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Back massage with a hernia of the spine – indications, techniques, cautions,


diseases of the spine today occupy one of leading places on appearance among all categories of the population. Unfortunately, these pathology "younger" chronic manifestations of the disease are found today even in patients aged 20-25 years. The main reasons for the development of diseases of the spine are physical inactivity and poor unbalanced diet.

Various diseases of the spine negatively affect all organs and systems of the body, limiting the mobility, and in some cases can even lead to disability. One of the most severe pathologies is a herniated disc, which most experts believe is running a manifestation of osteochondrosis.
Massage with a hernia of the spine
spinal hernia Treatment is a very difficult task, requiring a comprehensive professional approach. Now there are three types of treatment measures to alleviate the condition of the patient with intervertebral hernia:

  1. conservative treatment whose main objective is to avoid surgical intervention;
  2. surgery is conducted in the most extreme cases;
  3. the recovery period.

Conservative treatment includes:

  • drug therapy;
  • various physiotherapy treatments (acupuncture, hirudotherapy, reflexotherapy and other);
  • therapy with the help of special complex of physical exercises;
  • manual therapy
  • massage with a hernia of the spine.

Some experts believe manual therapy is the most effective method used during the recovery period.

Positive aspects of massage

With this disease such as a herniated disc, massage, in most cases, is used for rehabilitation treatment. After the basic course of therapy for intervertebral hernia massage can improve the circulation in the affected area of the disc, relax and stretch muscles.

Massage significantly reduces pain, reduces the excitability of nerve endings, and prevents muscle atrophy. It should be noted that this procedure may only be assigned in the absence of pain, or weak in its intensity.

remember that the therapist, not having medical education is not a doctor. Accordingly, he cannot judge the degree of your illness and the indications or contraindications for massage. Therefore, it is important to consult with your doctor (neurologist or physician).

What techniques are used by massage therapists