscles, decreases their tone;
  • hirudotherapy is struggling with swelling of the surrounding tissues;
  • orthopedic collar helps to keep the vertebrae in proper position.

the Use of the leaves of elderberry to eliminate growths

Tend to recommend not all these methods, only the most effective in a particular case. The treatment selected by the doctor individually for each patient, depending on the size of the bony outgrowths of their development. During the period of treatment prohibited heavy physical activity. It is undesirable to sit long without support for the back.

Recommended walking, bath with infusions of herbs or sea salt components. The menu should include foods containing vitamins and minerals. If treatment methods do not help, the osteophytes are removed surgically. During the operation of education removed completely.

The Tactics of treatment the doctor chooses. There are some factors that determine the tactics of treatment, for example, comorbidities or age of the patient.

traditional medicine

The Methods of traditional medicine do not eliminate the growths, but facilitate the patient's condition, helping to reduce the pain. But people's natural ways and nothing but good will not bring.
Effective action has the decoction of hawthorn flowers. 3 tablespoons of flowers pour 0.5 liters of boiling water, insist 40 minutes. Drink 1 tablespoon before eating.

The same effect has elderberry. Need 1 tbsp. l. dry leaves pour 1 Cup of boiling water. Let stand for 10 minutes. Drink half a Cup several times a day.

Prevention to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle. If the sort of activity someone has to sit, sometimes to stand up, to perform exercises for the muscles of the cervical and lumbar spine. It is important to maintain a straight posture, keep your back straight.