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Curvature of the spine and constant back pain

Question by Valentina:

Good day! I have a problem that plagues my life, – a curvature of the spine (this is most likely lordosis). To me already 30 years, 20 years, I have been suffering back pain is not paroxysmal, and it is permanent and not passing. Uncomfortable to sit, can't stand long, can't lift weights. Sore neck (very hard for me to turn my head from side to side, looks like "hammered silver").

And apparently this disease is causing me discomfort. Look at yourself in the mirror and want to cry. God, this is such ugliness...

In our city there is no qualified treatment and diagnosis of scoliosis. I tried to go to the emergency room, where I took the picture, but unfortunately, it has not been preserved. And the doctor somehow said, "it's okay, all right." But the doctor said it's easier for me, of course, did not. In addition, I have a sedentary job, spend a lot of time at the computer.

Please Help! What do I do? Is it possible at my age surgery?


Valentina, You will be not operation, and the constant pursuit of the goal. Pick a set of physical therapy. It can be found on our website. Daily exercise and believe in success. When strengthening the back muscles, you feel pain relief. If you are going to do them throughout the year, you will see that the back was smooth.

If you work at the computer, buy electronic massagers for spinal or applicator Kuznetsova. They will restore the microcirculation in the soft tissues of the spine. At least this way you can eliminate the progression of scoliosis.