Causes, diagnosis and treatment of noise, congestion and ear whistling osteochondrosis

Tinnitus is certainly not a characteristic sign of osteoarthritis. It occurs in many other diseases and even in some cases is the norm. However, if the patient not only fills your ears, but also observed other symptoms of degenerative disc disease of the cervical spine, you need to consult a neurologist for a complete diagnosis of the spine.

Tinnitus in osteochondrosis of the cervical spine is accompanied by headaches, dizziness, stiffness in the neck and frequent darkening in the eyes. Some patients also noted a persistent increase in blood pressure.

noise in the ear when degenerative disc disease

Causes and effects of the ear noise when zabolevanii

All the symptoms of cervical degenerative disc disease is caused by lack of adequate blood supply to the brain. When the intervertebral cartilages begin to grow and replace bone tissue, they peredelyvayut vertebral arteries, which are the main source of oxygen. That's why with the defeat of the cervical spine-my ears in a complex with the emergence of dizziness and "flies" before the eyes.

If you do not find the cause of such mortgage, one can observe unpleasant consequences in the form of atrophy of the auditory nerve and permanent hearing loss. Also when there is insufficient blood supply to the ear more susceptible to inflammatory processes.

In Addition to pathology-my ears and in healthy people. For example, severe exhaustion, stress, after prolonged listening to loud music, as well as sudden changes in atmospheric pressure. Every once in his life felt stuffy when airplane take off or when going downhill by car.

But in addition to such harmless phenomena, ear the whistle can signal about serious pathology. It can occur due to traumatic brain injury, poisoning, hypertensive crisis, aneurysm of brain vessels, pathology of the temporomandibular joint. He also appears in the presence of cerumen, tympanitis, otitis and Eustace.

2 symptomatic manifestations

Otolaryngologists are two main types of noise on the mechanism of occurrence. So, some of them are muscular, as are associated with short-term contraction of the muscles of the auditory ossicles. Others are vascular, as connected with the pulsation of the blood in the vessels.

Muscle noise is considered harmless. They can appear in the form of rhythmic clicks after loud noises or due to fright. Pulsating vascular noise, by contrast, talked about pathology, and require a thorough examination. In particular, the ripple characteristic of such dangerous conditions like an aneurysm or a malformation of brain vessels.


If my ears are popping in a complex with dizziness, headache and other signs of degenerative disc disease, an urgent need to consult a neurologist. He will prescribe a set of studies of the spine: x-ray, CT, MRI, ultrasound. These surveys will identify which of the cervical vertebrae affected, and also to exclude the presence of a hernia.

If, however, the surveys no modifications of the spine is not identified, you should seek the cause elsewhere. You can ask your own physician who will review the symptoms and send the patient to relevant specialist.

Treatment unpleasant condition

This symptom never treated separately from the underlying disease. If the cause of congestion and whistle in pain, then appointed complex treatment. It includes massage, exercise therapy, physiotherapy and drug therapy. Often, patients visit a chiropractor and acupuncture room.

The earlier treatment was initiated, the faster and more stable will be the result. Usually, if the patient has improvement, the ears lay at the same time ceases with the disappearance of other symptoms.